Gay Amsterdam · Gyms

Gay Amsterdam · Gyms

Want to lift some weights but your hotel doesn't have a gym? Check out one of these gay-popular gyms in Amsterdam.

Perhaps the gayest gym in Amsterdam. Splash is a good place to meet gay locals and expats, but the place is quite small.

Splash has a sauna, steam room, massage facilities and coffee shop. Daily classes (Yoga, Spinning, BodyPump, etc.) are offered. Personal training and short-term subscription available.

Updated: 25-May-2022

Lijnbaansgracht 241, Amsterdam

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Fit For Free has several locations in Amsterdam, and membership is cheap. The Looiersgracht branch used to be a Splash Healthclub, with many gay clients from the old Splash crowd.

The gym has only dumbbells and machines but no barbells or Smith machines – not for serious gym bunnies.

If you’re up for cruising, the best time is in the early afternoon and about an hour before closing at the sauna area on the 2nd floor.

Updated: 25-May-2022

Looiersgracht 26, Amsterdam

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