Gay Tours Athens

Gay Tours Athens

Our roundup of the best gay-popular, historical and cultural tours in Athens. The city is packed with glorious ruins from antiquity, such as the Parthenon. You can explore the modern, trendy Gazi district and take a day trip to Delphi.

Gay Friendly Athens Tours and Experiences

Browse our handpicked selection of gay friendly tours and experiences in Athens from our partners with free cancellation 24 hours before your tour starts.

Athens isn’t just an LGBTQ-friendly city; it’s a place with a very long history of sexual liberalism that prides itself on catering to all its communities, affording everyone the widest possible range of choices. Come see what the Athens gay nightlife can be like when you know all the places to go!

“There’s L, and there’s G – men and women have different tours and guides. You’ll crawl to about four or five of the hottest gay bars & night spots in Athens, including the hottest LGBTQ club of the moment. You’ll learn about the neighborhoods as well as the venues. We’ve scheduled plenty of time at each spot to get to know people along the way.”

This Athens gay nightlife tour will take you to explore three different neighborhoods that together make up the heart of the Athens LGBTQ scene. You’ll get a sense of the variety of venues and gay bars Athens has to offer. On the other hand, while the music, the atmosphere and the crowd may change from place to place – you’ll stop in at both quieter local places and big-name clubs, including a last stop at the number one spot in town.

Of course, your guide will be on hand throughout to provide any extra information you might need, and tours last approximately 3 hours. The minimum age to participate in the tour is 18 years old and you will receive 1 free drink per person.


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Updated: 28-Mar-2022

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