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Lesbos Lesbian Bars & Clubs

The Island of Lesbos is a historic lesbian sight. The ancient lesbian Greek poet Sappho was from here and has caused the Grecian Island to be a hot spot for lesbian bars, events and festivals.

Flamingo Beach Bar
Flamingo Beach Bar

Unnamed Road, Skala Eresou

+30 2253 052392
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Flamingo Beach Bar

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Open from early May through to October, Flamingo Beach Bar is a kitschy lesbian bar on Skala Eresou, a village on the island of Eressos. Eressos is known as the island of Lesvos (Lesbians), as it is the birthplace of quintessential lesbian poet, the ancient Grecian Sapphos.

Flamingo Beach Bar is a fun day and night time spot to enjoy the iconic lesbian island.

Opening and closing hours vary.

features: lesbian bar, brunch, drinks | Updated: 11-Jul-2019

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Lesbos Lesbian Bars & Clubs