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Dr Bear R3

322/353 Rachadapisek Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400  map 

Exclusive: 20% Discount Off In-House Services

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Located behind Fortune Town mall. Dr Bear R3 was established in 2015 by Stephane, a French Taoist master who has developed a new massage technique called “Ob-Oon” (meaning “warm” in Thai) which focuses on relaxation and uninhibited manipulation of different parts of the body. No towel, just you and the therapist in the most soothing situation.

Services include classic Thai, foot, neck & shoulder massage, body scrub & oil massage, advanced Deep Tissue, Ob-oon, Thai Ob-oon, Organ 1 Massage for digestive system, and Organ 2 Massage for reproductive system.

Affordable rates – 200 baht for 60-min Thai Massage). You can create your own package (15 min – 3 hour), choose from various aroma oils and massage strengths. Upbeat music in the background.

Dr Bear R3 has only male masseurs and isn’t a host bar where your masseurs show up in their undies. Out-call service available; the owner Stephane can be booked by appointment.

nearest station : MRT: Phra Ram 9


massage, spa

Updated: 04-Mar-2020

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  1. G Gillian
    I love dr.Bear

    “The best massage I ever had in my life! Dr. Bear himself is something else in this world and everything I have ever dreamt about. He understands your body and works to your individual needs! WOW!“

  2. T Tim
    It all depends on who you get

    “Me and my bf went there 2 nights in a roll as our first night's experience was wonderful, however, our second night experience was in the opposite, massage was only ok but service was not good.

    Our first night, I have Roj as my masseur, and my bf have Non giving him the massage. I can't tell for my bf's experience, but from what he told me, he had a wonderful time where Non has given him a nice relaxing massage too. My experience with Roj was totally unexpected, he has strong hands yet very skilful touch, the right amount of strengths but at the same time very sensual. The massage went for the full 90 mins as booked. Same for my bf where he came out at a similar time.

    After the first night's great experience, we went back expecting the same great experience. This time round, it was Noi and Jo greeting me and my bf. We we're trying to have Roj and Non, but unfortunately they seems to be on different shifts. Anyway, the experience was not good. My bf complained that his massage went too hard when he requested "medium" strength, while mine was not hard enough when I ordered for "strong". I saw some comments where guests were greeted with a cold face, this is what we get on the second night (our first night with Non was great and felt welcomed). Pen were thrown on the table and massage type not explained to us and just let us choose ourselves. My experience with Noi was only so so, his touching while ok, just went too fast pace, the rythum should be slower when it supposed to be a sensual massage. It just feels like he is rushing somehow. The most disappointng fact is we have only had 60 mins (less than that as we counted the time we step in and had shower before massage begins). We came out exactly in 60 mins while we booked 90 mins just like the night before with same combination (Obon + Organ 2). Organ 2 supposed to include prostate massage, but Noi did not do anything about it.

    So far, it really is a mixed experience. We will only go back if we can be sure who is giving the massage.“

    • S Steohane

      “I had a meeting with my staff about this unfortunate event.
      Their answers was quite different from what you wrote, as you weren’t please since the beginning to no time be able to have Roj and Non.
      However, I deeply apologize for what happened and please send me your email by sms on our number and I will send you a gift voucher for your next visit.
      I will STRONGLY advise you to make booking to not be disappointed for your next visit.
      I strongly lecture my staff and hopefully this little incident won’t reproduce.

      Thank you for your comment it make us stronger
      Dr. Bear.“

      • T Tim
        Thank you for your reply

        “Dr Bear,

        Thank you for your reply, I have sent an email to the gmail box from your Facebook page.


  3. L Louis
    Professional and skilled

    “Never had a massage like this before in my entire life !
    Synchronized and beautiful experience“

  4. S Steve
    Erotic not sensual

    “Booked Dr Bear for a session. Opted for 2 h oboon massage as it was saying "sensual". I will say the massage was so hot I was stimulated for the 2 hours!
    Amazing technique! We need more of these massage compared to the boring bad massage. This is exactly what I had in mind about a nice massage.“

  5. a alex
    nice erotic massage

    “After reading the reviews here on travelgayasia, I told myself I must give it a try. And yet I must say this is the best massage I have had for this Bangkok trip! The masseur is not very good-looking, not he had magic hands that give out a very erotic massage, very sensual and relaxing, different from the normal oil massage I have had before in other part of Bangkok. Well done.
    The only setback I must say is the room condition, only separated by curtains, and without air conditioner - could get quite hot if you come in the afternoon.“

  6. J John
    3 times 5 stars in a row, i had to try!

    “Yes, it is 5 stars massage! Place is not what i expected, small, with thick curtains, modern music. felt like in a kind of sauna. the staff was amazing, Noi and Non gave me massage and they are both super skilled! price are great with discount and massage timing is on the clock to the minute!
    Will be back again for sure.“

  7. C Chromozome X
    very impressed

    “I have been here many times. Ob oon and organ2 is a relaxing massage. I am fascinated by his massage techniques. "Non" is the person I choose every time. And he looks like a warm man And dashing“

  8. M Max
    very impressed

    “I have been here many times. Ob oon and organ2 is a relaxing massage. I am fascinated by his massage techniques. "Non" is the person I choose every time. And he looks like a warm man And dashing“

  9. C Chromozome X
    The staff are warm and friendly. Professional massage I like the strength of Non.

    “The staff are warm and friendly. Professional massage I like the strength of Non.“

  10. C Chien
    A must try!

    “Had fantastic massages by Noi and. Non. Really amazing Oboon and so soft. So slow. So relaxing.
    I will go back next time I go Bangkok again.“

  11. W Wesley
    Best massage ever

    “Booked a session with Noi few days ago and the experience was truely impressive! Went for 90 min Ob-Oon massage and it was delivered at its optimum level with strong strokes as per indicated by me in the form presented to me prior to the session. Compared to other massage center which even specify the minimum tips, the skillful masseurs at Dr bear definitely deserved more considering their sincerity and excellent skills. I left fully satisfied and will certainly come back if I visit Bangkok next time!“

  12. T Tim

    “I had a good massage here some months ago, and since I was going to be nearby, thought I'd pay a return visit. Mistake. The first indication was the two employees in the shop, who couldn't be bothered to say hello or even fake a smile when I arrived.
    The guy who turned out to be my masseur handed me a form (without explaining it) which, among other things, asked if I wanted any special attention paid to any limbs, muscles, etc. I indicated with a big red X that I wanted shoulder attention. Pointless, as the masseur ignored that wish. The massage itself (oil) was fine, but then it's hard to mess up a basic oil massage. I paid for one hour, but was pointed toward the shower at the 50 minute mark. (By my calculations, the shop owes me 104 baht, not that I would ever go back to claim it.) When I came up front to pay, there was a cup of tea on the table, for me I guess, though the masseur couldn't be bothered to indicate this - he and his colleague were buried in their phones. Perhaps I arrived during their nap time?“

    • S Stephane
      Dear Tim

      “I am sadden to hear your misfortune, as i asked my staff to be "quiet" with the customers. But it looks like they overdoing it. Sorry, ill have a staff meeting tomorrow.
      Thanks again to share“

  13. R Roger
    Professional and gay friendly feeling

    “I have been to both branches and they are totally different the one in sukhumvit feels like boutique when this in feels like a trendy hostel. Curtains vs private rooms, concrete vs wood relaxing lounge tunes vs techno theme relaxing tunes
    Services are great. The master is out of this world using his whole body this is something i will rmember in my older years
    Thank you Dr Bear you made my holidays my best trip so far!“

  14. P Peter
    Great Dr Bear

    “Had an amazing time at this place ! Since I was there 3 weeks I went there 3 times my hotel was just in front at fortune mall so super convenient
    I tried other place at fortune and it ended up with a painful non relaxing massage.
    I had try the 3 staffs they had and they are all different in their touches the softest being Noi followed by Roj then to my favorite Non with firm hands and very manly“

  15. A Albert

    “Great massage. The place is quite unusual, thick curtain, shower at the back.. feel a bit like a sauna where people are walking with (or without as I saw this hunk showing his awesome body!!!!) towel. Clean and modern. Music is surprising between spa and lounge bar (great no Chinese violins). Prices are really good spent 1440 for 2 hours. Went there twice Noi and Non are amaaaaazing!“

  16. c chris
    most relaxing massage

    “This has to be the best and most relaxing massage I ever had. After the first massage, I felt so good that I immediately made another appointment for the last day of my trip before my flight. I also made a last minute decision to pop by again on my second to last day as I was at Ratchada market (which is about 10min walk away) and in need of a massage after a long day out. I was attended to by the same person for all three sessions which was great as he was also my first choice.

    The only problem I encountered was I actually made an appointment through facebook prior to my first trip and had received a confirmation. However, upon arriving at my appointment time, somehow my appointment was not recorded and no one was available at that time. Though quite disappointed, the person attending to me was helpful (and cute too!) and even suggested to call a colleague from another branch to come over. But not wanting to trouble him, I decided to reschedule my appointment to a later timing on that day. I was glad I did that.

    I so miss the massage time now that I wish I could fly back to bangkok right now!! that's how good the massage is. will definitely pop by this place the next time I am back in Bangkok..“

  17. M Miguel
    Best Massage

    “Noi is the BEST! I was a little hesitant to try Noi because my first experience was with Stefane but I was not dismayed at all. Noi is really GREAT in everything he do! I will surely book him everytime I visit. I can get a massage from him every day, that’s how good he is. Very nice, friendly, and very skilled. “

  18. D Deeny

    “Because I had read rave reviews about this so I might as well give it a try. I was not disappointed at all. One of the best massage experiences I have had. On the sheet I marked my legs and feet as the focus points and it felt really good. non was the one who attended me.“

  19. S Sergei
    "La Technique"

    “Dr. Bear treated me 3 times in our Bangkok time. I have to say, this guys really knows his job and the massage was a blast each time. His technique is quite amazing and ultra professional. My boyfriend really enjoyed his masseur as well. Dr Bear n#1!“

  20. P PAUL
    Valentines Day treat 2018

    “NON just gave the most professional and qualified Massage that I have had in my worldwide travels..thanks and congratulations to him.

    My boyfriend however was left somewhat subdued following Stephane's session and his hasty retreat and abrupt exit from the shop left me rather bemused.. Your tip for services rendered was left at the reception as my choice of spas was based on a comfort.

    With my voucher for two people for 90 minute Oboon and Organ 2 I spent 7000 baht plus I tipped both guys.. First music played was like being in a jazz bar..not at all relaxing and I asked for it to be changed.. also the open curtain rooms are too near to reception giving too much noise when your just in the middle of full relax.. generally and 8 out of 10..NON..a full 10“

    • s stephane
      dear Paul

      “I left the shop because I have been really offended by giving the best of my skill to your boyfriend trying to be as smooth as possible. It is obvious your boyfriend was really upset about you interrupting the massage while you came in the room just to have a peak. I found this intrusion very unappropriated and messing with the routine of the massage.

      As for the music, I do not want spa music, but instead bosa novas, jazzy tunues for the afternoon and some lounge track. I have to interrupt my massage twice to change the music I usually don't. This is our concept.

      As for the tip I really appreciate your gesture but we are not working for tip at Dr. Bear, we want to provide the best massage in a different setting than others.

      To finish with 3 hours massage as for a first experience was a bit too much for your boyfriend. But thank you to have come to my shop and if you enjoy Non massages you should know that all his techniques coming from my training. good day“

  21. L LuckyGuy
    Great night with the Master

    “I booked my appointment before I arrived in Bangkok thru Facebook and Line. I believe I was the last customer that night and had a quick smoke outside before I start the session. I didn’t know what to expect so the feeling of excitement and relaxation was actually just running around my body and soul. But when Stephane started scrubbing my body, I knew that I was in good hands. I won’t go into details anymore but I must say I felt like a lucky winner that night such a great way to send the therapy.“

  22. P Patrick
    Meilleur massage que j'ai eu jusqu'à présent

    “Moi qui déteste les massages car ça me stresse, ça me fait mal, alors en Thaïlande avec le fameux massage thaï, n'en parlons pas. Après un massage douloureux à la nuque dans un des centres de massage de Silom, j'ai décidé pour le dernier jour de sortir de Silom pour aller dans ce centre après avoir lu quelques messages positifs. J'ai longtemps hésité car le centre s'appelle Dr Bear. Avec ce nom, je m'attendais à avoir des masseurs poilus... Il n'en est rien. En plus d'avoir un masseur très agréable à regarder, sur la base d'une séance "organ2" de 90 minutes, j'ai eu le meilleur massage de toute ma vie. Des pieds aux jambes, le massage fut divin. Ça m'a déstressé et détendu toutes les parties du corps après près d'un mois de marche et de transport. Super si je l'avais su j'aurai dû prendre deux heures car j'ai particulièrement aimé. Un petit reproche le masseur n'a pas autant insisté sur les bras que per les jambes mais peut-être aurais-je dû l'indiquer sur la feuille au moment du choix. Accueil neutre. Ni accueillant avec le sourire ni froid non plus. Quelques explications auraient été le bienvenue.“

  23. B Billy
    Grateful and will visit again

    “This is my very first time to go for gay massage but I need to say that it’s not a typical gay massage which people expect sexual things more than a decent massage. Yes, because it was my first experience, I did a lot of survey, reading reviews and I decided to go with Dr Bear which I feel comfortable with.

    First, they don’t have hidden charges and never ask for minimum tips. I don’t like to feel like I’m being conned despite the charges shall pay.

    Also I hate that stressful feeling for instance, I worry to be treated rudely if I don’t give tips or when they think my tips is under their expectation.

    For Dr Bear, they are very helpful. Indeed I felt like I was troubling them. I didn’t have much cash left with me so I requested to use credit card. So they have to get the credit card machine from Sukhumvit 31 branch to Ratchada 3 outlet.

    I followed one of the review here to get there without hassle. Follow the shortcut way:

    - Exit from Phra Ram 9 MRT to Fortune Town Mall, where it will be on your right.
    - Turn right and the mall is on your left now, walk straight until u see the car park “exit” sign, turn left into it, walk till the end and turn right.
    - U will get to the alley behind the mall. Follow the path and you will come to the first junction, turn left.
    - Walk straight and turn right into Ratchada Soi 3.
    - By now u will see R3 Sauna(black painted building with rainbow paint) on your left. Walk further and you will see Dr Bear, same row as R3 sauna.

    Noi attended to me. He might not be able to command very well in English but he is definitely friendly (and he is cute). I was quite nervous and embarrass, but he managed to calm me down with a nice comfortable massage.

    I chose Oboon 90mins and Organ2 30mins as per recommended. Thanks to 20% promo voucher with travelgayasia, I only paid THB1500.

    Just a little suggestion to locate the speakers so that we can enjoy the relaxing music better even in the private room.

    Thanks again for the good service, nice massage and friendly staffs. I will definitely visit again!“

    • I IAN
      No promotion coupon

      “I would like to try it. BUT the website collected your information and I never received the 20% coupon.
      The spa should just honor the client to show their ad on the website. It will make it easier.“

      • T TGA Staff
        Please check

        “Hi Ian. We checked our system and see it sent you an e-coupon at 05:06:02 GMT on the 29th. Please check you junk mail / deleted mail folders. Feel free to try downloading again.“

  24. M Mark
    Absolutely fabulous

    “Visited here about two weeks ago. Scheduled this for the same day I arrived, as I thought I would need it after 20 hours of travel from Chicago. Easy to find: right behind Fortune Town shopping center. Had a body scrub, ob-oon, and the organ 2. Tok was great! The 2.5 hour experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. The facility was clean, warm, and private.

    The only glitch that I can think of is that the sandals given to use between the massage area and the shower were way too small for a big American: my slick feet kept slipping off the sides of the sandals and the plastic thong that fits between the toes was a bit painful because my toes were squeezed together so tightly.

    But that was nothing compared to the great experience and the value. My only regret is that I didn't revisit on the day of my departure! If I return to Bangkok I will be certain to enjoy this wonderful service again.“

  25. E Edouard

    “I was wowed! Just got off Hero massage in Sukhumvit in the advise of a friend and honestly completely hated it! No massage skills. So I looked myself on this website and found out this double 5 stars Winner. I thought to myself this should be a good path to follow and then clicked on the Facebook link. Got to have a chat with Noi then he told me If i want to book then I could choose the masseur myself.
    I really liked Non and went along. Simply amazing. Hardly had a massage that good before. I wanted something relaxing like someone want to touch me because he wants to touch my body no just to get the job done. This Oboon massage is really something!

    Went again with the boss this time, different price but OMG !!! Best massage ever in my whole life! Every square inch of my body was covered without inhibition and solicitation, just plain and natural stroke, mature and extremely precise, stephane knows the job. He told me to do some stretching and the way to do it. I did it and it works!!! I think for 80 Singapore dollars/ 2 hours I never been treated that good.

    Please go experience and go for sauna at R3 afterwards just to finish to sooth down with the steam room and baths.“

  26. T Take

    “I went every week . I have pain in right shoulder , Mr.ROJ take much time to improve pain in shoulder. He use full time to massage never short time.I like his massage and his behavior to customer.“

  27. J Jason
    What a treat!

    “Booked a massage thru travelgayasia link with facebook. So easy! Took Nong as he looked very manly. It was a real nice experience. Clean and rooms look nice. Quite cheap no tip required although I gave him 300 baht.
    Vividly recommend!“

  28. B Brian

    “Truly gay feeling. Non inhibited feeling with the thick white curtains. Very different from where I have been previous. This is more a regular massage shop with a plus, not a go-go type kinda wanna the juice outta ya, straight up! Really feels comfy in there, just wish they were more talkative, but discretion is quite respectable too, I have to admit.

    I saw an extra room at the back isolated from the 4 (for the shy ones maybe??).

    I loved the way you can select your massage with the different strengths and there is even a recto/verso human figure you can point where you want more "attention" (as they said :))

    I had the treatment I was longing for a while but never encounter what I did encounter there! OMG! Stephane went from all his arm attribute wherever it was is hands, fingers, palms, elbows... the whole length of his arm running up slowly was one of the best highlight of the show!

    As for the rest... perffffect! it was more a body body massage to me, I won't complain!

    Prices are great (I expected a foreigner to be a lot more expensive..), their basic massage are the cheapest I had found so far ex: 1 hour Thai massage 200 b and 2 hours for360! Dr. Bear himself (Stephane) has his own price list named Dr. Bear Pro. Could put 6 stars if I could in terms of services.“

  29. J John

    “Well my friend ask me to join him for a massage after sauna. I said yes why not.

    We booked on thru Facebook, choosing the therapist from their cover picture, I choose Pong and my friend Roj (he likes big guys). Pong was much younger than the pic showed I was afraid he won't have any skill, like those quick HJ guys looking for quick tip in so many places.... Well, he wasn't. In fact he was so good I completely forgot about the tip and have to run back and see huge smile on his face. He wasn't expecting that! Appreciate it. The place is ok, like the design, the curtain concept, make you think about what is happening in the other room ( I think I heard my neighbor having a release!)
    I loved the massage really slow put you right iron bed mood and afterward you sleep like a baby! Best lullaby“

  30. P Pete
    A nite with Dr Bear!!

    “Visited Dr Bear late on Wednesday night - they let me in even though it already passed the closing time. I chose the one and a half hour oil massage - many interesting treatments to choose from. The facility is fairly clean and pleasant. My therapist is gentle and delivers proper service. The price is reasonable as well. In short, Dr Bear Massage is a great place for massage. Do give Dr Bear a try!!“

    • P Patpong
      great little place !

      “Went there on 26th July. Small shop. Few staff but we'll trained. My masseur was Pong - very delicate and polite. I will be back for sure.“

  31. A Armand
    Amazing little place

    “Went out for Songkran and was amazed by this place! Only 2 guys were there due to holiday season. I considered myself lucky since they didn't stop all day and refused a lot of people. Cheap, clean trendy music with a great way to select your package. I loved it so much! Discount from Travelgayasia made it even cheaper. Go for it!“

  32. N Noy
    Nice place.

    “Good massage , nice and friendly staff. Clean. I love v the way you can select your massage package. A lot of different kind of massage to select from.“

  33. W William
    like no others

    “I enjoyed that shop a lot. Small shop but really pleasant.
    my massage was on the dot time wise, shower time wasn't include in it. went there twice and had different guys, at first i had a older guy name Roj, he was excellent, then the second day went with a younger one named Noy, both where amazing i did prefer the older guy tho.
    I like the concept as well, which is friendly and easy going on attitude but really attentive to customers needs. You have to fill up a form about what kind of massage you want, the more massage you choose the more discount you get + 8 different scent of oil, strength and where you want to be massage in particular, no language barrier! Loved it and loved even more the 25% gift voucher from travelgayasia! great deal! great massage! i'll be back on my next trip for sure!“

  34. s stanley
    great place!

    “Tiny little massage shop with highly trained staff, had Oboon massage follow by organ 2 for total 2 hours. Professional and clean. No additional service there just a fantastic massage! I'll be back for sure.“

  35. S Steven
    New manager

    “I am a good customer of Dr Bear and I always been satisfied of their services, however I found it lost some of it sparkles the past 6 months. I went back yesterday and I found a new guy named Tam as a manager, the previous cute manager is gone...
    I found the shop quite clean this time, more than usual, it feels fresh and the new manager is quite something went comes to massage! I was impressed with his skills and he told me after he had a training by the French master owner.
    I am definitely going back there!“

  36. N Nick
    Worst Massage of my Life

    “This is a small shop behind Fortune building. Very basic with white curtains separating the message tables in a semi open corridor. I had Oboon to be followed by Organ II. The masseur was rather old and had a large belly which kept flopping onto me me as he leaned over to carry out the massage. He had minimal massage skills and used enough oil to massage ten people which is off putting as the art of an experienced masseur is to use minimum necessary amount of oil. The experience was so grotesque, I did not stay to the end but got up showered paid and walked out. A very bad experience and does make me question whether all the reviews are genuine.“

  37. J Justin
    Great place!

    “I had the time of my life at this Dr Bear massage! I did oboon massage with organ 1 and 2 it was amazing! There is something so friendly about this place, first of all the manager is real cute and gave me massage like no other before then I went a second time and was serviced by Lie, Man! This guy have skills! Not as charming as Bas the manager but amazing therapist.
    Loved it!
    Plus super-clean and love the style. Curtains could disturb some, they have a private room for 50 baht an hour extra ... great !“

  38. E Emilio
    great massage!

    “I have been to both place sukhumvit and Rachada and I have to admit there is something quite "Gay feeling" about this shop I like but I wish the staff where more attentive or smiling.

    The price is different from sukhumvit (a lot actually) and that make me think a lot about which place should I go for my massage.

    I appreciate the Oboon massage so much, I can't go to other shops where they give you that quick massage.I really feel pampered at Dr Bear.“

  39. T Traveller
    Solid Massage pity about the cut in timing

    “Used the 30% voucher previously available during off peak hours and indeed they honoured the discount.
    Massage was solid. Unfortunately, massage ended 25 mins early.
    Had to clarify with the masseur and only then did I realize the time officially written on the clipboard read: 12:45 to 2pm when I had paid for a 90mins massage. (He ended at 1.50pm!) Official stance of the place to end massages early? Masseur was first convinced that I had more time left but then after a few mins, thought otherwise and asked e manager outside. He too came in and I had to explain myself for a while before he too gave in. No apology was given by the manager for the disruption or the fact that I had to argue my way through for something I believe was rightfully mine, unless the discount meant that my time, too, was discounted.
    Still, gave a decent tip of 1000THB after as I felt the masseur's massage was good but I do feel this place can improve in terms of honouring massages to the full length of time and customer service.“

  40. J Jay

    “Massage ended 25 mins earlier!!! That was not great cos I paid for two hours. Having said that the massage was great given by this cute masseur who is possibly straight. I did tip him 300 baht on top of 1800 baht massage. He looked unexpected somehow. I guess all prices have included tips. Management needs to remind their staff not to "short hour" customers. Facilities are VERY minimal. Service is so so as I was not told to wrap myself with a towel to go to the public shower room and my shoes were not ready for me in the reception and I needed to take them from the cubicle. Unlikely to visit again.“

    • S Stephane
      Management Response

      “The customer appeared satisfied early along the massage. Our staff Noy, ask him if he wanted to finish the massage but Mr. Jay said he had enough.
      The point I would give away and I discussed about it with my staff, it is the point of the billing. If the customer had ruffly 30 min off we should have charged him 30 minutes less.
      I am truly sorry for this unfortunate event as I wasn’t here to clarify the situation. If Mr Jay would like to contact me, I am ready to offer a free hour of massage for this customer in my other branch of Sukhumvit. Thank you for your consideration.“

  41. M Michael
    great experience!

    “I hardly found a place that could service me the way i want and here is THE place that put a smile back on my face...!
    Great massages, i went to both branches in Rachada and Sukhumvit, I have to admit the French guy at the Sukhumvit branch is the best massage i EVER had in my life!
    The branch in Rachada feels good and a bit more friendly with more staff and easier to have a booking, the french boss is really busy and the place hard to find but the Boss is picking you up with a scooter as requested.
    Both places are really clean and towel smells really good!
    Prices are little bit above average but I have to say the prices are quite cheap if you are serviced by the boss! (but i heard it would be only until the end of the year16)... Really the best! thank you DR.Bear!“

  42. V V
    You've to try it to experience it.

    “Please allow me to clarify...

    1. This is a massage club.

    2. 30% exclusive discount applies to Rachadapisek Soi 3 location only. This discount can't be used with other discount (refer to no. 6).

    3. Interior deco is minimal but sufficient (eg. lighting), clean facilities (eg. room, wide massage bed, fresh smelling WHITE towels, shower) and music.

    4. When you arrive, a staff will hand you a printed chart for you to select your treatment, body area/s requiring attention (eg shoulders), duration (eg 2hr) and oil (eg Coconut).

    5. Massage treatments can be combined. 2 treatments 10% discount, 3 treatments 15% discount and 4 treatments 20% discount. Please clarify before you confirm.

    I had 2 massages within a week and both massages were consistent. Tensed muscles were massaged and eased. Applied strong pressure is to relieve tension. Massage was done at a slow pace to ensure full body contact, unless you want to avoid certain area that has injury or sensitive (eg feet - ticklish).

    I had ObOon, Organ 1 and Organ 2.

    After both massages, my body felt VERY relieved and energized! I discovered that I slept better those 2 nights.

    I recommend you to try out to experience it; reviews can only give you ideas and opionions were from others. You need to try it to have your own.

    Thanks, Dr Bear!“

  43. A Andreas
    Long waiting time, ... Rewarded

    “I read about this shop and the master, try to book him, have to wait 5 days before any opening! Just right before the day I left!
    It was the best massage I ever had in my life and I will never forget this trip!
    I left with the smile on my face and still having it when thinking about it! Thank you Dr Bear! You're the best!“

  44. h hiro
    Very good

    “I go with my husband and go back again tomorrow. Husband is not easy happy and he is happy with massage. oboon 90 min organ 1 15 min and organ 2 15 min. Be in heaven today! thank you Thailand! thank you Travelgayasia! Thank you Dr. Bear (i love the name, design and the cool music).“

  45. L Luan
    Loved it!

    “I have Oboon and organ 2, It was so relaxing and then the organ 2 was surprising. Great and thank you. Staff are polite and smiling. No really good looking (tall, skinny..) but amazing hand.“

  46. J Jackie
    The best so far! #betterthansex

    “I was attracted to the high rating of this shop. Lucky was sleepless that night, that place is down bottom list... I went to Sukhumvit branch and had the french guy.... he first came and pick me up at soi 23 cause the shop is quite far from station. When there I wanted to have 90 minutes, but it became soon to be more like 2 hours of intense massage with his finger deeply anchored in my skin, looking for every single muscle not scared to touch me, just like a professional doctor would have done!!!!
    Laying down flat on my chest he kept on stroking, I didn't wanted to stop, then he came slowly to the shoulders and laid his entire body on top of mine.............. breath slowly in my hears and..... this is the best... manipulated me like nothing else in this world! We played a bit, but nothing really sexual...

    I have to tell you guys, since I have gone to massage, I never experienced such as the one Stephan gave me...
    Regrets? YEESS! A big one: I booked him on my last available day in my trip! Now, I sometimes dreams of these hands on my body, I didn't plan to come back to this country but now I'm thinking of my next visit... I have to go back!“

  47. L Luang

    “Got serviced by Stephan, A M A Z I N G!
    Place hard to find but he came and pick me up with a scooter... Royal service...
    Never had a massage like this before.... N E V E R !“

  48. A Alex
    Healthy indeed..

    “I was heard about Dr. Bear and wanted to prove that their massage was different with other massage. Eventually, great!! I never had this kind of massage. I had Stephan who handle me with care as if I'm a patient and he is a doctor. It was like doing the exercise. He did a warm up and cool down right before and after the exercise. It was completely great and if I come to bkk again I will definitely looking forward to have his massage. By the way I also got 30% discount. However the branch in shukumvit was far from the bts and when I got showered, there was no hot water. :( but everything was worthy after the message. Thanks Stephan!!“

  49. B B
    Not a match this time

    “It was my forth time to be there and was kinda disappointed this time. Twice (first and third time) with the French guy, who is just AMAZING and as others wrote on the comments it worth every cent. I had a [another] guy and compared to the French guy he was ok, technique was 10 and need a little more experience and he will be the same with the French guy. But the last one I had, If the French guy was 10, I would say he is 2 or 3. First of all the massage style was VERY different. I think what make this place so unique is their massage style but he had no sparkle. It felt like he was just following the orders that he read on book a few days ago. I love the place so will go there again but off course I will ask someone else if this guy is assigned again.“

  50. P Peter
    Ob oon!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth every cent

    “WOW! My guy was so hot!!!!!. It was so intense. I almost fell off the table. My body was pulsating like crazy!!!!!!!!
    Highly recommend!“

  51. a anthony
    I loved every second of it!

    “WoW! really! Is there a better place? when I came out of that place, I completely forgot what I had to do next.... I kept walking for a good 15 minutes just getting flashes of this French guy working my body like I never had been touched before!“

  52. S Steve
    What's not to like?

    “It's pretty hard to find anything to criticise except that it closes on Sunday, and closes for a week on Songkran, and is otherwise pretty fully booked up due to having very few masseurs.

    Of course none of this matters once you actually get a booking. My masseur was the extremely skilled Bas, and I could want for nothing. He also turns out to be an extremely nice bloke. After what can only be described as an AMAZING massage, I booked him again for the following day.“

  53. S Steve
    just amazing

    “I was there last night but it was simply amazing. It is difficult to put it down in word but the massage was what i have been looking for. In addition I was a hour late due to heavy traffic but the staff has welcome me with an smile. If you are aroud it is definetly worth trying. I will definetly be there again to try other couses.“

  54. n nalzays
    surprise, naughty and awesome

    “Thank you for tonight. i can only can summary it as surprise, naughty and awesome. Thank you stephan. This shop should get 5 star for the service.“

  55. A Aggramol
    Amazing Massage

    “Not too difficult to find the place... Just follow the directions others have written here. Well worth the trip. I had a combination of the ob-oon massage and organ 2. One of the best massages I have ever had. Thank you, Bas.“

  56. A Arsen
    A Magic Touch

    “I visited Dr Bear for massage the other day and from the very beginning till the end my experience at this venue was only gratifying. I was greeted and subsequently attended by Bas, who helped me choose treatments and oil. I ended up with Thai Ob Oon combined with Organ II massage, which was the best choice. Soon after Bas’ hands started to rub down my exhausted body, I forgot about the outside hustle and bustle of Bangkok and fell into nirvana. Those were two hours of pure indulgence and relaxation. Every single inch of my unclothed body was carefully manipulated, relieving tiredness and fatigue. The massage was highly professionally delivered, leaving me joyful and happy. Bas is not simply a therapist, he is a magician because what he does to your body is nothing but magic. Besides, I greatly appreciated the spotless shower and immaculate treatment room. I also found treatments reasonably priced and a real value for money. Dr Bear is a true hidden gem in Bangkok and is a must to visit if look for an extraordinary massage experience!“

  57. t thierry

    “Finally a place where I can find myself relax. I love the Ob Oon massage compares to the others massage it is so relaxing. so slow, so good. Not many masseurs but they are very good.
    A bit loud in the lobby area when someone is coming in otherwise I will recommend their specialty massage Organs. Will try again in the VIP room which is detached from the front.. will keep postponed.“

  58. M Maz
    Bad service and not friendly

    “I had a very bad experience there. The receptionist is very rude. Maybe because I was trying to use a discount. Although it cost me one hour and more than 300 Baht to get there. I just canceled my appointment. People are going there to get relax not get pissed off. Besides that, the smell inside is awful and the sitting pad looks dirty. Actually I don't care if he lets me use the discount. Would never come back there!“

    • D Dr Bear
      Management Response

      “Unfortunately the customer was insisting on using the discount (which we agreed on without a problem) cumulatively with other promotions. We had to be a bit firm with the customer because he was being very loud. The customer eventually left without using our services.“

  59. B Black
    Just what I have been looking for

    “Wow, what a nice surprise! I've heard about Dr Bear one year ago, today I have finally had the pleasure to test the famous Oboon massage by myself. And what a massage it is! Strong, but sensual, therapeutic, yet relaxing, the best thing for a perfect finish of a nice hot day in BKK.
    First, you choose the massage package best suited for you (you get discounts for each element after the first one: 2 for 10 %, 3 for 20 %, etc.), then you decide the scent of the oil and the strenght of the massage. If you like, you can point out the parts of the body, which need the most attention. And then you're set for an amazing experience.
    I cannot recommend Dr Bear enough, after all the massages I've been to in BKK, only Dr Bear really knows how to stand out amongst the crowd. Try it out, because you won't be sorry! And be sure to book in advance - the place can get full really quickly.“

  60. D Didi
    Work in progress

    “Great concept but It appears the place doesn't have the critical mass of clients to keep a wider range of masseurs available to make it worth your while when you visit. My conclusion is that, basically, one guy holds it together (the one on FB promo photos). The guy is lovely but don't expect any real Thai massage from him.“

  61. V Verok
    Very average - too pricey

    “Sadly the place could not live up to the hype. I was there last week for the first time. As one said before it's very noisy. Welcome unpersonal. You hear the staff and clients talk as much as the motorbikes in front. The massage? It was not better than any aroma massage I had in Bangkok. The pricing with 780 baht is way to high.“

  62. C Chrys
    Great massage

    “Took the scrub, Ob Oon and Organ 2. Scrub and Ob Oon were good. Literally every crack and crevice was covered. Ob Oon was sensual in a way that the strokes reached out, intentionally or unintentionally, I'm not sure. I didn't complete the whole Organ 2 as halfway through, had fun with masseur. Lol. On hindsight, I should have better control over my lust.“

  63. P Paul
    Great massage but ...

    “Yes this is a clean facility and has lots of promise. The massage was excellent and couldn't be faulted. The quality of the massage is so good they should drop this organ massage and focus on their real talents as masseurs. Also hopefully the facility will be improved in terms of its internal structure. At the moment all conversations in the reception area can be easily heard and understood on the massage rooms so it is easy to lose the sense of relaxation while conversations occur nearby.“

  64. T Thierry
    Reopened, worth the wait

    “A friend of mine told me he found a gem in Bangkok. I read reviews about it here and then I went there. Not really easy to find at first place but once you know, (there is always a first) and it was.... Closed for renovation! I waited about 2 weeks then I call (didn't want to have a shut door again).
    So here is my experience..
    Small place but very clean. Minimalistic but complete.
    I choosed the Thai oboon massage and the organ 1 and 2 90 min and 30 each , they discounted me 15 % I paid total 1910 I paid with my credit card (they say it was "new machine ") I left 400 baht of tip
    Very professional massage. The guy was kinda constructor worker looking, he has the strength of one too. The organ 1and 2 was surprisingly intense moment, didn't felt like a H J at all it wasn't one, it was a real proper massage. Don't know what he was doing but at the end when I walk out the door I felt like lighter down there. And my congested stomac was all released.
    I definitely will go back as soon as I can (travel a lot). I recommend this place. Highly!“

  65. C Charlie

    “reopened 26 June.

    professional, quiet, clean, authentic deep massages, good prompt service, courteous, easy booking system over Line or Facebook. Look for Wat.

    on the expensive side, a little tough to get to without directions.“

  66. A Alec
    Currently closed

    “They do not have their own website, yet, but according their Facebook page, it is closed until further notice due to water damage and renovation works.“

  67. P Paul
    Very good

    “Very nice experience, tried oboon massage extremely pleasant, I was massaged everywhere. When I talk to the owner (cute french guy) he said "it's a towel-less massage where we play with the whole body without crossing the lines" I'm telling you, during the massage, I couldn't stop thinking: where are the limits?? I'm about to burst! And this without having a regular quick and poor want at other places! The guy never grabbed my attributes but really played with it! The Frenchy was right!
    Plus really honest pricing about 1000 baht for 90 minutes!
    Plus, very clean! I was really please to have fresh smelly towels
    OK, the guys aren't the cutest in town, but they really know how to massage! If you are looking for cute guys go to silom, much better, if you want real massage, then go to Dr Bear! Highly recommend.“

  68. S Steve
    Wow! Amazing!

    “This is one amazing place! I've been looking for a place like that all my life! At this massage place it is a real massage! PLUS the place is super clean, have showers and super clean and fresh smelling towels (they told me their boss was supervising all).
    No way I thought someone understood what I want, they did. I went back for ObOon massage and here again I spent 3 hours (2 for ObOon and 1 for organ II) and I wish I my next visit in Bangkok to spend more! Price were extremely reasonable and there is choices of packages as much as take services as much as you discount gets higher! 10 for 2 services, 15 for 3 20% for 4 services! THE BEST!
    I highly recommend it!“

  69. M Mark
    Good Overall

    “Went on a Monday afternoon. They had just opened and no masseuses available. They called one and arrived in 20 min. I had the Ob oon, very sensual massage, hit all the right places. Facilities are clean, just curtains separate so noise may be an issue if busy. A little on the high side for Bangkok, but worth a try.“

  70. A Anthony
    Great massages

    “It was a real pleasure to try this place! I went everyday during my stay in Bangkok. I was very surprised about the variety of massage. I try the oil massage and scrub the first time, the services were excellent and each other day was on the same level.
    I had a Ob oon massage and sexual organ massage and it was amazing.
    Great place! I recommend it!“

  71. R Ronald
    Dr. Bear n'est expérience so far

    “Went for a scrub and oil massage. Ending up trying the organ massage. It wasn't a joke as I went to many places and they just gave me an hand job. This is a different story, they really care of your health. Although it is possible to get hand job, I preferred to go to the R3 sauna next door and exploited my desires with someone else.“

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