Unseen Philippines – Top Five Destinations

Unseen Philippines – Top Five Destinations

Mention Philippines and most people will think of the wonderful beaches and vacations filled with swimming, relaxing, sea sports and experiencing the local cultures.


Most gay visitors tend to stick with the usual touristy places like Boracay or Puerto Galera island resorts, Banaue and Sagada for trekking and Palawan for adventures. Most of the Philippines, however, remain undiscovered by the mainstream and gay tourism, and the 7,000-odd islands of the country offer a rich variety of experiences for the intrepid explorers.

If you forward to a remote place with no gay scene, no internet, no telephone connection and no interaction with the outside world, then here is a list of “off the beaten track” destinations in the Philippines for you to explore. 


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Camiguin Island 

A quiet island with amazing scenery, Camiguin Island is located off the coast of Mindanao. The island has more volcanoes than towns, and has very nice and beautiful beaches, as well as trekking & biking opportunities.  The island’s largest volcano, Mount Hibok-hibok, rises from Camiguin’s centre, and trekkers often hike its verdant slopes.

If you love snorkelling, check out the Camiguin’s Sunken Cemetery. It is an old public cemetery that was submerged in the sea when one of the volcanoes erupted. Today, the cemetery can be found by the large cross rising from the waves.

How to get there:
Camiguin can be reached via Cagayan de Oro City where flights from Manila are available. Take a bus ride or taxi to Balingoan pier in Misamis Oriental, where you can board a ferry to Camiguin. 

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Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island1

Infamously known as the sorcerer island by the locals, Siquijor Island is located off the coast of Dumaguete City.  It is feared by many Filipinos as its residents are believed to be dabbling in witchcraft.

Superstitions aside, most parts of Siquijor are still “undiscovered” by the crowds and you can expect to find lots of white sand beaches, dive spots, waterfalls, caves, and mountain trails.

Enjoy Siquijor’s fresh air and do make time to visit the butterfly farm in the town of Bandilaan.

How to get there:
Book a flight from Manila to Dumaguete City and take a short ferry ride to Siquijor. 

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Romblon Province

Though it is in close proximity to Manila, the Romblon Province is rarely visited by foreigners.  There are many islands in the Province for you to explore.  For example, at the Carabao Island, you can almost enjoy the white-sand beach of Inobahan all to yourself, or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset on deserted Lanas beach. Check out the picturesque Romblon Island as well.

How to get there:
Book a flight from Manila to Romblon Province. 

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Located on the Mindanao Island, Zamboanga was one of the few footholds that the Spanish colonisers had on the island.  Visit Fort Pilar – an old Spanish fort used for guarding the city against intruders. Today, Fort Pilar houses a museum and a Catholic shrine.

Take a 15-minute boat ride to Great Santa Cruz Island to experience the beautiful pink coralline sand – the result of the pulverised red organ pipe coral from eons of surf erosion mixing with the white sand.

How to get there:
Direct flights from Manila to Zamboanga City are available daily. 

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Barangay Pundaquit

Visit San Antonio town’s village of Pundaquit, a place where you can find white sand beaches, various types of sea sports and angling activities.  Pundaquit is also the best jump-off spot if you want to visit the Capones Island and Anawangin Cove since it is the closest shores to these destinations.

On Capones Island, you can find an old Spanish lighthouse named Faro de Punta Capones.  This romantic Capones lighthouse offers a unique trekking experience with a breathtaking view of other adjacent islands.

At Anawangin Cove, there is a remote white sand beach lined with trees that resemble pine trees.  The Cove is a favorite of mountaineering groups for camping and trekking.

How to get there:
Take a 4-hour bus ride from Manila, drop off in San Antonio town then hire a tricycle to take you to Pundaquit.  To reach Capones Island and/or Anawangin Cove, take a boat ride from Pundaquit beach.


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