The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlaston
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The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlaston
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The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlaston

Willenhall Road, Darlaston, United Kingdom, WS10 8JG  map 

The flagship of the Greenhouse gay sauna group is located in Darlaston (northwest of Birmingham). This is the largest gay sauna in the Midlands.

This impressive venue features an indoor pool as well as a spa pool, sauna, steam rooms and rest rooms. There is also a restaurant on site and free WiFi.


internet access, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi / hot pool, relaxing cabins, dark room, free wi-fi

Updated: 18-Oct-2021

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  1. A Andrw
    Great..customer services

    “Just amazing customer broke down..the team was amazing .. thank you all.“

  2. P Paul
    Saturday visit

    “I visited the sauna 2/11/2019.
    1. The man on reception was rude and incompetent, no greeting or smile.
    2. The changing room was dirty and shabby
    3. The toilets were disgusting
    4. The Jacuzzi and swimming pool were so full of chlorine, it was unpleasant to use them.
    5. There were used condoms and tissues in all the playrooms and no staff keeping the place tidy ( i believe the owners/management were singing in the karioke bar)
    6. A few young lads as high as kites, made me feel rather uncomfortable.
    A very disappointing experience that I won't repeat. I usually visit the Northwich sauna which is run by a team of very professional and friendly staff, spotless and clean, and we are ALL made to feel welcome.
    Sorry Darleston, I won't be coming back.“

    • P Paul
      Covid closure

      “I hope that during the Covid closure they have found time to fix the upstairs steam room, which had not been working the last three visits that I made, and cleaned up the downstairs steam room where the seating looked like a health hazard.“

  3. R Richard
    Cant wait to go back

    “Visited here a couple months back. Work makes it very difficult to visit often. I went on a Thursday and had a great time. I'm going back this Wednesday for the dare to bare. Everyone when I visited was very polite and I felt no pressure at all to do anything I didn't want to. £16 for what they offer is very reasonable. And 30p for condoms and lube, cant believe people are moaning over 30p. Will visit here as much as I can.“

    • D David
      30p for condoms

      “I believe the reason for complaining about the 30p charge for condom packs is that the sauna receives the packs for free from the local charity, and charging us for them“

  4. J James
    Go else where!!

    “Used to visit here a lot 4-5 years ago and had some great times and good memories! However been twice over summer and it’s horrific, run-down old tatty place, in desperate need of a refurbishment.

    £16 to get in is just overpriced and a basic rip off, the place looks and feels dirty, they charge for condoms and lube now!!! Loads of cheap signs up about wearing heals on the beds (which most are damaged).

    Mainly very over weight much older guys! The nice looking ones think their gods and prance about like they own the place!

    Waste of time and money and why they call it the flag ship I just don’t know!! Had its day and now it’s done, tired and needs major investment.“

  5. R Richard
    Great First Time

    “I'm expecting this will be edited, but that is ok, it is however a true reflection of the visit ;-) First time visiting a gay sauna today and I picked a good day, the "dare to bare" themed day. I am a bit of an exhibitionist naturally so the prospect of walking around nude and throwing the towel over my shoulder didn't phase me at all. The price is £16 and it's not cheap but there is no limit to how long you can stay and there are many facilities to enjoy making it value for money IMO. No condoms and lube were offered on arrival, I didn't plan on having full action on this visit bit i would take my own on future visits possibly.

    Lockers are quite small, enough room to put your summer clothes, toiletries and a towel from home to dry off after your end of stay shower. You probably won't want to dry off using the provided towel after a few hours sweating etc. In Winter there is not enough room for a heavy coat so leave that in the car. The first thing I did was take a shower and then went exploring. Downstairs is the pool and jacuzzi, both were very warm, clean and comfortable, but mainly guys just sitting and relaxing, nothing more.

    From here I went upstairs ( here is my only criticism of the establishment), the floors are carpeted and walked on by people who are wet through, it didn't strike me as very hygenic, but it is a minor point overall.

    Straight into one of the dark rooms, yes they are dark but I had no difficulty in seeing outlines of people, exits, walls and doors, it was not pitch black. There's a lot of action going on here.

    Off I went to the glory holes where there was not much happening, as I mentioned I am an exhibitionist, so hiding away in a dark cubicle is not my thing.

    Next I discovered the video room showing 2 x M and 1 x F porn, this is where I had the most fun. Most guys still hid behind their towels when playing with themselves so you couldn't see their genitals at all, a few openly played with themselves but I was the only guy in the entire 3 hours I was there to openly show stimulation. Was that wrong?

    The roof terrace looked good but it was raining so was not used.

    The ages of visitors ranged from early 20's to 80, with different body shapes and all ethnicities. Everyone was extremely polite and courteous and the one time I politely said no to a guy, he just quietly left.

    Not an issue with the establishment, but why do guys go to a nude day where the idea is to cast away your inhibitions but instead hide behind a towel?

    I didn't see anyone else openly cum. I expected (and hoped) to see more, but there were no tissue or wipe dispensers anywhere and so wondered if it was allowed.
    After 3 hours of wandering round, enjoying men openly looking and staring at me, I needed to release and threw caution to the wind and emptied my balls in the video room. The older guy who was massaging my me thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I will definitely return.“

  6. A Abz
    No ladies allowed disgrace

    “We are a bi couple and wanted to experience this club and was refused. Disgrace, its labelled as a bi sexual sauna and gender shouldn't be an issue“

    • S Steve
      It is not advertised as a bisexual sauna

      “With regard to a bisexual couple who wanted to come in. The place is NOT labelled as a bisexual sauna. It is labelled as a gay and bisexual MALES sauna. Gender would be an issue. Gay men do not go there to have sex with women. There is another sauna in Darlaston which does cater for men and women and it is called go use that one.“

  7. P Paul
    First time visit from a 100% bottom

    “My first visit and my first ever visit to a sauna. I loved it. The staff at the entrance were polite.
    Locker room was fine, nothing special but enough for what you need.
    Found one of the showers to take a shower after I got undressed and to be honest I was little shy about this being so open at first, by the end of the night let's just say I had no hang ups at all haha.
    Loads of guys walking around naked you kind of just got used to showing everything to everyone.
    The guys I had interactions with were pleasant and though I had a lot of fun, if you're shy my advice is do what I did. I was very shy at first.
    I walked into a room after 10 minutes of being there and just seeing what was about.
    The room was one of the porn rooms, straight/bi porn this one. On screen was a lady pleasuring 6 guys. Within seconds I was off in the glory holes pleasing 3 separate guys.
    Had some fun with several guys and even by the end of the night plucked up the courage to spend and hour being an object of pleasure in the dark room.“

  8. E Eddy
    No Free Lube or Condoms

    “I agree with everything said by the last guy (Khan) it is a lovely place but, when I was there last month I was astounded to find that they are now selling lube and condoms. I think I got one of each free to begin with but that is never enough for me! Shame on a big company like this, penny-pinching and people like me, who have to travel a distance to get there will now travel in another direction.“

    • J Jotun
      No free condoms or lube

      “Agreed - they charge you 30p for a pack of condom / lube and rumour has it that these are provided to them for free by a local charity!
      If true then that's a disgrace - the charity should stop supplying them.
      It's a shame - always been a good place to go.“

  9. K Khan
    Khan john

    “Been hear many times. Brilliant. Facilities/food and staff . Come in a large van, so always have to park in over flow car park. But some times that is almost full. Lovely Cleen place.“

    • R Richard

      “I would not say it was that clean. The ground floor steam room is desperately in need of refurbishment as it is shabby and unhealthy looking. The upstairs steam room was not working when I was there. The private rooms could do with the occasional wipe down during the day - I know it is the patrons who are responsible for the mess but staff could come round and tidy up, just wipe down the mattresses, sweep the floor and empty the bins (I am told they do but I never saw anyone doing it). The customers do need to think about keeping the place clean but a wipe down of the cubicles by staff may also help. Otherwise the staff are great and the other facilities top notch.“

  10. R Richard
    Several visits

    “I wanted to post this because there's a lot of bollocks been put in other older reviews IMHO. I've been there 4 times now in the past 3 or 4 months. The toilets aren't dirty, there's four, one by the locker room, a block of 3 with a condom dispenser and one with a glory hole cut into it by the T-girl dressing room. There's no problem with any of them.

    I didn't find anywhere dirty: if you find some goo or discarded condoms or anything it's probably because someones been in the room a few minutes before
    No problem with the staff either, there's a guy on reception when you walk in who hands you a towel and your locker key, you occasionally see another staff member checking one or two of the rooms. There's a big bar room where you can sit and talk just like you were in a pub, with a bartender. That's it. I can only think they were being unfriendly cos they were asked stupid questions

    This place is big with lots of rooms. Two cinema rooms, one showing Bi and sometimes hetero stuff. The high point for me is the small pool with a fountain on it, big enough for you to have a short swim in: it's heated lovely and warm, filtered, chlorinated. Two different sauna rooms, but each time I've gone they were in darkness, very hot, no steam and nobody in them. Strange
    There are lots of small lockable private rooms, though each time I've been, some were in complete darkness, and no light switches: I didn't ask staff about this.

    There a larger room with a 'swing', you know what for. A dungeon area, though again, in darkness. I didn't enquire why to staff
    A 'gloryhole' stall room, hmm...: make some people reminisce back to the '80's or early '90's? lol
    There's a shower 'wet' room, 3 separate showers were you can clean yourself up.
    There's big Jacuzzi room, where a lot of people get in and just chill out, a big bar area like I said, also a large rooftop sun lounger area, just like a hotel.
    Also there's a free buffet served up sometime in late afternoon, I didn't try it, but I saw people walking out with small plates of chips and stuff, just a good as you'd get in a pub

    Some people say £16 entrance fee is too much, but really, given its size what it has to offer?

    A few people say they're nervous to go in there, but don't be. You don't have to do anything you don't want to and everybody's friendly for the most part. There's no clique or anything. Nobody paid any attention to me going in or out. It's in an out of the way run down industrial area too, set aside from housing, you shouldn't be noticed.
    It's easy to get casual MSM action going...“

  11. J Jason
    No Lube

    “This place is happy to take your money and not tell you that there is no lube provided. Dead on arrival - what is the point of doing to a place if you can’t play? There were probably 20 people ages 55-75 in the place.

    Greenhouse is just a trash brand. If you’ve ever visited the one in Luton, you get 1 condom and 1 lube sachet on arrival and you have to pay for extras.

    They price themselves like London while delivering the lowest standards. The 4.3 rating is complete garbage. The London establishments that get a 2.3 -2.6 rating are because Londoners have higher standards. This place deserves a much lower rating than London.

    If you’re traveling in the area, don’t waste your time or money.“

  12. j jose
    Nice and relaxing experience

    “I finished work quite late and I decided to go Saturday night to the sauna. I arrived there at 23:50 and it was a very relaxing experience. Good facilities for the price, warm swimming pool plus jacuzzi with music, lovely. I had also a good fun and the staff members Peter and his colleague were very friendly and welcoming. I will definitely repeat again.“

  13. R Rohan

    “Hello ,, Went to Greenhouse on a Saturday, Mind Blowing. I was warned it could be quiet. If that was quiet .. heavens above on a busy night. I left not through choice, i couldn't say no .. nor cope :o)“

  14. S Simon
    Darlaston Greenhouse report

    “I have been visiting the Greenhouse in Darlaston for almost a year now, with approximately a dozen visits over that time; this, I believe, makes me 'qualified' to comment upon it. I accept that I did not know what it was like in the 'good old days' when the prices were lower, so I cannot make a comparison with then, but as such a comparison would be irrelevant to anybody currently considering going for the first time, I do not think that it is necessary.

    I would say that there are two issues to be addressed here: value for money and quality of product. The admission price of £16 is not cheap, but it is less than the price of a round of drinks and, assuming that a person only visits every few weeks, as I tend to, a relatively small cost per month or year. Furthermore, parking is free and towels, lube and condoms - and sometimes food and soft drinks - are provided for free, too.

    The quality of the product comes down to two things - the facilities and the atmosphere in the establishment. The facilities are extensive; the locker room may be somewhat cramped, but it is not impossible to change there, and sometimes the saunas themselves are not as warm as they might be, but, considering the size of the building and the number of features, there are far more positives than negatives to the place. When everything is operating, there is a decent-sized pool - which is barely used, in my experience - a hot tub that could fit up to 10, two wet saunas, one dry sauna and four showers. And that's just the sauna aspect of the place! As far as 'entertainment' is concerned, there are two cinemas, at least two communal darkrooms, six glory hole booths, numerous small private rooms and booths and areas of 'specialist' interest, such as a dungeon and watersports area. There is also a smoking area, a relaxation lounge and even an outside area on the roof.

    In my experience, Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays (which is called 'Dare to Bare' day, where patrons are encouraged to go naked) are the busiest and, therefore, the most active. Perhaps if a few more guys were less shy about covering themselves up with their towels the rest of the time - after all, we are all there for the same thing and there is no need to be modest - there would be no need for a 'Dare to Bare' day at all! Nobody ever strikes me as being there for the sauna, pool or hot tub, and the films in the cinema are not good enough to justify going there for them, so, logically, guys must be going there mainly for 'fun'! So relax and let everyone see what you have, guys......

    If you go into 90% of the rooms you will be 'safe' from any unwanted attention; guys will be friendly but I personally have never experienced or witnessed any 'pushiness' by anybody on anyone (which does not necessarily mean to say that it does not happen, of course). If you go into the dark rooms you will find hands and bodies aplenty; if that does not appeal to you either don't go in there in the first place or leave when it happens.

    In summary, therefore, this sauna is (mostly) clean, warm, comfortable, enjoyable and friendly, with a wide variety of clientele and attractions to keep both newcomers and regulars satisfied. I think that it's worth the admission price, too.“

  15. J James
    Amazing place

    “I visit once a month from Wales and always have an amazing time, normally on a Wednesday but also Saturdays and Friday and this week a Tuesday. I am bottom and always get well serviced. Love the place. Staff are amazing 2 x“

  16. A Alan H
    First impressions....

    “As I visited this sauna for only the first time yesterday, I thought that I would pass on some comments here which might be useful to others considering taking that first step, too. Note that I have limited experience of other saunas in the UK, so I will not be making comparisons with other venues.

    The admission price is £16, which is clearly not cheap, but it is a quality establishment, clean, large and with numerous variety and facilities - something for everyone, I would say. The staff are pleasant and co-operative and there is a friendly feel to the place. There is a decently-sized, deep pool, a hot (well, warm!) tub, a dry sauna and a steam room each with enough space for over a dozen people, as well as showers, a locker room etc..

    For those going there for action there are a number of smaller cubicles or rooms with beds, half a dozen glory holes and a dark room - not that anybody seemed to object to activity in the other areas as well - several screens with films, and a room signposted 'The Dungeon' (which was empty when I visited it!)

    There were a wide range of ages and types there yesterday - some bolder, some shyer - with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. As a first timer I did not feel like an 'outsider' - I was neither ignored nor pestered but treated with respect.

    I would have no hesitation recommending this place to guys of any age and type - as long as you can afford £16. If you want to cover yourself up with your towel and stick to the sauna and pool you can; alternatively, if you are looking for some 'fun' you will be able to find it, too. I plan to return and try out some of the 'Events' nights, too, such as 'Dare to Bare' (Wednesdays), Bear night (the third Saturday each month)and Tranny night (Fridays).“

  17. B Barry
    Friendly and clean

    “I visited the sauna today 20th August 2017. The entrance fee has gone up to £16.00 now. The staff were very friendly. The place looked clean from what I saw.

    The pool was nice and cool but the steam room was to hot for me. A Lot of areas dark lit. Not a lot of action today, mainly older guys with large bellys. Most of the guys were just wondering from room to room. It was though everyone was nervous not only me. I will try and go back on a different day to see if there are any fitter looking guys.“

    • T Terry
      Big bellys

      “I don't know what you are talking about Barry, just because a guy has a big belly doesn't mean they don't have a good time, so just becasue you are obviously anti belly it is your own fault if you can't find the anorexic ones. Everytime I have been I have had loads of fun, and yes, I am a guy with a big belly! You also make it sound like the only ones walking around from room to room were the big guys, well I usually find it is the muscle Mary's and the anorexics doing most of that, it's too energetic for us big blokes!!“

  18. P P
    Regular, monthly

    “This place has really gone downhill lately.
    Visited 8th Aug. Steam rooms not working. The cleanliness has been poor for some time. Flooded dirty toilets. Taps not working. Showers not working properly. Wet floors.
    Disinterested staff. “

  19. P Private
    What has happened to The Greenhouse – Darlaston???

    “I remember going on a Wednesday 2/3 years ago and the cellar would be FULL particularly in the afternoon. Was back there recently at the same time on a Wednesday and nobody!!! Where has everyone gone?“

  20. t tj

    “Comparing to Sauna Barcelona its just as good. Lots of different areas. Went on Saturday, of course a lot of older guys but some younger guys too and fit guys of all ages. Im 21 and I found a really great guy. Will be back again.“

  21. D Daniel
    Every year again.

    “I´m from Germany and I always spend my holidays in England after Easter. I have a good friend over there and he introduced me into the Greenhouse Sauna. It´s the best Sauna I know and now when I go to the bears sauna on the 3rd Saturday in a month it´s even better. The staff is very friendly and it´s so easy to get in contact with other men. I don´t know if it´s the Tourist Bonus or just the friendly English mentality. The only thing I have to complain about is the cleanliness in some parts of the sauna and the fact that nobody fills up the Kleenex and the disinfection in the cabins. And some of the mattresses are very old. But to be honest, when you are there and really horny, it doesn´t really matter. ;-) Greetings from Würzburg in Germany, Daniel. See you in one week.“

  22. C Craig
    Disastrous 'regressive' renovation.

    “Used to be my favorite leisure facility, but current management hasn't a clue how to renovate and return this place to it's hey day of 10 years back when it was HEAVING with all ages, and nice respectable people too. Then, it was cleaner, entrance fee was affordable for all income brackets £10-£12 max …. there were PLENTY of lockable PRIVATE cabins(not everyone wants others watching or interrupting their fun) …. cabins with enough room to lie down …. none of this water sports/dungeons, t-girls and glory holes everywhere rubbish that attracts the more extreme end of the gay scene who are not so interested in safe action or the fact this is supposed to be a health spa ….. and subsequently scares away the ordinary guys who used to frequent the gay scene in large numbers before it turned into something too extreme for their tastes.
    This place still has a great pool, friendly staff, secure parking, ok bar and restaurant meals, ok cinema, ok jacuzzi (which should work on a motion sensor like it did before) …. it just needs to get back to basics, be well maintained ….. and above all, cleaned more regularly …. drop the price to <£12 … then the clientelle, of all ages, and all walks of life will feel more comfortable and have a space they can truly RELAX in.“

  23. C Cal
    First timer

    “Plucked up courage to first time Sunday. Great experience, Good mix of ages, will go again, probably on a weds.“

  24. S Steve
    Visited Feb 27, 2017

    “Dismayed that I was charged £14 to enter what was basically a building site. On entry I was told of 'some' work going on but your main cruising floor was practically closed, cold, noisy and workmen walking around.

    They should either close the venue or DO NOT charge the full £14 entry. By doing so they showed a complete disregard for their clients.

    I stayed no longer than 10 minutes and when asked for a refund was told to go online.“

    • D Dave Pyper

      “Yes I'm here as well with lots of the area still closed for renovation. What a let down - I'll be complaining when I leave.“

  25. J Jeffrey

    “Went for the first time Saturday. Free parking.Found the staff polite and professional and facilities to be perfectly clean (saw a member of staff checking/cleaning various areas). The place isnt big - its massive! After 4 hours I was starting to get my bearings. The heated pool is great and a good size. The roof-top terrace is fantastic, well sheltered and pleasent even for October. Some old negative reviews concerned me, however the place has had some major refurb, I will soon be returning. JEFF“

  26. J James
    Nervous .but glad i went.

    “First time in my life to experiance any thing like this and I am 58. Always been afraid to be who I am. But I went here with a friend and was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Every one i met was polite and courteous the staff extreamly friendly. My nervousness soon went and i enjoyed the whole experience. Hopefully go soon on my own.“

  27. S Steve
    My first visit to Greenroom

    “This was my first visit to Greenroom and the reception guys were very helpful and explained everything.
    I was visiting on a Wednesday afternoon which was a dare to bare day, so stripped down and went totally naked into the main club
    Very new to all of this so still finding my feet on meeting and possible liaisons however I found the sauna and made myself at home, still feels a little funny to sit totally naked but heart was beating and felt naughty but fun.
    People came and went and found myself chatting with a guy who like myself had travelled a fair distance for some evening fun, he escorted me around the club and I did become the centre of attention in the darker cruising rooms.
    I did like the mix of video rooms with a mix of scenarios which I did find very assisting.
    Generally I left in the late evening having had a thoroughly enjoyable time and very weak kneed
    I was very impressed with the club and had a fantastic time, will be visiting again on a Friday when they have TS days, hope to meet more lovely guys next time.“

  28. D David
    Just the job

    “First visit yesterday. Great range of facilities, catering to all tastes. Had fun just wandering round and even then I'm not sure I visited every part. Spotlessly clean (can't understand complaints about this) but the good filthy atmosphere we all crave. Plenty of guys late morning. Excellent videos and surprised they don't mention these on website. Can strongly recommend.“

  29. C Chris
    Friendly sauna x

    “Love this place been there few times best Friday when u can meet fit tv/ts or Wednesdays no towels day so u can see all tools and pick up biggest size lol. Also staff playing and they so hot x“

  30. J John
    Ex semi regular visitor

    “Went to the Greenhouse today and it will be my last visit.
    Jacuzzi not working again.
    Apoligising for redecorating for November & December and still going on
    Most of the privates rooms and cruising areas now gone
    No newspapers
    No mints
    Downstairs toilets beside changing area not in use and the some of the others broken
    They think that new fancy lighting will make it better. Should concentrate more on getting the area decorated and facilities working. Shame I wont be back to check“

  31. P Paul
    Update to previous review

    “Update to previous review, changes in staff have made a huge difference, all good now.
    Toilets are getting cleaned properly now, too. Far better than it was, but why is the carpark full, when the club is quiet? They need to address this, as all these cars cannot belong to customers ???“

  32. P Paul
    Ex Regular visitor

    “Tgirls and admirers, Fridays. Half the staff friendly, and good fun, half resentful, surly, unhelpful.
    Best take your own toilet paper, hand towels and soap, because its rarely topped up. Strong shoes for the toilets, as you will be wading through some nasty stuff, assuming toilets are working. Nice sunbathing area, pool, but check whats in it before getting in. Used to be a regular, but cleanliness, and drunks, weirdo's have ruined it.“

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