Gay Koh Samet · Island Guide

Gay Koh Samet · Island Guide

Planning a trip to Koh Samet? Then our gay Koh Samet island guide is for you.

Ao Kiew, Koh Samet


Koh Samet เกาะเสม็ด

The tranquil tropical island of Koh Samet (or often spelled “Ko Samed”) has beautifully soft sandy beaches and is surrounded by clear warm water.

Koh Samet has become popular with gay travelers looking for something a bit different to the more developed resorts of Phuket and Pattaya. Nothing except the odd radio mast rises above the tree line and the main roads are just bumpy tracks.

The island is 3 hours’ drive from Bangkok by car (plus a 15-minute speed boat crossing), making it easier and cheaper to reach than destinations that require an internal flight.

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Most beaches on Samet are on the east side of the island.  The beaches hide in small bays (“Ao” in Thai language) and stretch about 200 metres.

From the north, popular beaches include Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Phai, Ao Tubtim, Ao Wongduen, Ao Wai, Ao Kiew Na Nok, Ao Pakarang and Ao Prao.

  • Hat Sai Kaew (Crystal Sand Beach) is the busiest beach on Koh Samet. The beach is about 1 km long and is filled with resorts, restaurants and shops. This is where you can enjoy all kinds of activities such as swimming, jet skiing and riding on a ‘banana boat’. At nighttime, the party scene takes over, with many places to eat, drink and party.  One of the most popular tourist attractions on Koh Samet is the fire shows. Stay at this beach if you like to be close to all the action and don’t mind the crowd.
  • Ao Phai (pronounced “pai”) is a small bay with a few good restaurants and some good-quality mid-range hotels.  It is also home to the gay-popular Silver Sand bar/disco.
  • Ao Tubtim is adjacent to Ao Phai and is regarded as the ‘gay beach’ of Samet.
  • Ao Nuan is a small, quiet bay with simple bungalows.
  • Ao Wong Duean (or “Ao Vong Duen”) is the second largest beach on the island. The sand is very fine and white, and the bay is in the shape of an almost complete circle (“Wong Duean” means “moon circle”).  There are some good resorts and seafood restaurants with nice views.
  • Ao Wai is a quiet and scenic beach located a short walk from Ao Wong Duean.
  • Ao Kiew Na Nok (or simply “Ao Kiew”) is a more secluded beach towards the end of the island, away from the noise and nightlife.  This bay is an ideal spot to watch the sunrise and is also home to the luxury Paradee Resort.
  • Ao Pakarang is located next to Ao Kiew.  It is a great place to enjoy seafood restaurants and experience the lifestyle of the locals.
  • Ao Prao (or “Ao Phrao”) is the only beach on the west side of Koh Samet.  The area is quite far from all the restaurants and nightlife, but it is peaceful and private. There are only three resorts on Ao Prao – Le Vimarn Cottages, Lima Coco Resort and Ao Prao Resort.



Gay Scene

You will find gay sunbathers on every beach, although Ao Tubtim has attracted a large gay crowd in recent years and is considered by many as the ‘unofficial gay beach’ of the island.

During the day, most people tend to stay at their resort’s own beach as they usually provide sun loungers, shades and an ‘at seat’ food and drink service. At night, many head for Silver Sand Hotel that has an open-air dance club/bar that can get very crowded on Friday and Saturday nights.

Occasional gay circuit beach parties take place on long weekends when there are National holidays.


Getting to Koh Samet


The cheapest way is to take the bus from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) to Ban Phe pier which usually takes three and a half hours.

There are also minivans that leave from Victory Monument in Bangkok. They charge about 250 baht per person and bring you directly to the piers. This is a slightly nicer alternative to the larger tourist buses but they also make several stops along the way.

By private ‘limousine’

The easiest and safest way is to book a private transfer from the airport or your hotel to the Ban Phe pier. The price is normally around 2,500-3,500 baht each way depending on the type of car. This type of transport could also be arranged by your hotel concierge.

By taxi

Some metered taxi in Bangkok might agree to drive you to Ban Phe pier. They will likely to ask for a flat-rate fare which should be around 1,500 – 2,000 baht. However, taxis are not recommended as they usually don’t have seat belts.

By car

Unless you can carpool with local friends, you can rent a car in Bangkok and drive to Ban Phe. Leave your car at a designated car parking and pick it up on the way back from the island.

Your hotel on Koh Samet will be able to advise you about the various speedboat transfers from the pier to the island.  Some resorts offer free transfers at scheduled times, otherwise a private speedboat will cost around 2,000 baht.

Scheduled but slower ferry boat transfer takes around 25 minutes and costs around 100 baht per person.


Getting around Koh Samet

The island has only a single main road. It used to be nothing more than a dirty track, but in 2016 it was dramatically improved and is now of a very good standard.

The only way to get around is by a ‘songthaew’ (a pickup truck with two benches in the back and no roof), which costs 200 baht for a private trip, or 20-60 baht per person for a full load, depending on which beach you are going to.

Unlike a few decades ago, Samet island has become quite developed. Even if you go there unprepared, you can pretty much find whatever you need – ATM’s, convenient stores like 7Eleven, pharmacies or internet cafés.

Most of these are located near the main pier on Hat Sai Kaew Beach.



Where to Stay on Koh Samet

If you’re looking for a high-end accommodation and if the price isn’t an issue, then we recommend Paradee Resort. Otherwise, pick a hotel that has at least a 3-star rating. For a quieter and more secluded beach, choose a hotel on Ao Prao.

But if you prefer to be close to all the action, then stay at one of the resorts on Ao Phai or Ao Tubtim which are frequented by gay visitors.

For a list of recommended hotels on Koh Samet and to make a reservation, visit our Gay Koh Samet Hotels page.


When to Visit

Visitors go to Koh Samet all year round, with peak months from November to April. Low period starts from May until September which is the rainy season; but even then, the island has much less rain than other islands in Thailand.

Tourists should, however, be careful of occasional storms.

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