Gay Group Trips in Italy

Gay Group Trip: Discover Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and it’s packed with culture, history and great food. The group trip largely covers Eastern Sicily, where we’ll explore the fine beaches, baroque palaces and Mount Etna. With a like-minded group, you’ll go on boat cruises around the...

From 8 days - From £1815
Next departure:
12th July 2020 Sunday
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Gay Group Trip: Luxury Matera And Puglia

Discover some of the finest and least touristy destinations in southern Italy. You’ll be staying in luxury accommodation throughout the trip, and discovering the sophisticated food and drink specific to the area. You’ll be visiting UNESCO World Heritage destinations, including the drywal...

From 10 days - From £3735
Next departure:
15th November 2019 Friday
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Gay Group Trip: Italian Opera Tour

Italy is the birthplace of opera, one of the great cultural artforms. It emerged in the early 17th-century, made rather an impression and it’s never really gone out of fashion. Opera captures the drama, tragedy and romance of life. As well as discovering the opera, you’ll also discover I...

From 8 days - From £2270
Next departure:
28th June 2020 Sunday
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Salento Food and Wine Tour Gay Group Trip

Gay Group Trip: Salento Food and Wine Tour

Experience authentic local cuisine and wine on this luxury group trip to gay Italy. Visit local markets in the Puglia area, enjoy wine tasting at nearby vineyards, and explore cultural sites throughout the region. There are also weekly departure dates throughout July and August. Enquire for more det...

From 7 days - From £1095
Next departure:
31st August 2020 Monday
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Italy Culinary Experience Gay Group Trip

Gay Group Trip: Italy Culinary Experience

Venture to Puglia for an authentic culinary experience with this gay group trip to Italy. Nearby you will find mountainous towns, seaside villages, and stunning castles. Sample fine wines and local cuisine with fellow LGBTQIA+ travellers.

From 8 days - From £3385
Next departure:
5th October 2020 Monday
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Gay Group Trip: Food And Wine In Puglia

This wonderful food and wine tour allows you to discover the classic cuisine of Puglia. It is not like classic Italian food, Puglia has Mediterranean influences and is always based on seasonal produce. Using the ingredients available and creating exciting vibrant dishes. This trip combines sightseei...

From 7 days - From £1795
Next departure:
5th April 2020 Sunday
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Gay group: Gay Italy

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