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Gay Group Trip: Discover Japan

Japan is one of the ultimate bucket list destinations. Its culture is highly distinctive and at times baffling: you can buy live crabs from vending machines as well as green kit kats.

On this gay group trip you’ll discover the ultra-modern capital of Tokyo, take a bullet train to Kyoto and explore the temples of¬†Mount Koya. Deeply traditionalist yet at the cutting edge of technology, Japan contains many fascinating contradictions.

Group Trip Breakdown


Day 1: Tokyo

You’ll be transferred to your hotel in central Tokyo. In the evening we’ll have cocktails and a welcome meal.


Day 2: Tokyo

Our Tokyo tour begins at the Imperial Palace and then head to old town,¬†Asakusa. We’ll also visit Tokyo’s oldest temple,¬†Sensoji. At the¬†Meiji Shrine it’s possible to commune with the deified spirit of the¬†Meiji – he began Japan’s rapid industrial revolution.


Day 3: Tokyo

We’ll visit the suburb of¬†Yanaka and see a glimpse of old-world Japan.¬†Yanaka wasn’t subjected to the fierce Allied bombings and it retains its nostalgic aura.

At the¬†Shitamachi Museum, we’ll explore more of Japan’s history. Our guide will also show us around Ueno Park – a major temple once stood there in the Edo period. We’ll then move onto the¬†Ueno‚Äôs Ameyoko-cho¬†market street.


Day 4: Kyoto

We’ll take the famous bullet train to¬†Japan’s former capital, Kyoto. In the afternoon you can try your hand at Japan’s fine arts, Calligraphy, Flower Arrangement or Origami.

In the evening we’ll explore the nightlife in the Geisha District.


Day 5: Kyoto

We’ll visit the¬†Golden Pavilion, the former retirement¬†home of the Shogun, now used as a Buddhist temple.

At¬†Nijo Castle we’ll see the Kyoto residence of the founder of the Edo Shogunate. In the evening we’ll explore Nishiki Market, the food district.


Day 6: Kyoto

In the Arashiyama district, we’ll explore an area that’s been popular since¬†the Heian Period (794-1185). We’ll visit the former home of¬†film star Okochi Denjiro and drink¬†matcha green. We’ll also visit¬†the¬†Tenryuji temple, founded in 1339 – it’s the largest in¬†Arashiyama.

In the afternoon we’ll visit the¬†Fushimi Inari Shrine, a setting in Memoirs of a Geisha.


Day 7: Kyoto

Enjoy a day at leisure and explore the city at your own pace.


Day 8: Koya-san

Today we’ll head to Wakayama Prefecture and visit the holy site of¬†Koya-san. This is the heart of Shingon Buddhism, a form of the religion that was introduced to the area in 805 by Kobo Daishi.

We’ll spend the night at¬†a temple lodging,¬†shukubo. In the evening we’ll eat¬†shojin ryori, a classic Buddhist meal.


Day 9: Osaka

In the morning we’ll hear monks chanting. After a classic¬†shojin ryori breakfast, we’ll walk around Koya-san and then take a coach to Osaka, Japan’s third largest city.

Known as Japan’s kitchen, we’ll explore¬†Dotonbori, the food district. If you’re feeling daring you could dine on poisonous puffer fish: fugu.


Day 10: Departure

Today you’ll be transferred to the airport for your return flight.


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Gay Group Trip: Discover Japan

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