Gay Group Trip: Sailing Italy & The Amalfi Coast

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About this Trip

Join an all-gay sailing trip around Italy on board the Star Clipper. You’ll be travelling in style, beginning in Rome and then venturing to many of Italy’s most charming towns and islands. You’ll sail along the fabled Amalfi Coast and visit the Aeolian Islands. Discover hidden harbours and caves. Enjoy Aperol Spritz in Sorrento overlooking Mt Vesuvius, and, to spice things up a bit, sail past the active volcano of Stromboli. This is the best way to see the best of Italy on one trip.

Group Trip Breakdown

Rome · Gay Bars

Day 1: Rome

Our Italy adventure begins in Rome, the Eternal City. There’s so much to see in Rome it’s hard to know where to begin. Be sure to explore the Vatican, with its Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. See the remains of Ancient Rome at the Colosseum, Forum, Circus Maximum.

Departure: 7:00pm

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Italy & The Amalfi Coast

Day 2: Gaeta

Gaeta is a charming town between Rome and Naples. It’s by the sea so it’s popular for weekend getaways, especially from Rome. Gaeta boasts one of the best beaches near Rome.

Arrival: 12:00pm / Departure: 7:00pm

Naples Capri Amalfi Coast Gay Group Trip

Day 3: Sorrento

Sorrento is tiny and beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a very popular tourist destination. Be sure tohave an Aperol Spritz while you’re gazing over Mt Vesuvius. You can also take a day trip from Sorrento to Pompeii.

Arrival: 9:00am / Departure: 11:59pm

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Italy & The Amalfi Coast

Day 4: Agropoli

Agropoli is in the province of Salerno in Campania. Explore the Port of Agropoli, enjoy the stunning beaches, and take a stroll along the along the Agropoli coast. The beaches of Trentova Baycontribute are not to be missed – both are accredited World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Arrival: 8:00am / Departure: 2:00pm

Gay Group Trip: Sailing Italy & The Amalfi Coast

Day 5: Lipari

Today we’ll move onto the Aeolian Islands. Lipari is a village with a lot of mythological significance. You’ll find a Norman cathedral to explore, a citadel and castle, and quaint Italian restaurants. This is a beautiful place for island hopping.

Arrival: 8:00am / Departure: 7:00pm


Day 6: Sail to Stromboli

Time to visit an active volcano – how very exciting. Stromboli looms ominously over the islands. It’s known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.” Thankfully, the eruptions tend to be quite minor!

Arrival: 10:30pm / Departure: 11:30pm

Naples Capri Amalfi Coast Gay Group Trip

Day 7: Amalfi

Today we’ll arrive in the town of Amalfi itself. It’s one of the most charming towns in Italy. Located at the foot of Mount Cerreto, Amalfi boasts arguably the best views in Europe. It’s been a hugely popular luxury destination for many years.

Arrival: 3:00pm / Departure: 11:00pm


Day 8: Ponza

The island of Ponza is said to be the home of Circe, the mythical minx who charmed Ulysses. It’s a volcanic island that rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea. You can visit sea caves the Romans used for bathing, and check out the village of Ponza itself. Beyoncé has vacationed in Ponza so it must be good!

Arrival: 10:00am / Departure: 3:00pm


Day 9: Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia is a charming coastal town dating back to the 2nd century. Despite its long history, it’s modern and functions as Rome’s main port. Explore historical sites like Fort Michelangelo or the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi. Civitavecchia is a short drive away from Rome, where you’ll be transferred on the last day of our epic sailing trip around Italy.

Arrival: 8:00am

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