Christchurch Gay Bars

Christchurch Gay Bars

Christchurch's gay scene is very small, and the crowd is generally mixed. CRUZ remains the only gay bar in the city.

Well-established gay bar & nightclub in the Christchurch city centre. CRUZ has been revamped and re-opened in October 2013 and remains the focal point for the gay community in the city.

Open Wednesday-Thursday from 10pm, Friday-Saturday 9pm with a DJ playing chart and dance music on the weekend.

If you can’t find us on the corner of Peterborough & Victoria Streets (opposite the Casino) then just look for the rainbow flags that are always flying in the breeze.


bar, music, dancing, cafe

Updated: 25-Feb-2022

77 Victoria Street, Christchurch

Weekday: Wed-Thu 22:00 - 04:30
Weekend: Fri-Sat 21:00 - 04:30

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