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Gay Pride Calendar 2020

Our round-up of some the biggest and best upcoming LGBTQi+ Pride celebrations across Europe, USA & beyond in 2020. We cover the biggest Gay Pride events in cities like London, New York and Sao Paulo, as well as emerging Pride events in smaller destinations.

We’ll also let you know which prides are cancelled because of coronavirus.

Tell us about your local Pride event.

Miami Beach Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Miami : 30-Mar-2020 to 05-Apr-2020

This event has been cancelled due to coronavirus. ...

Phoenix Pride, Arizona 2020

Phoenix Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Phoenix : 04-Apr-2020 to 05-Apr-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Roanoke Pride 2020

Roanoke Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Roanoke : 04-Apr-2020 to 05-Apr-2020

Roanoke Pride 2020 has been postponed due to coron...

Peak Pride 2020

Peak Pride @ Big White 2020 (CANCELLED)

Kelowna : 05-Apr-2020 to 07-Apr-2020

This Pride event is cancelled for 2020 due to coro...

2020 Samui SongKran Pride Parade

2020 Samui SongKran Pride Parade

Koh Samui : 13-Apr-2020

Alpha Gay Resort & Spa is excited to announce ...

Pride of the Americas 2020 (POSTPONED)

Fort Lauderdale : 21-Apr-2020 to 26-Apr-2020

Update from the Pride of the Americas organizers: ...


Vårgårda Pride, Sweden 2020 (POSTPONED)

Vårgårda : 21-Apr-2020 to 25-Apr-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Tokyo Rainbow PRIDE 2020 (CANCELLED)

Tokyo : 25-Apr-2020 to 26-Apr-2020

Tokyo Pride has been cancelled. Check their social...

Trans pride Leeds

Trans Pride Leeds 2020 (CANCELLED)

Leeds : 25-Apr-2020 to 28-Apr-2020

This event has been cancelled due to coronavirus. ...

Swansea Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Swansea : 02-May-2020

Swansea Pride 2020 has been postponed to a later d...

Noho Pride 2020

Noho Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Northampton : 02-May-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Bygdepride 2020

Bygdepride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Ørsta and Volda : 04-May-2020 to 10-May-2020

Bygdepride was due to be held in Ørsta and Volda ...

Maspalomas Gay Pride 2020

Gran Canaria : 07-May-2020 to 17-May-2020

The Maspalomas Gay Pride festival gets bigger and ...

Long Beach Price 2020

Long Beach Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Long Beach : 16-May-2020 to 17-May-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Pride in Gloucestershire – Picnic in the Park (POSTPONED)

Cheltenham : 17-May-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Munich Fetish

Munich Fetish Weekend 2020

Munich : 28-May-2020 to 01-Jun-2020

At Whitsun 2020 the gay fetish calendar in Munich ...

Boston Pride 2020

Boston : 30-May-2020

Boston’s 49th annual Pride week ran from May...

Oban Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Oban : 30-May-2020

This event has been cancelled due to coronavirus. ...

Oxford Pride 2020

Oxford Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Oxford : 30-May-2020

This event has been postponed due to coronavirus. ...

Glendale Pride 2020

Glendale Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Glendale : 30-May-2020

Glendale Pride 2020 has been postponed due to coro...

Torremolinos Pride 2020

Torremolinos : 31-May-2020 to 07-Jun-2020

Large annual celebrations for the LGBT and friends...

Vienna Gay Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Vienna : 01-Jun-2020 to 14-Jun-2020

Austria's largest LGBT event.

Sacramento Pride 2020

Sacramento : 01-Jun-2020

Sacramento will held their Annual Pride in June 20...

Key West

Key West Pride 2020

Key West : 03-Jun-2020 to 07-Jun-2020

Celebrate Pride on the tropical island of Key West...

Sitges Pride 2019

Sitges Pride 2020

Sitges : 03-Jun-2020

Gay Pride Sitges 2019. It's guaranteed to be a bla...

Aarhus Gay Pride 2020

Aarhus Pride 2020

Aarhus : 04-Jun-2020

Gay pride festival in Aarhus.

Pride Blackpool 2020 (CANCELLED)

Blackpool : 05-Jun-2020 to 07-Jun-2020

This event has been cancelled due to coronavirus. ...


Provincetown Pride 2020

Provincetown : 05-Jun-2020 to 07-Jun-2020

In 2020 Provincetown will hold their 3rd Annual Pr...

Washington DC Pride 2020

Washington DC Pride 2020

Washington DC : 05-Jun-2020 to 14-Jun-2020

Washington DC Pride 2020 is comprised of a number ...

Zurich Pride 2020

Zurich : 06-Jun-2020

Each year, Zurich Pride attracts a large internati...

Milan Gay Pride 2020

Milano Pride 2020

Milan : 06-Jun-2020

Gay Pride week in Milan.

Bergen Pride 2020

Bergen : 06-Jun-2020

Gay pride festival in Bergen.

Los Angeles Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Los Angeles : 06-Jun-2020

Cancelled due to coronavirus. Due to the concerns ...

philly pride

Philadelphia Pride 2020

Philadelphia : 06-Jun-2020

In June, 2019 Philadelphia held their 31st Annual ...

Lille pride

Gay Pride Lille 2020

Lille : 06-Jun-2020

Gay Pride took place in Lille on 1st June in 2019 ...

Magical Pride 2020 at DisneyLand

Paris : 06-Jun-2020

Magical Pride at Disneyland offers the chance for ...


CSD Innsbruck 2020 (CANCELLED)

Innsbruk : 06-Jun-2020

CSD Innsbruck 2020 has been cancelled due to coron...

PrideFest Milwaukee 2020

PrideFest Milwaukee 2020 (POSTPONED)

Milwaukee : 06-Jun-2020

Pridefest in Milwaukee has been postponed due to c...

Captial City Pride 2020

Captial City Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Des Moines : 06-Jun-2020

This Pride event is cancelled for 2020 due to coro...

Tel Aviv Pride 2020

Tel Aviv : 07-Jun-2020 to 13-Jun-2020

Tel Aviv Pride takes place between 7- 13 June 2020...

Queens Pride

Queens Pride 2020

New York City : 07-Jun-2020

Queens Pride has been running since 1993. It typic...

Astoria Pride 2020

Astoria Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Astoria : 07-Jun-2020 to 09-Jun-2020

This Pride event is cancelled for 2020 due to coro...

Ibiza Gay Pride 2020

Ibiza : 10-Jun-2020 to 13-Jun-2020

Where else would we want to celebrate Pride than o...

Malmo Pride 2020

Malmo Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Malmo : 11-Jun-2020 to 14-Jun-2020

Malmo Pride 2020 has been cancelled due to coronav...

Roma Pride 2020

Rome : 13-Jun-2020

Rome's biggest annual LGBT celebrations.

Pride Edinburgh 2020

Edinburgh : 13-Jun-2020

Scotland’s largest LGBT event. Pride Edinbur...

York Pride 2020

York : 13-Jun-2020

Popular gay Pride event in one of England’s ...

Zagreb Gay Pride Parade 2018

Zagreb Pride 2020

Zagreb : 13-Jun-2020

The annual pride parade in the Croatian capital. Z...

Athens Pride 2020

Athens : 13-Jun-2020

Now in its 14th year. The annual Athens gay Pride ...

Sofia Pride 2020

Sofia : 13-Jun-2020

Gay pride festival in Sofia.

Bergamo Pride 2020

Bergamo : 13-Jun-2020

Another modest Pride celebration in Italy.. just a...

Brooklyn Pride 2020

New York : 13-Jun-2020

The borough of Brooklyn celebrated Pride on June 8...

Shanghai PRIDE 2020

Shanghai : 13-Jun-2020 to 20-Jun-2020

Founded in 2009, Shanghai PRIDE is the first and ...

Andalucia (Seville) Pride 2020

Seville : 14-Jun-2020

Andalucia Pride is one of the largest LGBT events ...

stadtfest berlin

Berlin Lesbian & Gay City Festival 2020

Berlin : 18-Jun-2020 to 19-Jun-2020

The Lesbian & Gay City Festival (Stadtfest) at...

Lisbon Gay Pride 2020 – Marcha do Orgulho LGBT

Lisbon : 20-Jun-2020 to 28-Jun-2020

Portugal's largest LGBT event.

Oslo Pride 2020

Oslo : 20-Jun-2020

Oslo Pride is an annual festival that brings toge...

Pride Toulouse 2020

Toulouse : 20-Jun-2020

A celebration of LGBT culture in the fittingly nam...

Torino Pride 2020

Turin : 20-Jun-2020

The annual Turin Pride festival attracts over 100,...

Pride North West 2019

Pride North West 2020

Portland : 20-Jun-2020

Best known for the annual Portland Pride Waterfron...

Cambridge Pride 2019

Cambridge Pride 2020

Cambridge : 20-Jun-2020

The first official Cambridge Pride is took place o...

St Pete Pride 2019

St Pete Pride 2020

St. Petersburg, Florida : 20-Jun-2020

One of the biggest pride marches in the USA, St Pe...

Doylestown Pride Festival

Doylestown Pride Festival 2020

Doylestown : 20-Jun-2020 to 23-Jun-2020

Doylestown welcomes the return of our Pride Festiv...

Cluj Pride 2020

Cluj Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Cluj : 20-Jun-2020

This Pride event has been cancelled due to the cor...

ENC Pride 2020

ENC Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Kinston : 20-Jun-2020

ENC (Eastern North Carolina) Pride 2020 has been c...

Thessaloniki Pride 2020

Thessaloniki : 21-Jun-2020

Gay pride festival in Thessaloniki.

Kiev Pride

KyivPride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Kyiv : 21-Jun-2020

KyivPride 2020 has been postponed due to coronavir...

Drogheda Pride 2020

Drogheda : 24-Jun-2020 to 26-Jun-2020

After the successful Drogheda Pride 2019, theyR...

Dublin Pride 2019

Dublin Pride 2020

Dublin : 25-Jun-2020

In 1974 just ten people marched for one of the fir...

Pride Barcelona 2020

Barcelona : 26-Jun-2020 to 27-Jun-2020

One of Spain’s most popular gay festivals is...

Mexico City 2019

Pride Mexico City 2020

Mexico City : 26-Jun-2020

This will be the 42nd year of Mexico City’s ...

Madrid Pride Orgullo MADO 2020 (POSTPONED)

Madrid : 27-Jun-2020

Madrid Pride 2020 has been postponed due to corona...

Pride in London 2020 (POSTPONED)

London : 27-Jun-2020

London's biggest annual LGBT event and parade.

Orgullo de Andalucía | Seville Pride 2020

Seville : 27-Jun-2020

Held in the beautiful medieval city of Seville, th...

Helsinki Pride 2020

Helsinki : 27-Jun-2020

Taking place after the popular Midsummer celebrati...

Bologna Pride 2020

Bologna : 27-Jun-2020

Annual gay Pride event in the historic capital of ...

Paris Gay Pride 2020 + Marche des Fiertés

Paris : 27-Jun-2020

The largest LGBT event in France. Each year, over ...

San Francisco Pride 2020

San Francisco : 27-Jun-2020

San Francisco Pride holds one of the oldest and la...

Chicago Pride 2020

Chicago : 27-Jun-2020

Chicago Pride Fest is a 2-day festival that leads ...

Baltimore Pride 2019

Baltimore Pride 2020

Baltimore : 27-Jun-2020

Baltimore Pride 2019 will took place from June 14t...

Harlem Pride 2019

Harlem Pride 2020

New York : 27-Jun-2020

This will be the 11th instalment of Harlem Pride. ...

Suffolk Pride 2019

Suffolk Pride 2020

Suffolk Pride : 27-Jun-2020

Suffolk Pride is a countywide event that celebrate...

Augusta Pride 2019

Augusta Pride 2020

Augusta : 27-Jun-2020

In 2019, Augusta celebrated their 10th annual Augu...

Colchester Pride 2019

Colchester Pride 2020

Colchester : 27-Jun-2020

Colchester Pride 2019 was  the third gay pride ev...

Cross Streets: McKinney St and Smith St

Houston Pride 2020

Houston : 27-Jun-2020

Houston Pride 2019 took place on June 22nd. The fr...

Mexico City 2019

Cincinnati Pride 2020

Cincinnati : 27-Jun-2020

The Cincinnati Pride 2019 parade was on June 22nd....

St. Louis 2020 Pride

St Louis : 27-Jun-2020

2019’s main parade took place on June 30th a...

Pride San Antonio 2019

Pride San Antonio 2020

San Antonio : 27-Jun-2020

Pride San Antonio 2019 happened at Crockett Park o...


Geneva Pride 2020

Geneva : 27-Jun-2020 to 05-Jul-2020

FIER·ÈRE·X·S La Geneva Pride, c’est une gran...

Washington PA Pride 2020

Washington PA : 27-Jun-2020

Washington PA Pride 2020 is the Pride event for th...

Pink Dot Singapore 2020

Pink Dot Singapore 2020 (CANCELLED)

Singapore : 27-Jun-2020

Pink Dot in Singapore has been cancelled due to co...

Baton Rouge Pride 2020

Baton Rouge Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Baton Rouge : 27-Jun-2020

The Baton Rouge Pride has been postponed due to co...

NYC Pride March 2019

NYC Pride March 2020

New York : 28-Jun-2020

2019’s pride march saw the 50th anniversary ...

Denver Pride 2019

Denver Pride 2020

Denver : 28-Jun-2020

Denver Pride 2019 took place at the Civic Center P...

Toronto Pride 2019

Toronto Pride 2020

Toronto : 28-Jun-2020

Toronto Pride has been running since 1981 and it&#...

UK Black Pride

UK Black Pride 2020

London : 28-Jun-2020

UK Black Pride 2020 is likely to take place on Sun...

EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki

EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki (CANCELLED)

Thessaloniki : 28-Jun-2020

EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki has been cancelled due...

Seattle gay Pride

Seattle Pride 2020

Seattle : 30-Jun-2020

For a long time, Seattle has been at the centre of...

Bristol Pride 2020

Bristol : 01-Jul-2020 to 14-Jul-2019

A massive free Pride festival in one of the Englan...

Baltic Pride Tallinn 2020

Baltic Pride Tallinn 2020

Tallinn : 01-Jul-2020 to 07-Jun-2020

Baltic Pride Tallinn 2020 has been cancelled due t...


Victoria Pride 2020

Victoria : 02-Jul-2020

Victoria Pride 2019 took place on July 7. Pride in...

Munich Gay Pride CSD 2020

Munich : 04-Jul-2020 to 12-Jul-2020

One of the most exciting German cities to celebrat...

Leipzig CSD Pride 2020

Leipzig : 04-Jul-2020

Leipzig's largest annual LGBT celebration.

Stuttgart CSD Pride 2020

Stuttgart : 11-Jul-2020

Stuttgart CSD (Christopher Street Day) is the larg...

Budapest Pride 2020

Budapest : 11-Jul-2020

Gay pride festival in Budapest.

Naples Pride 2020

Naples : 14-Jul-2020

One of the most popular Pride parades in Italy. Na...


Halifax Pride

Halifax : 16-Jul-2020 to 26-Jul-2020

Tens of thousands of people will take to the stree...

Stockholm Pride 2020

Stockholm : 17-Jul-2020

The largest Pride festival of it’s kind in S...

Cologne Pride CSD 2020

Cologne : 18-Jul-2020

The annual gay Pride weekend in Cologne took place...

San Diego Pride 2020

San Diego : 18-Jul-2020 to 19-Jul-2020

San Diego hosts its legendary annual gay Pride fes...

Bilbao Pride 2019

Bilbao Pride 2020

Bilbao : 18-Jul-2020

Serving Basque realness, Bilbao’s 2019 Pride...

Halifax Pride Festival 2019

Halifax Pride Festival 2020

Halifax : 18-Jul-2020

Over Pride week in Halifax there’ll be a num...

Gay Pride Frankfurt (CSD Frankfurt) 2019

Gay Pride Frankfurt (CSD Frankfurt) 2020

Frankfurt : 18-Jul-2020

2019’s Parade took place on Saturday, July 2...

Luxembourg Pride 2019

Luxembourg Pride 2020

Luxembourg : 18-Jul-2020

Luxembourg Pride 2019 took place over a week from ...

Pride Amsterdam 2020

Amsterdam : 25-Jul-2020

One of Europe’s most popular gay festivals. ...

Berlin Gay Pride CSD 2020

Berlin : 25-Jul-2020

Celebrating 50 years of Stonewall and 40th anniver...

Liverpool Gay Pride 2020

Liverpool Gay Pride 2020

Liverpool : 26-Jul-2020

A two-day festival celebrating diversity, equality...

Poznan Pride 2020

Poznan : 26-Jul-2020

Each year, Grupa Stonewall organises Poznan Pride ...

Hamburg CSD Pride 2020

Hamburg : 27-Jul-2020

Hamburg’s largest annual LGBT event. Hamburg...

Innisfil Pride 2020

Innisfil Pride 2020 (CANCELLED)

Innisfil : 27-Jul-2020 to 28-Jul-2020

Innisfil Pride 2020 has been cancelled due to coro...

Brighton & Hove Pride 2020

Brighton & Hove Pride 2020

Brighton : 01-Aug-2020

Very popular gay Pride event in the UK since 1991....

Prague Gay Pride 2020

Prague : 03-Aug-2020

Czech Republic’s largest LGBT event. In 2019...

Antwerp Gay Pride 2020

Antwerp : 05-Aug-2020 to 09-Aug-2020

Antwerp's biggest annual LGBT event.

Cartagena Gay Pride 2020

Cartagena : 07-Aug-2020

Cartagena Pride will be the biggest gay event in t...

Montréal Pride 2020

Montréal : 07-Aug-2020

Founded in 2007, Montréal Pride is now the larges...

Reykjavik Pride 2020

Reykjavik : 08-Aug-2020

The most popular LGBT celebrations in the Icelandi...

Copenhagen Pride 2020

Copenhagen : 09-Aug-2020

Denmark's largest gay celebrations.

CSD Ingolstadt 2020 (CANCELLED)

Ingolstadt : 12-Aug-2020 to 12-Sep-2020

CSD Ingolstadt 2020 has been postponed. A new date...

Glasgow Pride 2020

Glasgow : 16-Aug-2020

Pride Glasgow (SCIO) is largest event of its kind ...

OUTfest 2020

OUTfest 2020

Lafayette : 18-Aug-2020

OUTfest is Lafayette’s annual pride festival...

Manchester Pride 2020

Manchester : 23-Aug-2020

Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend had Ariana Gr...

Winter Pride 2020 – Official Event (CANCELLED)

Queenstown : 28-Aug-2020 to 06-Sep-2020

Winter Pride 2020 has been cancelled due to corona...

The Belgian Pride | Brussels 2020

Brussels : 29-Aug-2020

Each year, 100,000+ of LGBT friends and allies com...

Bainbridge Pride 2020

Bainbridge Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Bainbridge : 29-Aug-2020

The Bainbridge Pride Event has been postponed due ...

Benidorm Pride 2020

Benidorm : 31-Aug-2020 to 06-Sep-2020

‘Fun, friendly and flirty’ LGBT celebr...

CSD Cottbus

CSD Cottbus

Cottbus : 31-Aug-2020 to 09-Sep-2020

CSD Cottbus has successfully been postponed to a l...

Birmingham Pride 2020 (POSTPONED)

Birmingham : 05-Sep-2020 to 06-Sep-2020

Birmingham Pride 2020 has been postponed until Sep...


Basildon Pride 2020

Basildon : 05-Sep-2020

Founded in 2018, Basildon Pride celebrates diversi...

Boise Pride 2020

Boise Pride Fest 2020 (POSTPONED)

Boise : 11-Sep-2020 to 12-Sep-2020

This Pride Event has been postponed due to coronav...

Malta Pride 2020

Malta : 12-Sep-2020

Large LGBT Pride celebrations in the heart of the ...

Belgrade Pride 2020

Belgrade : 13-Sep-2020

A weeklong programme of events in the Serbian capi...

Rotterdam Pride 2020

Rotterdam : 18-Sep-2020 to 27-Sep-2020

Possibly Europe’s latest-running festival of...

Santiago Gay Pride

Santiago Gay Pride 2020

Santiago : 23-Oct-2020

The 2020 dates for Santiago Gay Pride are yet to b...

Taiwan LGBT Pride 2020

Taipei : 31-Oct-2020

The biggest gay Pride event in Asia.

Triangle Inn Palm

Palm Springs Pride 2020

Palm Springs : 08-Nov-2020 to 09-Nov-2020

Palm Springs Pride is one of the latest Pride even...

Sao Paulo Pride 2019

Sao Paulo Pride 2020 (POSPONED)

Sao Paulo : 22-Nov-2020

Sao Paulo Pride has been postponed due to coronavi...


ImaanFest – Muslim Pride (POSTPONED)

London : 12-Dec-2020

This event has been rescheduled due to coronavirus...

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Gay Pride Calendar 2020