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Gay Pride Calendar 2020

Our round-up of some the biggest and best upcoming LGBTQi+ Pride celebrations across Europe, USA & beyond in 2020.

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Winter Pride UK

: 2020-02-01
Why wait until summer to celebrate Pride? Winter Pride UK is one of the only Gay Pride events to be celebrated during the height of winter. The event will be taking place in February and has already sold out the first batch of tickets! Have no fear though, there will more


Sydney Gay & Lesbian MARDI GRAS 2020

: 2020-03-07 to 2020-03-08
The 42nd annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2020 will be a festival of love, joined by thousands of LGBTQI people and friends from around the world. After the Parade comes the Party, with over 12,000 participants in an all-night-long extravaganza, featuring special guests and surprises, plus world-class more


Vienna Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-06-01 to 2020-06-14
Around 100,000 people will descend on on Vienna for Gay Pride 2020. There will be a Pride Village at City Hall Square hosting live music, cultural events, food and more. The Rainbow Parade on the Saturday will be a big highlight - Vienna's famous Ringstrasse will be closed for the more


Antwerp Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-08-05 to 2020-08-09
Regarded as one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world, Antwerp has hosted numerous world-class gay events including famous Red & Blue party and the Antwerp Pride weekend. Antwerp Gay Pride 2020 takes place from August 5th-9th, with the Parade on Saturday, followed by the free, open-air WAVE street festival, dance parties and more


Sao Paulo Pride 2019

Sao Paulo Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Sao Paulo has a huge gay scene, not to mention the biggest gay club in the Americas - it's called The Week, in case you were wondering. This will be one of the biggest gay pride events in the world. The parade begins at Consolaçao street and ends downtown in more


Sofia Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
The 13th incarnation of Bulgaria's largest pride parade. Sofia Pride is expected to attract over 5,000 people  this year, most coming for the street parade through the city centre. Thinking of attending? check our list of top Sofia hotels for gay travellers.


Toronto Pride 2019

Toronto Pride 2020

: 2020-06-28
Toronto Pride has been running since 1981 and it's one of the biggest gay pride events in North America. Over a million people are expected to attend. It's going to be a huge cultural event. There will be many events taking place over the month of June. The dates for more


Victoria Pride 2020

: 2020-07-02
Victoria Pride 2019 took place on July 7. Pride in 2020 is likely to take place during the same month. The 2019 Pride celebrations attracted over 40,000 people to Macdonald Park. It will be the biggest Pride events in the British Colombia region.


Halifax Pride

: 2020-07-16 to 2020-07-26
Tens of thousands of people will take to the streets in July for Halifax Pride 2020. It kicks off at 1pm in downtown Halifax. The parade lasts for about 2 hours. There'll be numerous events and gigs in the evening. Check out the website for more info.

Halifax Pride Festival 2019

Halifax Pride Festival 2020

: 2020-07-18
Over Pride week in Halifax there'll be a number of events. The 2019 parade took place on Saturday, July 20th. Check their Facebook and our page for info about events, community meetings and next years festival.

Montréal Pride 2020

: 2020-08-07
Founded in 2007, Montréal Pride is now the largest LGBT+ gathering in the Francophone World! The organisation's aim is to support and promote local communities while serving as a source of empowerment for people who battle injustice. Attracting up to 2 million attendees, this is not to be missed. You more


Santiago Gay Pride

Santiago Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-10-23
The 2020 dates for Santiago Gay Pride are yet to be announced. Santiago Gay Pride 2019 took place on 23 June, so the next Pride event is likely to take place in the same month in 2020. Tens of thousands of people will take to the streets of Santiago for more


Shanghai PRIDE 2020

: 2020-06-13 to 2020-06-20
Founded in 2009, Shanghai PRIDE is the first and only LGBT Pride season in mainland China, celebrating diversity for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community and friends. The week-long festival features numerous events and activities including Pride opening and closing parties, a "Pink Picnic", film and theatre nights, panel discussion, sport events and art exhibitions. more


Cartagena Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-08-07
Cartagena Pride will be the biggest gay event in the Caribbean. There will be many events taking place including parades, a drag race, arts events, a boat party and more. If you're in town during Pride you're guaranteed to have a ball.


Zagreb Gay Pride Parade 2018

Zagreb Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
The annual pride parade in the Croatian capital. Zagreb pride is dedicated to combating oppression based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We have all the latest information on 2020's proceedings. Keep an eye on our page for all the news on Zagreb Pride 2020. There are a wide variety more

Czech Republic

Prague Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-08-03
Czech Republic's largest LGBT event. In 2019, the week-long Prague Gay Pride ran from August 5th-11th. Expect lots of fun activities - concerts, workshops, theatre, exhibitions, film, lectures, discussions, dance parties for 2020's festival. We have all the latest info on Prague Gay Pride 2020 for you. So keep visiting more


Aarhus Gay Pride 2020

Aarhus Pride 2020

: 2020-06-04
On the first Saturday of June 2020, Aarhus Pride will celebrate diversity for the 9th time in the world’s smallest big city. Aarhus Pride is an entirely volunteer based Pride event visited by 8-9,000 people every year. Aarhus Pride focuses on diversity, family (given or chosen), and “hygge”. It is more

Copenhagen Pride 2020

: 2020-08-09
Over 20,000 participants join Copenhagen Pride each year. The highlight of this weeklong LGBT festival is the street Parade which makes its way around the Copenhagen city centre in colourful fashion. Most of the Pride activities take place around the Town Hall Square in the city centre. Various dance parties more


Helsinki Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Taking place after the popular Midsummer celebrations, Helsinki Pride is the biggest cultural event in Finland celebrating human rights and diversity. The week-long Helsinki Pride 2019 ran from June 24th-30th, with the main Pride parade on Saturday, plus various workshops, activities, shows and dance parties. In 2020 you can expect more


Lille pride

Gay Pride Lille 2020

: 2020-06-06
Gay Pride took place in Lille on 1st June in 2019 and is scheduled to take place during the same time in 2020. Over 20,000 people are expected to attend. Check their website for more info.

Magical Pride 2020 at DisneyLand

: 2020-06-06
Magical Pride at Disneyland offers the chance for members of the LGBT+ community to live their Disney dream. Warmly welcoming everyone to come and party, this annual event is essentially a Pride party in Disneyland! Featuring live performances, Disney character meet-and-greets and a March of Diversity Parade. Check out their more

Pride Toulouse 2020

: 2020-06-20
A celebration of LGBT culture in the fittingly named "Pink City". Toulouse Pride sees a wide variety of activities including documentary screenings, live concerts, workshops and much more Toulouse Pride takes place in June. Check their Facebook page or website for the full program.

Paris Gay Pride 2020 + Marche des Fiertés

: 2020-06-27
The largest LGBT event in France. Each year, over half a million people come to the Parisian streets to take part in France's biggest gay Pride event. In 2019, the popular Pride parade (or "Marche des Fiertés") took place on Saturday, June 29th, in the city centre followed by many more


stadtfest berlin

Berlin Lesbian & Gay City Festival 2020

: 2020-06-18 to 2020-06-19
The Lesbian & Gay City Festival (Stadtfest) attracts hundreds of thousands of participants to Berlin each year. The festival takes place on the weekend in mid-July, one week before Berlin Pride CSD. This 28th annual LGBT festival starts from 11am on Saturday, July 18th and continues through to Sunday. Parties more

Munich Gay Pride CSD 2020

: 2020-07-04 to 2020-07-12
One of the most exciting German cities to celebrate gay pride. Munich CSD 2020 plays host to thousands of locals and tourists from the LGBT community and beyond, tying in with the popular Christopher Street Day celebrations. The event features the popular Pride parade, with many festivals and parties springing more

Leipzig CSD Pride 2020

: 2020-07-04
The Leipzig CSD Pride 2019 festival took place from July 5th-13th, with the LGBTQ parade on Saturday. 2020's proceedings are likely to take place around the same time. Organised by a group of individuals and representatives of various associations, institutions and projects, the one-week festival features many LGBTQ-related activities, discussions, more

Stuttgart CSD Pride 2020

: 2020-07-11
Stuttgart CSD (Christopher Street Day) is the largest LGBTQ celebrations in South Germany. With a variety of events, talks, workshops and cultural activities from the start, along with street parade and Pride market. Planning to be in Stuttgart for Pride? Book your hotel early - check our list Stuttgart hotels more

Cologne Pride CSD 2020

: 2020-07-18
The annual gay Pride weekend in Cologne took place from July 5th-7th in 2019. Next years Pride is expected to be around the same time. Keep visiting our Cologne Pride 2020 page for the latest info. The street festival will feature numerous LGBT activities and events - colourful stage performances, parties, political more

Gay Pride Frankfurt (CSD Frankfurt) 2019

Gay Pride Frankfurt (CSD Frankfurt) 2020

: 2020-07-18
2019's Parade took place on Saturday, July 20th. It is continually one of the biggest gay pride events in Germany. With wild outfits and all night parties in the local gay bars, Gay Pride Frankfurt 2020 is not to be missed! Keep visiting our page for the latest information.

Berlin Gay Pride CSD 2020

: 2020-07-25
Celebrating 50 years of Stonewall and 40th anniversary of CSD Berlin (Christopher Street Day). The parade for Berlin Pride 2019 took place around Kurfürstendamm street on Saturday July 27th, one week after the Lesbian and Gay City Festival. The 2020 Pride festival is going to be around the same time more

Hamburg CSD Pride 2020

: 2020-07-27
Hamburg's largest annual LGBT event. Hamburg gay Pride (CSD) festival 2019 ran from July 27th-August 4th and is likely to occur at the same time in 2020. The parade is on Saturday and a large street festival around the city's Town Hall. Visit the website for the full program and details. more


Athens Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
Now in its 14th year. The annual Athens gay Pride expects to welcomed over 40,000 people to the Greek capital for Pride in 2019. Various activities and events are held across the city during Pride Week. To stay informed on 2020's proceedings, we have all the latest info on Athens more

Thessaloniki Pride 2020

: 2020-06-21
Every year, the Thessaloniki Pride attracts many visitors who come to join the LGBT celebrations, with the Pride parade as the main attraction, plus a variety of events, parties and activities across town. Planning a trip to Thessaloniki in June during Pride? Then please check our list of recommended hotels more


Budapest Pride 2020

: 2020-07-11
A 10-day gay Pride celebration in the stunning Hungarian capital. Budapest Pride offers a wide program of activities to interest visitors. The main highlight is the LGBT Pride parade through the streets of Budapest which attracts several prominent Hungarian celebrities and international guests. Budapest Pride organised 80 events last year, more


Reykjavik Pride 2020

: 2020-08-08
The most popular LGBT celebrations in the Icelandic capital. The year 2020 marks the 21st anniversary of Reykjavik Pride. This week-long gay Pride festival attracts 100,000+ visitors from all over the world (nearly a third of the population of Iceland!). There are concerts, parties and a popular Saturday parade. Planning more


Drogheda Pride 2020

: 2020-06-24 to 2020-06-26
After the successful Drogheda Pride 2019, they've already announced the dates for 2020's proceedings. Beginning in 2015, Drogheda has been a consistent date in the Pride calendar. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for all the latest on Drogheda Pride 2020.

Dublin Pride 2019

Dublin Pride 2020

: 2020-06-25
In 1974 just ten people marched for one of the first pride events in Dublin. Last year, over sixty-thousand people showed up. Bidding to host Euro Pride in 2022, each year is expected to be bigger and bigger! Keep an eye on our page for the latest details on Dublin more


Tel Aviv Pride 2020

: 2020-06-07 to 2020-06-13
Tel Aviv Pride takes place between 7- 13 June 2020. Tel Aviv is known as the "Manhatten of the Middle East." It's one of the best cities in the world for gay travellers. This annual 21st festival showcased music, drag shows and speeches from the Tel Aviv LGBT+ community. Keep more


Milan Gay Pride 2020

Milano Pride 2020

: 2020-06-06
Popular Pride festival in Italy's fashion capital. Each year, Milan hosts a varied program of events during Pride Week, but the main attraction is the street parade which will be on Saturday, June 6th, followed many parties afterwards. Planning to be in Milan for Pride? Check out our list the more

Roma Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
Join thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people and friends, locals and visitors at Rome's largest annual gay celebrations. The LGBT parade will start in the afternoon through the city centre, followed by a host of events, activities and dance parties. We have all the latest info on 2020's more

Bergamo Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
Another modest Pride celebration in Italy.. just a short hop away from Milan. Bergamo Pride features popular Pride parade through the historic city centre, followed by a host of events, parties and activities. Planning a trip to Bergamo during Pride? Check out our list of recommended hotels in Bergamo.  

Torino Pride 2020

: 2020-06-20
The annual Turin Pride festival attracts over 100,000 participants each year. The festival takes place under the dramatic backdrop of the Italian alps. There are concerts, activities and parties, but the main attraction is the Pride parade through Turin's almost Parisian boulevards. Thinking of attending? Check our list of top more

Bologna Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Annual gay Pride event in the historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Bologna Pride attracts thousands of people each year. This one-day event features an LGBT Pride parade through the historic city centre and a stage showcasing a varied program of local and international acts. Keep visiting our more

Naples Pride 2020

: 2020-07-14
One of the most popular Pride parades in Italy. Naples Pride is a one-day carnival in the sun. The procession through the city attracts thousands of visitor, and there are after-parties across the city. Thinking of attending? Then check out our list of recommended hotels in Naples.


Tokyo Rainbow PRIDE 2020

: 2020-04-25 to 2020-04-26
Japan's largest annual LGBT+ celebrations, featuring numerous events, activities, parade and parties across Tokyo. Planning to be in Tokyo for Pride in 2020? Check our list of top hotels in Tokyo for gay travellers.


Luxembourg Pride 2019

Luxembourg Pride 2020

: 2020-07-18
Luxembourg Pride 2019 took place over a week from 6-14 July. Our Luxembourg Pride 2020 will give you all the necessary details for next years festivities. So, keep visiting our page for all the latest information!


Malta Pride 2020

: 2020-09-12
Large LGBT Pride celebrations in the heart of the Mediterranean. This annual gay festival on Malta island features street parties, LGBT floats, parade, concerts, events and fun-filled activities. The Malta Pride 2020 March takes place on Saturday, September 12th in Valetta. Another highlight of this weeklong festival is the after-Pride more


Mexico City 2019

Pride Mexico City 2020

: 2020-06-26
This will be the 42nd year of Mexico City's “Marcha del Orgullo LGBTTI.” Mexico's capital has a vast gay scene befitting such a vast, cosmopolitan city. This is one of the biggest gay pride events in Latin America, second only to Sao Paulo. Over a million people are expected to more


Pride Amsterdam 2020

: 2020-07-25
One of Europe's most popular gay festivals. Pride Amsterdam 2019 ran from July 27th-August 4th, with the Parade (on Saturday) - unlike most cities, this one takes place on a canal! The event is likely to take place at the same time in 2020. 2019 saw dozens of spectacular decorated more

Rotterdam Pride 2020

: 2020-09-18 to 2020-09-27
Possibly Europe's latest-running festival of its kind. Rotterdam Pride 2020 takes place on the last weekend of September and will paint the streets every colour of the rainbow. Expect a variety of talks, workshops and live performances. The main attraction is a street parade on the Saturday. Thinking of attending? more


Bergen Pride 2020

: 2020-06-06
A popular gay pride festival in Norway's second city. Bergen Pride, hosted by Regnbuedagene in Bergen, attracts around 10,000 people from across Norway, Scandinavia and beyond. This week-long festival takes place on the first week of June, with the LGBTQ Pride parade on Saturday. There are talks and performances throughout more

Oslo Pride 2020

: 2020-06-20
Oslo Pride is an annual festival that brings together the local LGBT community, supporters and allies for the biggest gay event in Norway. In 2019, this 10-day event took place from Friday June 14th - Sunday June 23rd. The main attractions are the famous Pride parade and festivities at Pride House more


Poznan Pride 2020

: 2020-07-26
Each year, Grupa Stonewall organises Poznan Pride with a weeklong program of events which attract many visitors to Poznan, one of Poland's largest cities. Poznan Pride has everything, from dance workshops to film screenings. The main attraction is the Equality March through the city centre which will take place in more


Lisbon Gay Pride 2020 – Marcha do Orgulho LGBT

: 2020-06-20 to 2020-06-28
One of the largest LGBT events in Portugal. The Lisbon Gay Pride (also known as Marcha do Orgulho LGBT) takes place in the June each year at Jardim do Principe Real. The 2020 instalment kicks off on 20 June. Check the website or Facebook page for full details and program.


Belgrade Pride 2020

: 2020-09-13
A weeklong programme of events in the Serbian capital. Belgrade pride attracts visitors from across the Balkans and beyond. Events range from film screenings to human rights conferences with the main attraction being the Pride march through the city streets. Planning to attend. Check out our list of recommended hotels more


Maspalomas Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-05-07 to 2020-05-17
The Maspalomas Gay Pride festival gets bigger and better every year, drawing tens of thousands visitors from across Europe and beyond to celebrate with the LGBT community in Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria island. In 2020, this annual 10-day LGBT festival run from May 7th-7th, featuring international artists, huge more

Torremolinos Pride 2020

: 2020-05-31 to 2019-06-07
Large annual celebrations for the LGBT and friends in Costa del Sol. Torremolinos Pride festival attracts tens of thousands participants each year. The event's highlight is the main Pride parade on Saturday, followed by a host of events, activities and dance parties in La Nogalera, for an entire week at more

Sitges Pride 2019

Sitges Pride 2020

: 2020-06-03
Sitges Pride 2020 will be one of the biggest gay events of the year! As Sitges is one of Europe's most popular gay destinations, Pride is guaranteed to draw a diverse, lively and very shirtless crowd. It also gives you the perfect excuse to have a week in Spain in more

Ibiza Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-06-10 to 2020-06-13
Where else would we want to celebrate Pride than on an island known for its hedonism? Each year, Ibiza Pride festival attracts thousands of visitors who are drawn to its vibrant LGBT parade, live performances, concerts and popular after-parties. In 2020, the festival runs from June 10th-13th. Book your hotel more

Andalucia (Seville) Pride 2020

: 2020-06-14
Andalucia Pride is one of the largest LGBT events in southern Spain. The weeklong festival in the historic city of Seville includes a variety of activities, but the main attraction is street Pride parade on Saturday. Planning to be in Seville during Pride? Check out our list of top hotels more

Pride Barcelona 2020

: 2020-06-26 to 2020-06-27
One of Spain's most popular gay festivals is Pride Barcelona. Bringing together the local LGBT community, friends and allies alike for a weekend of culture, activities and parties. The highlight of Pride Barcelona is the parade on Saturday afternoon, followed by a massive party weekend that goes on until late. 2019's more

Madrid Pride Orgullo MADO 2020

: 2020-06-27
Madrid Orgullo 'MADO' is perhaps the largest and one of the most popular gay Pride events in all of Europe, attracting two million people each year. In 2019, this 10-day festival ran from June 28th-July 7th, with the LGBT Parade on Saturday, July 6th. Expect fantastic shows, activities, dance parties, more

Orgullo de Andalucía | Seville Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Held in the beautiful medieval city of Seville, the Andalusia Pride (Orgullo de Andalucía) is a colourful one-day celebration for the LGBT in the region. The main parade takes place in the early evening, when the Spanish sun isn't so scorching. Expect colourful costumes and flamboyant floats. The parade ends more

Bilbao Pride 2019

Bilbao Pride 2020

: 2020-07-18
Serving Basque realness, Bilbao's 2019 Pride was celebrated on the 20th June. Keep posted on our Bilbao Pride 2020 Dozens of boats will be sailing down the Atlantic Arc, passing the famous Guggenheim Museum. There'll be outdoor shows, culture and gastronomy.

Benidorm Pride 2020

: 2020-08-31 to 2020-09-06
'Fun, friendly and flirty' LGBT celebrations in the sun. Benidorm Pride is a weeklong series of flamboyant events including the famous Pride parade and popular after-party on Benidorm's famous Levante Beach. In 2020, Benidorm Pride takes place from August 31st - September 6th. Make travel plans early as hotels sell more


Stockholm Pride 2020

: 2020-07-17
The largest Pride festival of it's kind in Scandinavia. Stockholm Pride is a week-long celebration of everything LGBT in the pristine streets of Sweden's capital. Workshops, seminars, concerts and much more are held throughout the city. The Saturday parade sees thousands of Stockholmers and visitors flood the streets. As well more


Zurich Pride 2020

: 2020-06-06
Each year, Zurich Pride attracts a large international crowd to its colourful array of LGBT booths, fabulous shows, dance parties and other fun activities. In 2019, Zurich Pride Week took place from June 1st-16th. Zurich Pride 2020 is likely to be in early June next year too. Keep visiting our more


Taiwan LGBT Pride 2020

: 2020-10-24
Mark your calendar! Taiwan Pride, the biggest LGBT event in Asia will take place in October. This annual festival is marked by tens of thousands of people parading through the city, plus numerous after-parties and special events. Stay tuned for more information. Start planning your trip now. To get a feel more


2020 Samui SongKran Pride Parade

2020 Samui SongKran Pride Parade

: 2020-04-13 to 2020-04-13
Alpha Gay Resort & Spa is excited to announce our Annual Songkran Pride Parade in its third year running. 2019 was such an overwhelming success, bring on 2020. We would like to take this time to invite you to participate in what we believe will be the most exciting parade more


Tampa Pride 2020

: 2020-03-28
In 2020 Tampa will host one of the first Pride celebrations of the year! The event will be held on March 28th and is a celebration of all the obstacles the LGBT community has overcome throughout history and a chance to draw attention to the work that still needs to more

Miami Beach Pride 2020

: 2020-03-30 to 2020-04-05
Miami Beach Pride has grown into a global event with A-List performers such as Bebe Rexha, Iggy Azalea and Gloria Estefan gracing the main stage in previous years. The line-up for the festival is still to be confirmed. The Parade takes place at 12:00 pm on April 7th and runs the length more

Pride of the Americas 2020

: 2020-04-21 to 2020-04-26
For the first time, a Pride celebration will be taking place that represents the Americas. Held in Fort Lauderdale this year, Pride of the Americas is a Pride event representing the LGBT+ communities of the Americas. The event is hoping to be one of the biggest Pride events in Florida more

Boston Pride 2020

: 2020-05-30
Boston's 49th annual Pride week ran from May 31st-June 11th. 2020's festival is expected to run the same week. We have all the latest updates on 2020's proceedings. Keep visiting our page for forthcoming announcements! Last years festival set new records. The parade included a record-breaking 431 contingents with over more

Sacramento Pride 2020

: 2020-06-01
Sacramento will held their Annual Pride in June 2019. Sacramento Pride is the city's largest LGBT celebration to promote acceptance and diversity. The main celebrations included a Pride parade stepping off from 3rd St and N St, followed by an outdoor party in the Capitol Mall. Next year Sacramento is more

Key West

Key West Pride 2020

: 2020-06-03 to 2020-06-07
Celebrate Pride on the tropical island of Key West. The celebrations will take place from June 3-7. With drinks deals, pool parties and Cabaret show's at every corner, you will not be short of things to do! Key West's One Human Family ethos is more than just a slogan. This more


Provincetown Pride 2020

: 2020-06-05 to 2020-06-07
In 2020 Provincetown will hold their 3rd Annual Pride Celebration from the 5th - 7th of June. Provincetown is rich in love and steeped in LGBTQ+ history dating all the way back to 1798. We will be listing all the latest announcements as they come in. So keep your eyes more

Los Angeles Pride 2020

: 2020-06-06
For 40+ years, LA Pride has created safe and inclusive spaces for the Los Angeles' LGBTQ+ community and its allies to celebrate their unique heritage and diverse cultures. Join tens of thousands of people to fill the City of Angels for the fabulous Pride parade on June 10th. Highlights of more

philly pride

Philadelphia Pride 2020

: 2020-06-06
In June, 2019 Philadelphia held their 31st Annual Philly Pride Event in order to celebrate and honour the LGBTQ+ community. The celebrations are likely to continue in 2020. Visit our page for all the latest information on Philadelphia Pride 2020. Book your hotel early - Click here for our list more

Queens Pride

Queens Pride 2020

: 2020-06-07
Queens Pride has been running since 1993. It typically takes place in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. Keep an eye on our page for all the latest on Queens Pride 2020.

NYC Pride March 2019

NYC Pride March 2020

: 2020-06-07
2019's pride march saw the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and it's WorldPride take place in New York. 2020's pride march will be carrying on the legacy of pride's past, typically during the final weekend in June. Check out our guide to New York's best gay bars.

Brooklyn Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
The borough of Brooklyn celebrated Pride on June 8th to support the LGBTQIA+ community and fight for equality in 2019. The annual event is likely to take place the same time next year. We have all the latest information on 2020's proceedings. Keep your eyes on our page for updates more

Pride North West 2019

Pride North West 2020

: 2020-06-20
Best known for the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade—one of the largest Pride celebrations on the West Coast—Pride Northwest also works to celebrate and support the whole of the Pacific Northwest’s LGBTQ+ community year-round. Various events are held throughout the month including the Waterfront Festival, typically held in more

St Pete Pride 2019

St Pete Pride 2020

: 2020-06-20
One of the biggest pride marches in the USA, St Pete Pride 2020 is the main pride of the Tampa Bay area. Over 250,000 people attended last year. It's going to be a huge event. St Pete Pride 2020 is likely to be in June too. Keep visiting our page more

Doylestown Pride Festival

Doylestown Pride Festival 2020

: 2020-06-20 to 2020-06-23
Doylestown welcomes the return of our Pride Festival on June 18-21, 2020. With the goal of celebrating diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in the Doylestown community, a collection of local organizations and businesses came together to create this local tradition. The multi-day event will feature a series of films more

San Francisco Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
San Francisco Pride holds one of the oldest and largest annual LGBTQ+ parades in the world. With hundreds of thousands of people flooding into the city every year to experience the parade and immerse themselves in the celebrations. The festival includes 20+ live stages at the Civic Centre Plaza, showcasing more

Chicago Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Chicago Pride Fest is a 2-day festival that leads up to the Chicago Pride Parade with up to 100,000 participants expected, celebrating LGBTQ+ life, culture and community and honouring the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. The Parade will take place from Broadway & Montrose, stretching over a 4-mile route with over more

Baltimore Pride 2019

Baltimore Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Baltimore Pride 2019 will took place from June 14th - 16th to celebrate Baltimore's vibrant LGBTQ+ community. With over 30,000 spectators, Baltimore pride is frequently one of the biggest pride events in Maryland. For Baltimore Pride 2020 we will have all the latest information. Keep an eye on our page for more

Harlem Pride 2019

Harlem Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
This will be the 11th instalment of Harlem Pride. Around 20,000 attended last year so expect a big turnout! A number of events will be taking place in Harlem over Pride month, last year saw an eclectic mix of events such as a gospel concert, Amateur Night at the Apollo more

Augusta Pride 2019

Augusta Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
In 2019, Augusta celebrated their 10th annual Augusta Pride Parade. Join us in 2020 for their 11th! While the dates of the festival have not yet been confirmed, we are expecting it to be held in June again this year. Keep visiting our page for all the latest information!

Cross Streets: McKinney St and Smith St

Houston Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Houston Pride 2019 took place on June 22nd. The free party kicks was at Cross Streets: McKinney St and Smith St. Around 700,000 people are expected to attend. Popular Houston Pride events include Unleashed, a leather party hosted at the Eagle Houston, the Salvation Pool Party and "Fear The Queer", more

Mexico City 2019

Cincinnati Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
The Cincinnati Pride 2019 parade was on June 22nd. 2020's festival is expected to be around the same time. Keep visiting this page for all the latest information.

St. Louis 2020 Pride

: 2020-06-27
2019's main parade took place on June 30th at the PrideFest grounds. 300,000 people attended PrideFest in St Louis last year. Check their website for more forthcoming info on the 2020 festivities.

Pride San Antonio 2019

Pride San Antonio 2020

: 2020-06-27
Pride San Antonio 2019 happened at Crockett Park on June 29. 2020's festivities are likely to take place around the same time of year. Keep visiting our page for all the latest info.

Denver Pride 2019

Denver Pride 2020

: 2020-06-28
Denver Pride 2019 took place at the Civic Center Park. Denver Pride 2020 is likely to take place the same time next year. Visit our page for all the latest info on next years proceedings.

Seattle gay Pride

Seattle Pride 2020

: 2020-06-30
For a long time, Seattle has been at the centre of LGBT activism. The week-long celebrations of Seattle Pride features tons of parties, food, cultural exhibitions and live performances from an array of LGBT artists. One highlight of this event is the Seattle Capitol Hill Pride March & Rally, where more

San Diego Pride 2020

: 2020-07-18 to 2020-07-19
San Diego hosts its legendary annual gay Pride festival in July each year to celebrate with the local LGBTQ+ community. 2019's SD Pride took place at Balboa Park and saw over 40,000 participants. The popular Pride parade is among the largest in the United States. Stay posted on our page more

United Kingdom

Winter Pride UK

: 2020-02-01
Why wait until summer to celebrate Pride? Winter Pride UK is one of the only Gay Pride events to be celebrated during the height of winter. The event will be taking place in February and has already sold out the first batch of tickets! Have no fear though, there will more

Birmingham Pride 2020

: 2020-05-23 to 2020-05-25
Fun 2-day LGBT festival on the last Bank Holiday weekend of May. The Birmingham Pride keeps getting bigger and bigger. The carnival parade kicks off on Saturday at around noon, along with stage shows, cabaret marquee, dance arena, fun-fair and street party. Birmingham's thriving gay clubs and bars around Gay more

Pride Blackpool 2020

: 2020-06-13
Now in its 13th year, Blackpool Pride is a wonderful weekend of festivities in Britain's most iconic seaside resort to celebrate diversity, featuring a variety of entertainment and fun activities. VIP packages are available. 2019's Pride was under Blackpool Tower on the iconic seafront! The proceedings were a camp ol' more

York Pride 2020

: 2020-06-13
Popular gay Pride event in one of England's most historic cities. York Pride is a celebration of diversity of the LGBT community of York and North Yorkshire with a focus on entertainment, inclusivity and fun. We have all the latest on 2020's event, so keep an eye on our page more

Pride Edinburgh 2020

: 2020-06-20
Scotland's largest LGBT event. Pride Edinburgh 2019 festival took place on Saturday, June 22nd, and was ran entirely by volunteers. The traditional march and rally attracts thousands to the streets to promote and celebrate pride. Tourists can mix with locals, politicians, campaigners and even celebrities. Besides the march, there'll be more

Cambridge Pride 2019

Cambridge Pride 2020

: 2020-06-20
The first official Cambridge Pride is took place on June 8 2019. Hoping for a repeat success in 2020, we have all the latest for you on the proceedings. Keep an eye on our page for forthcoming updates on Cambridge Pride 2020. .

Pride in London 2020

: 2020-06-27 to 2020-06-27
It is never too late to start preparing, and as London Pride is one of the biggest events in the UK LGBT+ calendar, why not start getting excited about 2020's proceedings. Pride in London is a large LGBT festival in London with many fun activities, cultural events, stage shows and more

Suffolk Pride 2019

Suffolk Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Suffolk Pride is a countywide event that celebrates LGBTQ+ equality and diversity. The one-day parade and Pride celebration event took place on the Waterfront in Ipswich on Saturday 22 June 2019 from 12 to 6pm. All ages are welcome. 2020's parade is likely to be at the end of June more

Colchester Pride 2019

Colchester Pride 2020

: 2020-06-27
Colchester Pride 2019 was  the third gay pride event to take place in Colchester. It is likely to take place the same time next year. Keep your eyes on this page for all the latest information for Colchester pride 2020.

UK Black Pride

UK Black Pride 2020

: 2020-06-28 to 2020-06-28
UK Black Pride 2020 is likely to take place on Sunday 28th June 2020. Last year the party and event was held in Haggerston Park in east London to mark its continued growth and the bigger event. Expect even bigger things in 2020 and keep checking our Black Pride 2020 more

Bristol Pride 2020

: 2020-07-01 to 2019-07-14
A massive free Pride festival in one of the England's most attractive cities. Bristol Pride is a 10-day festival that showcases, celebrates and champions the LGBTQ+ community in the South West of England. With a variety of events including live shows, cabaret and events for families, the main attraction is more

Liverpool Gay Pride 2020

: 2020-07-26
A two-day festival celebrating diversity, equality, love and life in the hometown of The Beatles. Liverpool Pride is an incredibly popular event, featuring many acts and activities to entertain visitors from afar. If you're planning join Pride in Liverpool, please check our list of recommend hotels in Liverpool.

Brighton & Hove Pride 2020

: 2020-08-01
Very popular gay Pride event in the UK since 1991. The Brighton & Hove Pride is an exceptionally friendly event and one of Brighton's most popular weekends, attracting tens of thousands visitors from around the UK and beyond. The spectacular parade begins at Hove Lawns at 11:00 and continues through the more

Glasgow Pride 2020

: 2020-08-16
Pride Glasgow (SCIO) is largest event of its kind in Glasgow. Every August, this fun festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over Europe and beyond who come to celebrate LGBT equality. Check back for details and the full program. Planning a trip to Glasgow during Pride, check our list more

Manchester Pride 2020

: 2020-08-23
Manchester Pride's Big Weekend in 2019 promises to be bigger and better than the previous year, taking place in August in the Gay Village (Canal Street). The Big Weekend features numerous art, culture, music, sports and debate events, with live music and various stalls and arenas hosting a wide range more

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