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Guerneville is known as California’s “Gay Riviera”. It’s been a popular spot for gay staycations since the 70s.

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Guerneville is a small town in Sonoma Valley. Its permanent population is less than 5000 and is surrounded by redwood trees and forests. You can opt for a glamping experience and stay in a tent or cabin in the woods. You can then head into Guerneville itself and experience the gay scene. Wine lovers and foodies will do well here. If you want to take your wine tasting to the next level, Napa Valley is easily accessible. A great choice for a gay staycation in California – especially if you’re driving from San Francisco.

Guerneville became an important destination for gay tourism in the 1970s when the LGBT+ population of San Fransisco began holidaying at some of the newly opened gay-owned hotels and resorts. Today the area is known as California’s Gay Riviera and is one of the most popular locations for gay tourism with travelers from around the world flocking to the redwood forests for hedonistic fun and relaxation.

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