Polar Spa Massage for Men
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Rating: 2.8/5. From 104 votes.
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Polar Spa Massage for Men

237 Giang Vo St, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam  map 

Polar Spa is a men-only spa offers a range of massage services including four-hand and full body. There are 5 standard rooms and 2 VIP rooms and 1 luxury room. Hot Stone and Oil massage with the luxury service.

No sauna facilities and no out-call service. The spa closes at 11:30pm (last walk-in appointment at 10:30pm). Located on the side of a main street, very easy to find.



Updated: 31-Mar-2022
Audience Rating

From 104 votes

weekday: 10:30 - 23:30
weekend: 10:30 - 23:30

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Travel Gay Reviews of Polar Spa Massage for MenLeave Review

  1. P Peter

    “Rip Off - avoid this place.
    I booked a 90 minute massage. After about 55 minutes of a poor to moderate massage, including about 10 minutes of the masseur collecting his things and showering, he demanded a 1,000,000 tip. I refused. I went to reception and complained, to which they responded "sorry" and charged me for 90 minutes anyway.
    I left less than 90 minutes after arriving.“

  2. T Tim
    Very bad experience

    “The service was really bad. I wasted 1 hour there.
    The staff did not know how to massage.
    The room, facilities were below standard. The staff asked me for more tip even though I rejected.
    Not coming back again.“

  3. Y Yoshi
    I will take a long break from this place

    “I'm quite a loyal customer of Polar Spa, but after the 3rd year's visit, I'll have to say I'll take a long break before this place gets back to track.

    This week I went there twice. The first boy was excellent, he gave a complete 90-min work. The VIP room costed 550,000 VND, so I tipped 550,000 VND and thought it was generous. But he asked for 1,000,000… holy! At the end we settled with 650,000 VND.

    A few days later, I went for the 2nd visit with a different boy. Good service, no cheating on the time. This boy was fine with 550,000 VND tip I suggested. But the troll came at the front desk. The manager questioned me if I was unsatisfied by tipping so little. It is ridiculous because everything was set and done in the room but the manager came to harass. I added 100,000 VND and told him make sure the boy gets it, but I doubt because he didn't rewrite the paper.

    Both times I was able to choose my own boy behind the curtain, there were about 10 of them, all young and good looking. The bed was cleaner, I didn't smell the terrible odor like before.

    The aggressiveness of the staffers (especially being a manager) is the main reason I don't feel like going back. This place is quite pricy in Hanoi and even higher than Saigon. 550,000 VND for 90 mins in a VIP room, a total of 1,200,000 VND each visit.

    Keep in mind, 20-30% of tipping is impossible at this place.“

  4. H Henry
    Not Worth the Money

    “So I found a boy from Grindr who worked at Polar Spa. His pics were nice, so I decided to go and meet him. I paid for a 60 minute massage - and the staff and masseur wanted to get me out of there as fast as possible so the boy could be onto the next client. The boy also couldn't bottom well at all and had no massage skills. He just wanted to jerk me off super hard and fast so that I would cum. Bigger problems: There were bugs in the room and I got a VIP room. I asked the staff/host if I could see other boys (they're all in a glass cage basically) and he told me "No, you have to come back tomorrow". I explained my experience wasn't very good, but he didn't care. I explained further that if I found a boy that looked hotter, then I would likely come back the next day for that boy, and he insisted that I would have to come back tomorrow if I wanted to even look at other boys. It's like, "Do you want to take my money or not"!? The host also refused to call me a taxi - and the business is on a main road, which is very difficult to cross to get to a taxi area. All around, it's really a bit dodgy and I would recommend not going. If you are desperate, then I suppose it's worth a shot- the price is fairly low, but the service, cleanliness, and the overall experience are just so disappointing that it's better to save your money. Really, it was the host that made the experience the worst for me - he didn't really speak English, he was rude, and he seemed like he was on drugs (sweating profusely on a cold day, asked me for a "tip" when he didn't give me any service, etc.).“

  5. R Richard
    Great experience

    “I went to Polar spa twice during my trip, both times was a great experience.

    The place is easy to find, and the reception staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
    I picked my package and room, and was shown where to change and then taken to the room.

    My masseuse came in and greeted me, he undressed me and showered me before preparing the bed and starting the massage.

    The pressure was good the feeling was great, he massaged full body and was still full and attentive.

    He then applied a face mask to me and departed to shower himself before returning to remove the mask, and finish the massage in amazing ways.

    Both times I saw Nam, I would highly recommend him. Ask for him by name when booking.“

  6. H Hector
    Pretty good

    “I went to Polar Spa on a Saturday at about 5 pm. The place is easy to find because it's located on a busy street.

    I wasn't given a choice of rooms. They just gave me the VIP room, which is one level above the standard room and one level below the luxury room. After I picked my massage treatment from the menu, I was taken to the locker area, which is directly behind the front desk. I was told to put everything in my locker, including my clothes, slippers, wallet and cell phone. I got a Japanese yukata/robe and some shorts to wear, but I didn't know how to put the robe on, so the receptionist helped me. I didn't wear the shorts. He said I could pick a guy or one could be assigned to me. I decided to pick one. There was a large curtain behind the locker area. The receptionist pulled open the curtain, and there was a glass wall with some guys behind it. They were all wearing T-shirts and sitting on a bench. There were about 10 of them. They didn't say anything; they just looked straight ahead, completely emotionless. For some reason, I was kind of intimidated by them. I chose Linh, but none of them were 100 percent my type.

    We went up three flights of stairs to a narrow room at the end of a hallway. There was a raised platform with a mat on it. Next to the platform was a standing shower. Linh excused himself so that he could get ready for the massage. The room didn't have air conditioning, so I was sweating while waiting for him to come back. After a few minutes, he returned with some soap and mouthwash. He volunteered to wash me, but I insisted on showering by myself. He giggled before handing me the soap. He also instructed me to gargle with the mouthwash.

    We got started after Linh helped me get dry. It was a very calming massage. I almost fell asleep a couple of times. He started with an oil massage before he brought out the hot stones. They felt really good; I wished he had used them more.

    Linh excused himself once again to go shower. I thought he would shower in another room, but he used the one that was next to the platform. After he dried off, he told me to turn over and offered me "extra service," which I agreed to. There wasn't any mention of tips; he just did a really good job. We showered together at the end. He brought out a sheet of paper, and I wrote the tip amount on there. He also asked me for my phone number.

    Overall, it was a good experience. It wasn't the best massage I've ever had, but it was a good deal for its price. I'll probably be back.“

  7. K Kevin
    What did I just experience?????

    “Upon entering the spa, we were immediately greeting by a guy who showed us the options for spa rooms. There were three of us and we all chose the "standard" spa room. This did not seem to please the guy. We were then escorted around the corner (actually behind the greeting desk) to a wall of lockers where we were instructed to disrobe and put on a robe. There was no privacy amongst ourselves and from those who chose to walk around the corner.

    We were then shown who our massage guy would be and escorted three flights up to the standard room. We had to wait to be showered as there was only one shower area and there were three of us. My massage guy sat quietly beside me, smiling often, as we waited.

    Being showered by someone was a nice touch.

    The massage was really not bad on my back. Unfortunately, it was only my back that was massaged because then my guy said, "I go shower now." After a few minutes, he returned, asked me to turn over and then he disrobed completely.

    There was no more massage and the haphazard end result was really fairly unpleasant.

    I would never return. The tip was discussed at the end and is written on a form. Turns out, I over-tipped significantly in comparison to my friends. An appropriate tip is probably 30-50% of the bill for a standard massage room.“

  8. M Minata
    The worst

    “The VIP room’s shower did not work. They let me shower in shared room with many accidentally opened by other masseur. I felt like zoo animal. Masseur had skills, but I didn’t feel satisfied at all. Believe me, let the local use this spa. It’s not good for tourists at all.“

  9. A Andrew
    Much better than the reviews suggested

    “At a loose end with no hotel room and a long wait until a flight home I risked a massage experience here and was so glad I did. Easy to find, welcomed by a very friendly guy who spoke English and showed me the menu (the same as the website). Opted for a VIP room so the shower was inside the room which was better. Having locked my possessions away and been offered shorts as well as a gown I was given the option to choose my masseur. This is a bit disconcerting (they are behind glass) but they all seemed keen and there was a range of builds. Chose Nam who was my type and gave a good massage speaking a little English. I had stressed that I expected a 90 minute visit and this was honoured. He showered me, he being dressed, then gave me a good massage of back and legs, plus used hot stones. He then undressed and showered before I was turned over and offered a slightly different style of massage. His smooth, sexy body was a great end to the massage, then we both showered. There was no mention of tips until we were both dressed and you write the tip on the bill. Altogether a great visit.“

  10. G Grass
    I recommend this place despite slight improvements

    “Shake off your prior experiences in other countries (Thailand, Taiwan, etc) when you enter this venue, however this men’s spa shares the same core. I visited twice within a week, each package was a 90-min, VIP room for 550,000 VND. It might be a hit or miss, although the miss is not my worst experience, but the hit was just phenomenal. My “hit” did the full job, without cheating on time. The masseur was professional on every part of the service. I tipped 200,000 and 550,000 VND respectively. My first masseur omitted a few parts so I tipped relatively less.

    Tipping: When the service is done, the masseur will present a bill that states the charge (what you chose at the front desk), you just add the tip section. The masseur does not (should not) negotiate before and after for tipping. I paid by VND because it costs higher by USD. Not sure about credit card.

    Communication: They speak very basic English, so be simple.

    Cons and improvement: The pillows, towels and bathrobes could be better recycled. Front desk is welcomingly friendly but could be better in communication skills (English).“

  11. d dan
    Worst massage

    “Staff need training properly on how to massage. I was given [a member of staff] without my selection. I should have refused but I was kind. He go around and around my back. He left the room 4 times during my booked 2hrs. I had been kind and still giving him a good tips but I am not satisfied at all.

    Waiting for the time to finish. Really a wasting my time and money.“

  12. H Howard
    Terrible experience

    “The masseurs were girly which was intimidating to me and my boyfriend. The bathroom was dark, shady and dirty.

    My masseur clearly lacked experience and skills of massage. He kept rubbing and poking every part of me and spent forever on my back. The whole process was NOT enjoyable AT ALL.

    During the first part of the massage, I kept thinking what the HELL was he doing, the throughout the rest part I just prayed for it to be over.“

  13. H Hua
    Polar Spa move to new location

    “Polar Spa move to new location at : Add 237 Giang Vo St, Dong Da Dist, Utopia Map
    090-485-1075, website www.polar.com.vn , (only massage, now do not have sauna )

    The biggest massage in Ha noi , ha 15 masseur

    New location (as of Mar 2016). One luxury room, two VIP rooms, amnd 5 standard rooms. Open daily 10:30am-11:30pm (last walk-in appointment at 10:30pm). Incall only.“

  14. R Roman
    Worst place

    “I visited this place last month for a massage. 60min for 250.000vnd. There was there around 12 guys for choose, mostly very girly guys or fat. I guy I chose was unprofessional, did not speak English, even sorry, please or hello. Massage was really very bad,
    Sauna ticket 80.000 there was just 10 or 15 customers, mostly from massage. Facilities very clean, nice, but massage room very messy, dirty towel disgusting. Never come back ...“

  15. J Jea
    Know your customer

    “I went to this place in order to get a relax massage. But i had the feeling that the masseur was trying to make me horny. Actually he needs to be trained to give massage. And I didn't really need the happy part but it was too long compared to the time of the massage. The masseur didn't really understand customer's need.
    Would not recommend to come here for a GOOD massage.“

  16. R Richard
    Worth a visit

    “Worth a visit. As noted walk in, choose service (massage), contents in locker with towel and flip flops for visit, "shower" room for milk bath, mat on floor for massage with assigned staff. The staff are handsome and friendly. The non massage aspects of the visit are too distracting. No need for a milk bath or facial mask or hot stones. The area is worth a visit also! The immediate area is tourist friendly and without traffic! Visited Z Spa also and found the massage better at Z Spa but access to the facilities less stressful at Polar. The two businesses are related as business cards for both businesses are on the reception at both locations. The ending is happy enough but would prefer 80 minutes of massage and 10 minutes of happy. Expect to tip between 50% and 100% of the total bill.“

  17. J Jim
    Way to small

    “This sauna is way to small. There is no where to go for privacy. Don't waste your time,“

audience rating:
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Rating: 2.8/5. From 104 votes.
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