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Sitges Gay Dance Clubs & Parties

The Sitges clubbing scene is not as large as Barcelona, but all the gay nightclubs get very crowded in the summer, especially during Sitges Pride.

Generally, the nightclubs tend to get busy from around 2am-3am, as the bars start to wind down.

The Organic Dance Club
The Organic Dance Club

Carrer Bonaire 12, Sitges | map

website |

weekday: 02:30 - 06:00

weekend: 02:30 - 06:00

The Organic Dance Club

audience rating: 3.4 stars from 15 votes - click to vote

TOMORROW Singles Night

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One of the longest-running gay (late night) dance clubs in Spain. The Organic Dance Club (formerly known as ‘Trailer’) is a bit of a Sitges gay institution.

The club gets busy after the bars close around 3am. There are occasional foam parties, usually held on a Wednesday or Sunday night.

Note: don’t wear your best clothes to the foam party and take a plastic bag to protect your wallet and mobile phone.

features: bar, music, dancing | Updated: 20-Aug-2018

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Privilege Dance Bar
Privilege Dance Bar

Carrer Bonaire 24, Sitges | map

+34 938 94 13 50 |

weekday: 22:00 - 02:30

weekend: 22:00 - 02:30

Privilege Dance Bar

audience rating: 4 stars from 1 votes - click to vote

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Popular stylish gay dance bar that attracts a young, trendy crowd who like the lighter sounds of retro disco mixed with Ibiza-styled dance tracks.

Privilege has 3 bars and a relatively large dance floor (for Sitges) that get busy from midnight. Open every night in the summer. Located just down the street from Queenz.

features: bar, music, dancing, gogo show | Updated: 20-Aug-2018

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