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HuTong Club

2F Kar Wong Bldg, 639-645 Shanghai St, Mongkok, Hong Kong, China  map 
Today:  Doorless - no door on all rooms 6pm-9pmTomorrow:  Hanky Night - small towel 6pm-9pm

The 24-hour HuTong Club 胡同 桑拿 features open showers, cedar sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, maze, private cabins, smoking room. Colour-coded key rings are used to help highlight your sexual preferences.

‘Suite Rooms’ can be rented by the hour and feature a double bed, private shower and toilet, LCD TV and a welcome fruit plate. HuTong hosts weekly themed events including ‘Nude’ and ‘Muscular’ night.

Located on Shanghai St in Mongkok, but the entrance is on on Fife St. Enter behind a lighting store with no sign on it – just the building name “Kar Wong”.

nearest station : MTR: Mongkok (Exit A2)


steam room, sauna, maze, dark room

Updated: 12-Jan-2022
Audience Rating

From 47 votes

weekday: 24 hours
weekend: 24 hours

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  1. J Johnson
    Still Open?

    “Hello is Hutong now open for business ?“

    • E Edwin
      Does anyone still go there ?

      “With COVID, does anyone still visit this place?“

      • D David

        “A lot of people go there, mostly local due to border lock down.“

    • S Stephan
      Any more Doorless nights

      “I'm on leave this week and plan to visit Hutong. Any more doorless nights? I really enjoy watching and being watched. Extra wild and sexy feeling.“

  2. M Michael
    My first gay experience of blatant Xenophobia

    “On quiet nights your welcome.

    On busy nights locals only.

    Door staff rude when challenged they are letting others in when told already too full.“

  3. F Francis
    NYE20 Experience

    “Just came home to my country after spending NYE20 in HK. The absence of major fireworks display in VIC Harbour due to protests didn’t dampen the mood for some fire action haha. As a first-timer, it was a good experience. Of course there’s a mix of good-looking and not-so-good-looking people, but everyone was still respectful altho some are also a bit aggressive in pulling you in for some hanky panky. Me being able to play with 3 Asian hotties was my personal highlight there.“

  4. d doriangray

    “Got a first timer 50% discount ($136). No problem getting in (another dude was following me) and front-door man seems to be good-mannered (unlike what other reviews said). Well maintained facilities and more importantly, great crowd! No shortage of muscular Chinese/HKers. The few white guys also mixed well with locals, me included. Arrived at 2:15pm Saturday and left at 9pm. Starting to get busy in late afternoon and the dark maze was so crowded and much fun. So busy with action and fun I didn’t realise I spent almost 7 hrs!“

  5. K Kong

    “On the recent doorless night, I couldn’t believe what I saw... it was too good to be true,“

  6. A Angel
    No foreigners

    “I went there yesterday July 5,2019 at 6:30 pm and at the door they didn't let me in, so rude“

  7. A Adrian
    Love it!

    “Back to Hutong tonite, after been awhile.
    Love it, a lot of action! Facilities is good, but need maintain your cleanliness around the maze and AC bit warm. However I like relaxation area, Jacuzzi and shower room top notch among sauna in HKG! Why receptionist is always put his long face? Be nice and enjoy the ride!“

  8. A ALVIN
    Amazing and wonferful place to play!!!

    “Went there last night from 630pm to midnight. Full of muscular, fit, gorgeous and good looking Chinese guys that are willing to play and interact. They went wild and had a high urge for fun. Really loved and enjoyed it. Highly recommend and really a must-visit venue in HK.“

  9. A Andy
    Local expat

    “Amazing place. As an expat white guy, mid 30's, average body and looks, this place has always turned it on for me. The amazing experience of being followed by the locals and used for their enjoyment is heaven on earth. Always clean, great guys (lots of shy ones too, as well as the sticky rice queens. Gotta be honest right?) but I've always had fun. If you like local guys and an expansive area in which to play and relax, come to HuTong. Worth the premium price for sure.“

  10. M Marvin

    “This is my 3rd time. Unfortunately my 3rd time, I was not allowed to enter. The rude guy did not let me enter saying that it was full. So rude. I waited for a while hiding and seeing many people were still allowed to enter. I really feel so disappointed.“

  11. S Sean
    Clean, nice sauna but unbearable attitude from staff!

    “Been there many times, never see or hear receptionist says hello or smile! don't understand where those attitude coming from. Visitors paid $$ they should treat them with respect. Being rude does't made you superior but the opposite!“

  12. S Shi
    Visit on July 2018

    “I went there on Friday and Saturday night. It's true that everyone waits for a better one, as I noticed. I got coupon discount for next time from the counter. I did not have joyful much because the guy I interested in, he overlooked me.“

  13. A Axvxn

    “I don’t usually do reviews but I thought everyone should know. I went there on a Friday afternoon (place was pretty hard to find btw), with a number of people. Crowd was awesome - very good-looking twinks, muscular, and before I left there was a Caucasian dude who looks like a Bel Ami model. Plenty of actions in the “No towel Zone”. On a negative note, price was a little steep as compared to other sauna in HK (paid about 205HKD for tourist). None the less, would definitely be back again!“

  14. M Mario

    “Place is rather clean. Easy to get in touch if not so many people but more difficult if it's more crowded. I guess everybody is waiting for a better one. Crowd is mostly Asian and mixed age. Staff has been very very rude and unfriendly last time. All in all ok to find some rest and cute guys. Free water and limo.“

  15. T Tristan
    The nicest sauna in Hong Kong

    “Young crowd and everybody is just too beautiful and are waiting for a better one. Very boring crowd.“

  16. L Local
    Getting dark in the maze area

    “Recently Hutong has turn down the lighting in the maze area, resulting it being very dark. Can the owner turn back the lighting in at least one area inside the maze?“

  17. J Joan
    Muscle GAM CITY

    “Not been anywhere in world where users so fit! White 40 something dad bod did well but tends to be sticky rice.

    Odd that u remove towel at maze entrance but can't ensure get same towel exiting. Clean smells good too.“

  18. A Akki
    One of the best in the world

    “I have been to many European and other spas in HK, but this spa is by far the best in terms of its modern and clean facilities and the CROWD.

    I reached there at around 10:30pm yesterday(30/11/2017). They have the young local Asian guys who r well maintained.

    I am an Indian but not a dark skinned guy but still I find there is a social discrimination almost everywhere. But once u get into a rhythm here, this place was heaven...the best place, like everyone said is the maze which is too deep and with very many interesting cubical.

    People love to have action in open as well. I am definitely coming back for sure...“

  19. P Prince

    “This is most definitely the best Sauna in Hong Kong.

    The facility is amazing and very spacious. If you are young, under 25, and undoubtedly gorgeous like muah... you can get away with only paying $50 HKD, equivalent to $7 USD. Must show an ID. You are welcome. Also, nice crowd, unless you are too picky.

    Though standards are worthless in this scene. You are there for a reason... good luck slut! hahaha“

  20. T Teck

    “Went there on the 15th and was told the place was full...But i think they are choosy about their customers.“

  21. K Kai
    One of the better Spas in HK.

    “Writing this review November 2017. I have gone to this sauna multiple times in the last two months and the first thing that comes to mind is how well the facilities are maintained. They seem to be well staffed as there are constantly attendants running around using antibacterial wash to clean down the rooms.

    Though the price is a bit expensive, the steam room, Jacuzzi and dry sauna are all functioning and in generally good condition.

    I am Asian and white mixed, however I apparently do not look the slightest bit Asian, so it's a bit surprising and disheartening to hear people get rejected for being foreigners. Admittedly I was very nervous the first few times coming here, but I always try to greet the receptionists with a smile and have had no trouble ever. The vibes of the receptionists are generally either of indifference or slight annoyance, but this seems to be the case with a lot of places in Hong Kong. In the end, you'll just have to look past it, this is not a five star hotel.

    Finally, onto the guys. The vast majority of the guys here are Asian, every once in a while you might see one or two foreigners, but generally this is a spa frequented by predominantly Asian men. Many of them are also very handsome. I find the average spa goer here is much more fit than the average spa goer in a lot of other spas I've been too.“

  22. J Julio
    Very Nice

    “I went yesterday night (06/11/2017), around 10 PM, it was plenty of nice Asian guys, all people nude, although not too much action. I am foreigner and have more than 40 and had no problem for entrance. Asian guys seems to be careful over foreigners, they prefer Asians indeed, but I had good encounter with two of them. Wonderful facilities, very clean, interesting showers with tiny windows to look your shower neighbors. I recommend this sauna.“

  23. S Special
    Cold receptionist and staff

    “Went there recently. Yes, the price is not cheap even for locals ($238). Yes, the attitude of the staff there is poor. Ask for a big towel after mine being stolen by others, and the staff says no. Yes, it has lots of local guys there. The cold, unhelpful attitude of the receptionist gives me a chill. Unsure if I want to go there again.“

  24. D D
    Place is clean but the reception guy noxious

    “Place is nice but very irritated when u get refused to enter if you were over 40, the only time they let u in is non prime time, in which I think this place is the worst discriminating sauna in the world.“

  25. S Sunny

    ““Went there on 17 Sep 2017. Place is huge with various facilities such as steam room, sauna, many showers room at both level. No problem with the receptionist at all. They also have unlimited drinks, free flow of tidbits and fruit such as banana...But I want to say that the sauna itself is modern and nice but over-priced for tourists in my opinion. Sometimes it's not affordable.“

  26. S S
    Cleaning guy

    “Visited this place for the first time and was constantly harassed and yelled at by the obnoxious janitor. He made such a big deal with me having my underwear on. Nobody seemed to care but him. Funny how he always seems to be where all the action's at, shining his bright flash light. That's no way to treat your guests. This guy ruined the experience for me so I took my business elsewhere and has the most amazing time. The sauna itself is modern and nice, but over priced for tourists in my opinion.“

  27. D Darren
    Nice Clean Sauna

    “Went there on 17 and 19 Sep 2017. Place was huge with various facilities such as steam room, sauna, many showers room at both level. No problem with the receptionist at all (by the way, I am 30 plus Chinese non-local). They also have unlimited drinks, free flow of tibits and fruit such as banana.

    As for the crowd, they are mostly lean fit local with reasonably looks. I have yet to try the "muscular" night and will posed another review after trying it.

    For the price of $205 (I got a discount of 10% as I am not local), I still few abit pricy for that. Good thing is they are 24 hours and crowd still came in at 12am.“

  28. L Leo
    Good local HKG sauna

    “Had very nice time with HKG local guys. Not easy to find but very good and recommendable
    If u r visitor you should try !!! Very satisfied“

  29. j jus
    Probably one of the best in Asia

    “I had a great time in Hutong on Friday night. The maze was packed with many hot guys. I had no problem getting action for 3 continuous hours. The facilities were very well maintained and were constantly being cleaned. If you go to Hong Kong, don't miss out on Hutong.

    The play area is actually below the lockers. Took me a while to find it. In the maze itself, you might actually get lost in there because it is bigger and deeper than you think.

    Lube is in a dispenser near the paper roll in the rooms while condoms are outside along the hall.

    - Visited on Sep 1 (Friday) at 4.30pm.“

  30. D Dave

    “I was denied entry because I am white. The guy at the desk said it was "locals only night". Which I accepted and asked about coming tomorrow. Then he said "Actually, we don't want you here."

    Mean, hurtful, racist. The community is supposed to support each other, not discriminate.

    I am a young and average looking guy.“

  31. Z Zeasand
    The Best!

    “First of all, this is the best sauna in Hong Kong. PERIOD.

    I am a south-Asian & have been denied entry twice & allowed three times in last 6 months. I am gym built & look decent, so the racism & screening comments are actually right!

    But once you enter its a mini heaven! The place is clean & always crowded with good looking men. You get all types, young guys, gym built hunks, but not out-of shape uncles. That's the benefit of this screening. And once you hit the dark maze there is 0% chance that you won't have any action. Each time I have been there I have lost count of the times I hooked up & with really hunky men! Don't miss it.“

  32. a anger
    Amazing for everyone!

    “I was really confused reading other negative reviews because I had really an amazing time there. Went there with a friend of mine on a Sunday night.

    Saw lots of young people in shape and was caught into some intense sessions a few times. The crowd was quite respectful and diverse. Having been to a few European saunas makes me want to come back more. The energy and the openness of the people you see at HuTong is just incomparable :D

    The rooms are clean, even in the dark room areas. You can almost see the staff trying to get things sorted all the time. Can't think of any negative aspect :D“

  33. G Guido
    Anti western

    “The place is very nice, I loved there are free condoms and lube everywhere. BUT, the people is so unfriendly. I was in the dark area, making out with a guy, and he ask me "Are you local?" I said "no", and I said my country, and he just left. Happened the same with another guy, we were touching, but after realizing I am not Asian he also rejected me.

    It was weird, because I speak Chinese, so in the dark people got confused. The stuff is also rude, bad attitude, and extremely expensive, 238 HKD. Only for Asian people I think. Me as a western I prefer to be in touch with nice people.“

  34. P Paul

    “I was told , today when I enter, "its full today". I know what he says, I was rejected because i am not Chinese.. or whatever ever the real reason.. I show the ID of Hutong, but when I observed outside the door, many are coming in .. so it just simply discrimination.. its ok, time will come. You will not be a popular sauna anymore..“

  35. N Nicholas
    Great time, even as a westerner

    “Went there on a Monday, 5-8pm. No problem at the door (I am 40 but slim). I was the only westerner, and the place was full of cute young slim asians, most of them not shy at all, and ready to have fun. There was horny action everywhere, and I had no difficulty getting involved (a lot!). Definitely worth the visit“

  36. p p

    “Went there Saturday afternoon till midnight. Really fun. A huge crowd continue to come. Highly recommend. The best sauna in HK.“

  37. K Kevin
    The cover now is ridiculous...

    “I use to go there a lot for the last 3 years but however within a year they raised it twice! From 180 to 200hkg and then now 230 hkg!! That's $30 US dollars! I mean it's clean, guys are cute, most with great bodies and the maze is big.

    Many times now the guys will play a little they want to keep looking because they have to get their money's worth. They would also just stand around and trying to look for the "best" one .. value for their money. I feel bad for the non locals as the guys pass them hours after hours now.

    The clients definitely has changed. The guys use to be so much more friendlier, after the raising the cover couple of times you get these pretentious guys now. There are other saunas that is more value than Hu Tong now. I just believe they would be do that.. I know rent can be expensive but this is more like greed to me...“

  38. G Guilow
    Bring back Alexander!!

    “Before: Read reviews and asked a Chinese friend to call ahead. When he asked about bringing a Westerner, the rude person asked: 'Is he fat? Is he old? Is he ugly?' This is only one step away from the 'Strict Face Control' policy found posted outside nightclubs in Moscow during communist rule (I know because I was there).

    Once inside (yes, I managed to get past the weight, race, age and face mafia at reception), the reviews are correct. Yes, there are a number of locals and yes, they are pretty fit. However, the reviews are also correct - they are all waiting for Godot, who, as in the play, never arrives. Guys - you've just paid $230HK odd to get in and seem to wander around looking for something that is not there. Don't get me wrong, there was action happening - mostly random acts in the corridors of the maze downstairs which were fast, furious and incredibly horny, but short lived.

    There was one guy who was hung and commanded a huge following. Guys were climbing over each other to get to him but hey - I don't think that's a local thing (O:

    It's a shame Alexander has gone. It was open, non judgemental and the lay out was such that people really enjoyed themselves without being thrust (mind the pun) upon each other as they are in the maze in HuTong (which is where ALL of the action occurred).

    The sauna and steam room at HuTong are something you need to stumble upon - I didn't even realise that they were there until by accident when I took a shower and thought 'where does this door go?' Oh - and there was no one inside (surprised?).

    There are no signs in English and when entering the maze, didn't know that it was a towel free zone - there is a three character sign in Chinese (more looking like a sign for emergency exit information, but in white) that if you can't read Chinese.... well.....
    Walking around with my privates out seemed a bit out of order. Everyone else was hiding theirs.... I didn't want to be the 'peacock' so did as the locals did.

    My verdict of HuTong is that it is the only Kowloon alternative to Alexander (which has now been turned into an online gaming centre) and the patrons are dismissive of each other and everyone - with exception of the few moments in the dark maze when everyone is so desperate to have a encounter, that 'it' happens. The price is overly expensive and while the floor plan is large for a HK sauna organise your own sauna party at home in your bathroom - at least you'll have a willing audience!“

  39. A ALVIN
    Large space sauna populated by fit guys

    “Visited HuTong today (April 12) from 330pm to 8pm. Quite big sauna populated by mostly fit muscular guys. Was lucky to have fun with a cute young local guy. Well maintained and clean facilities. Free fruits, nuts and drinks served unlimited to everyone. Noticed that mostly local guys just stared at each other often seems hoping to look for a better one to come. There are also mainlanders and foreigners and they are more proactive than local guys. Will definitely visit this place again. Love to see so many fit, muscular and good looking guys here!“

  40. A Asian Dude
    New, clean with a very rude service.

    “Tons of slim, swimmer body types, with probably body fat less than 5%. And if you think you are one of them and you adore this type, this is your place. But if you are not one of them and you adore this type. Forget it. Don't even bother to come. They even barely touch each other. Seems like everyone are waiting for the best to come. But the best is yet to come. So nobody is touching anyone. Waiting. Except the foam party downstair. Most of them stick their body to each other while grabing the slippery cock because of the foam. Packed. The turn off is the staff yelling stupid since I tried to clean up the foam but I didn't clean up that well. Dude, if you feel like foam party creates hassle for you to clean up why you have this idea at the first place. And of course the turn off part is when the room is packed and you smell someone's bad breath.“

  41. b b
    So many cute Asian guys

    “Wildest bath house I've been to, so many fit Asian guys, and many were not shy. I was there to check it out, but kept getting dragged into group sessions. It was fun.

    Anyone know when the next foam party is?“

  42. F Flo
    All about the fun.

    “Five stars for the guys-fit, mascular and nice guys all over the place. Had great fun. The facility is fairly maintained. One huge buzz kill at the front desk. The guy is rude, unfriendly and unhelpful. But ain't got no time to hate him 'coz I am all about fun:P“

  43. h hayden
    First Sauna Experience

    “This is my first sauna experience and I am glad I choose Hutong. Sauna was great, spacious, clean and modern. Every facilities were functional and there are plenty fruits and tibbits for free. Receptionist was polite enough despite what the previous reviews said. Big plus point for the staff who very keen to keep the rooms and maze clean very frequently. Many hotties and cute guys were here that night, and I did notice few foreigners are here. Many actions were happen in the maze, I enjoy the group session and I was very lucky to find my cute bear and lead him into a room, we play for 3 rounds and the last round was in front of public, bunk bed place, because the rooms are fully occupied. What a great experience. Definitely will come again on my next Hong Kong trip.“

  44. I Italo
    Not foreigner friendly

    “Foreigner are not welcome, the reception said is full but before me and after me other HK guys come in. Go in other sauna don't waste time to go there.“

    • j j
      Sorry does not help

      “That true racist discriminate people and rude saying sorry does not help rather very rude that today Saturday is invitation only and place is full how can 3 floor be full was return too coz was foreigner... total waste of time never go ther e u feel rejected if ur not Asian...period.“

  45. P Patrick
    Average standard but unwelcoming staff

    “It's a quiet afternoon without many people. However, when I came to the counter the staff ask about the size of my backpack. I asked him to give me a longer one because I need to hang my jacket (I'm sure they can do it because it wasn't busy) but he refused my request. He also turned down my request to cook instant noodle for me DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT HASN'T GOT MANY CUSTOMERS AROUND!!!) I wonder how they could sustain their business without regard of their clients' needs given that they have the ability to offer it.

    When getting down to the 1level, there's a strong stinky smell that offset my desire for a pleasurable visit. NO NEXT TIME!“

    • S Seemon
      Come on!

      “Stupid, why they had to cook instant noodle for you? This is not a serviced apartment. Wake up!“

  46. D Dave
    Nice place!

    “There were lots of beautiful young asian guys, the staff was hard-working, the facilities were great except that the spa was not working. I came on a no-towel night. As a middle aged guay lo, I had no trouble bring admitted in sprite of what is written in other reviews. The guy at the front desk as not warm and welcoming, but he was busy because there were so many guys there. I definitely did not take it personally. I did have a great time.“

  47. R Rowan
    Still hottie central

    “Came here Sunday 8- 11 pm 18 Dec. The place consistently had at least 20 people there the whole time and the majority were fit and most of them good looking. The only down side for me was that most were also tops. Surprised me that being a Sunday night people did not seem to be leaving much and more were still going in. If you're fairly fit and not ugly then you should enjoy it here.“

  48. T Tom

    “Best sauna with few drawbacks.
    Pro: clean, spacious, hot dry room and good wetsauna. Lubs and condoms are provided for free and easily accessible. Cleaning guy is always busy and make our presence comfortable. Big thanks to him! Free wifi, free bananas:) i mean fruits. Showers are excellent.
    Cons: VERY loud music, really should be turned down a bit. Some receptionists should be more friendly. Strange prices: on the web site its 179$, on a desk its 199$. You need to argue with a receptionist about that, but why? They dont tell you about discount events, you must know and show them on the webpage. Again, why?
    How to get there: MTR to Mong Kok, exit A2, go straight 50m along Five street keeping the left side, cross Shanghai street, in 5m still on Five street there is gate and the small golden plate Ninson Property Management Limited. Here it is, house N239. Ring and enter...Enjoy“

  49. s sunny
    Event on Saturday & Sunday

    “Can anybody please tell that what is the event on Saturday & Sunday? Because its not mentioned on the website. I am going first time so please anybody let me know. Thanks“

  50. G Gregory

    “This place does NOT discriminate against race or age. Patrons of all age groups and nationalities all seem to be at least above average if not, very very good-looking. Maybe they do not want anyone who does not fit into their criteria to be disappointment, hence the refuse of entry.“

  51. G Gary

    “I believe it does screen out some of the guy which is too out of shape or too old. But this is where the quality comes from!
    If you are slim/muscular/young to middle age, then here will definitely be heaven! Those screen that only appeared in gay porn will definitely happen to you when you got "attacked" by several hot guys at once. It's like a dream to me..... I will go back one day.“

  52. A Andrew
    Better stay away

    “Not friendly to foreigners, they make up excuses to not let u in. Go to Alexander instead.“

  53. P Paul
    Westerns don't waste your time

    “Foreigners are not welcome! The reception attendant said only under invitation! I really don't know why they put a site in English! ABC was more friendly!“

  54. p p
    attitude sauna

    “Visited this place with a friend ( both caucasians), reception very unfriendly. Once inside it is a nice place but the jacuzzi is not heated. Most sad thing is that westeners don t get any attention the best advise is to go elsewhere...really..“

  55. I Ivan
    Nice sauna

    “This is a nice sauna it has 2 floors with most action downstairs! Sauna has many hot guys! Here is how to find it! You go to mong kok mtr station and take exit A2! Once you exit walk straight approximately 30 second walk! You need to cross I believe 2-3 roads! Once you cross Shanghai Road the sauna entrance is on the left aide of fife road! There is no sign only a metalic silver door and there is an alarm with a camera on the wall next to the door! You buzz it and they let you in! Walk upstairs as you take the stairs there are signs on the wall directing you to Hutong! There is another door to the sauna entrance that you buzz a second time and you are in! I never had any problems entering i'am white caucasian and its just not true they dont let tourist in! Its a great place.“

  56. L Lukas
    Great Place

    “New, clean, big maze, probably the biggest venue of this kind in HK - and lots of attractive guys. Quite a few of them are actually open to Westerners. Go!“

  57. R Rowan
    Hands down hottie central!

    “Came here tues 23/2/16 from 630- 1030pm and contrary to other reviews, I had no issue with the receptionist, the amenities seemed new, functional and generally the place seemed pretty clean. Client wise this place without a doubt has the most young, toned and good looking 20 something's yo locals I have seen in one place... To the point where I do wonder whether the establishment is secretly weeding out customers... There were consistently about 30 guys there the whole time. Interestingly though the guys seem to fondle each other, play a bit and then move on almost like they were sampling wares and then try the next guy.. anyone else notice that?“

  58. P Phil
    Best in HK I've been to

    “I read all the negative comments and at first I was hesitant but decided to go and look for myself. If I get rejected, there's always another one close by. Surprisingly, I got in with no questions asked. I'am not local but Asian.
    The place is way bigger compared to other sauna, well maintained, clean, nice facilities and layout and hot men! Its a very busy nude night and you see action everywhere. I've seen only a handful of non-Asian as well.“

  59. D Derek
    Avoid at all cost!

    “Rude receptionist. There is no parameters in "choosing" their clients. On asking for admission, told the place was full, weekend parties that followed were on invitation only. Even a fool knows that it is a manoeuvre to drive away unwanted clients. Its clientele is skinny locals. I am a foreign Chinese returning to HK, find this place has violated the most fundamental principles of human right. They don't care about PR at all. Spend your $ elsewhere.“

  60. G Gabriele
    Hu tong fun

    “I went to Hu tong on a naked day. It was quite crowded. Almost all asians but as a western guy I was nicely welcomed. Plenty of young and muscled guys and plenty of action. The sauna is really clean, I would come back if I were in HK.“

  61. C Coffeeintokyo

    “When you read these reviews, mind that a lot of the writers are the queens with huge egos and cannot take rejection well. And maybe fat and ugly lol. Never had trouble with the staff, just be polite and could try again another night lol. They were not rude and I felt no attitude from the staff or guests at all. So if you have the attitude the chances are you will meet with same. I'm not particularly handsome but fit and look after myself. So buds go and explore!“

  62. V Vincent
    Asian traveler from Australia

    “I went here on a Sunday afternoon. Front desk doesn't seem rude at all as I spoke no Cantonese at all. Since it was naked towel Sunday it was really busy with lots of guys. Although I did see one white guy. There was action everywhere in the maze and dark places. If I had the chance to come again I would.“

  63. P Phil
    Great sauna!!

    “Big sauna, cleanness is great they are cleaning all the time, most are locals and they are quite into locals, but as a western you still can get ur fun.
    We went twice and got in without any problem (me western, BF Asian). I got fun both times and enjoyed the sauna.
    It's big, nice, well mentioned, good condition, clean, friendly staff, snacks, free drinks, ...
    Dark rooms are big and a cleaner passes by often. Many cabins available.
    We sure will be back. Great sauna, one on the top of our list of the many countries we went to saunas.“

  64. D Dale
    A must visit

    “Me from Australia. Loved the place - its heaps bigger and cleaner than others I visited in HKG. I chatted with the front desk guy about refusing entry to some people and came to conclusion they just don't want more than 5-10 white guys at any given time. I also believed the door guy was given attitude before he returned it. A few manners goes a long way. And save you wondering, I had a fantastic time with a HKG couple - went for 2 hours.“

  65. B Bob

    “Literally the best sauna I've ever been to in my life! Very clean, nicely decorated, lots of high-quality meat even I went on a Monday night! Price a bit high though, especially knowing they charge differently for locals. Clean environment, fun and big nude zone.“

  66. H Hunter
    Nicely decorated, crowded but disappointing

    “No matter how many good-looking young guys you got in there, it's kind of boring and pointless if no one is doing anything, ain't it? I was told this place is patronized mostly by young muscle lads but I didn't see many when I was there. Everyone is waiting for the better meat. BORING.“

  67. G Glenn

    “My first visit Hong Kong yesterday and this experience was the best. Very clean place and the server always clean from time to time. The receptionist is very formal and professional. Although some functions are not working but over all was great and worth the value of your money. Will definitely go back to HK just to visit this sauna again!“

  68. C Chrysa
    Good sauna

    “Tried the sauna on 19th Sep and revisited on 20th Sep. A wonderful experience. Fit athletic cuties and hunks aplenty. Jacuzzi wasn't working last weekend. Many posers in the towel free area, waiting for action. 20th Sep was a nude night, where towels were allowed only for showers. All were nude in the premise. Crowd quality paled in comparison to Sat's evening crowd. Had an enjoyable time, mingling around with locals and others. Receptionist was certainly not the friendly kind you will expect from a service line.“

  69. A Alx
    Rude to westerners

    “Westerners told 'sorry were full' while asians walk in??!!!“

  70. E Eurasian Guy
    Great crowd!

    “This is truly one of the best saunas in HK, if you're into masculine guys with great bods. They have this unlit maze that changes from time to time. Saturdays are sometimes too crowded for me, though. Speaking English there hasn't been an issue for me.“

  71. L Leo
    best in HK

    “I am not sure about their attitude but so far they have been friendly throughout all my visits. If you are into a clean, huge space and checking out the hottest and most diversed gay crowd in HK. This is the best. Most guys are good looking with some who are of premium quality. Even if one ends up without any action, the eye candies themselves make the entrance fee worth its while. Highly recommended to those who appreciate good looks and Adonis.“

  72. G Greg
    Best Kept Secret

    “Visiting Chinese American. Sorry for those who got turned away. Hutong has the best men. The best facilities - rooms, mazes, darkroom, and showers. Action was everywhere. Anything you want you got it--group, 1 on 1, threeways.“

  73. R Rahul
    Racist, baised

    “This is undoubtedly the most racist sauna in Hong Kong. When I buzzed them, they let me into the building. When I got to the reception the guy at the counter looks me up and down and says ... sorry we're closed. All this while there are other Chinese lads walking in! I was shocked and disgusted. Would never recommend it to anyone.


  74. A Axe
    Absolutely disappointing

    “The owner is very biased. He only welcomes and talks to the people he likes which is totally personal to his business and is definitely not a general standard representation of the local saunas.

    It is well known in the scene that the owner is picky in choosing clients while his taste is not that great. Occasionally, there might be a few hot dudes but most of the time, majority of the guys there look plain, ordinary and forgettable. For a sauna with such high scrutiny, the overall standard of the visitors is absolutely disappointing.

    For your information, [there are] hidden cameras in dark rooms and corridors. Whether you enjoy this sauna or not highly depends on your chemistry with this narrow minded person. There are plenty of places in Hong Kong that are much more fun and more enjoyable than this closed circuit!


    • A Asian dude
      Agree with you

      “Even most them have slim and tone body, face wise, most if them are just forgettable looking. Like between hundred probably only one or two good looking guys. And all of them have 'I look better than you' attitude.“

  75. M Mister
    Where hunky gays come together

    “Been there last night. The atmosphere there reminds me Aniki Taipei. #“

  76. D Dickson
    Sydney Asian Boy

    “Avoid at all costs! First time visit, was rejected at the counter. The staff said, "We are full tonight." I said, "Tonight is weeknight, you are full, what about weekend." He said, "I am sorry, we won't have any space at weekend either." What he said was "please don't come here, I don't want your business." I don't know what criteria he has in choosing his clients. If this place is so snobbish, avoid it & spend your $ where you feel welcomed.“

  77. R Raymond
    BOYCOTT this place!

    “I was told the house is full, so I was rejected.
    They definitely have a prejudice door policy, & the front desk is rude, this place should be avoided. I have been to bathhouses all around the world & I have never been treated like this.
    I can't understand how the front desk guy can be so picky when he himself is so ugly.
    They definitely do not want other Asians or foreigners in there except for a few token whiteys as long as they have rock in' bods.
    This place sucks, don't support a business like this who descrimates within its own community.
    Spend your money elsewhere“

  78. U Utopian
    Bad! Bad! Bad!

    “The old Double changed their name and location to run away from their bad reputation, but the same owner says he doesn't care if you know about his sauna and he doesn't need your business. Frequent reports of ugly behavior. Please help to make his wish come true and give this place a skip.“

  79. T Tom
    Many mainland Chinese visitors.

    “There are not many local Hong Kong people go there, but I see many mainland Chinese visitors. They are rude, impolite, and lacking in manners. They talk loudly. I am too disgusted by some of the behavior I see whenever I visit Hutong sauna but I am Chinese *_*. I may try another sauna in Hong Kong next time.“

  80. B Blaze
    Appalling service. Rude management.

    “I have one word for this sauna: AVOID!!! For those who are thinking about going to this sauna first time, think twice before you do, unless you are desperate! I remembered my first visit, it was okay! and this is based on my second visit. Don't think it's worth to pay HKD159 while clearly there are a few broken facilities, unwelcoming ambiance, a few horrors encountered to summed up my second & the very last visit!“

  81. E Ergo
    A pleasant surprise

    “This sure was immensely difficult to find along Shanghai Street because the entrance is along Fife. Good move Hutong. That's discretion for ya. Haha

    I was nervous because of the so-called screening prior to entering. Thought it would be difficult for me too. Guess not. I just gave the money and got a discount coupon for next visit.

    Facilities are actually nice. The nude area, where the rooms are, was weird but definitely exciting. I felt like a kid exploring every nook and cranny of the place.
    I liked the refreshment station although I prefer Alexander's. Many hotties for sure. There were foreigners too, mind. I like aggressive guys and, good thing, there were lots of em.

    Seemed clean. Although the floor was a bit sticky.“

  82. P Paolo
    Awesome sauna in HK!

    “I have been here twice last week and I must say the front desk guy was accommodating. I did not experience any rudeness and he let me in right away. Stayed for only 3 hours but really had great time with 2 young hunk HK guys.“

  83. M Matt
    Skip it. Do not waste your time. So rude.

    “I had read the reviews and decided not to go to this place. However the locals told me even though they had not been in almost 6 months that this is a place to go. I followed a very unattractive Asian guy up the stairs and they let him in immediately. I got up to the window and they tell me that it is a private party and membership is required and sent me away. Just for the record I am Caucasian and a very attractive guy. I am 32, 5' 11" 175. I left and went down the street to another club and in five minutes of walking in, had two hot guys in my hands. I strongly recommend that the admins change the description to say foreigners are not welcome.“

  84. D Dennis
    best sauna i have ever been..

    “I went to Hu Tong on Saturday 2nd August. I am a foreigner (Chinese - Indonesian). Before, I was a little bit afraid of going in there because of the negative reviews. Before I got there, I called them for directions. They answered the phone in Cantonese, so I couldn't understand it. They might think I am white, and they told me about the private party. But I just kept looking and finally I found this place. I rang the bell and when the door open, a manly hot bald front desk say something in Cantonese and I didn't say anything since i didn't understand. So I just gave my money and he gave me the locker key. So I was safe. I saw 2 fat guys there who are lucky to get in and they did get any attention from others. The guys are 95% hot and sexy. A ton of muscle warrior are there. At that time was so crowded because they have a foam party. It was so much fun. The best sauna ever. For your information, the desk workers are not nice. But it is the most crowded biggest sauna in Hong Kong. You will never regret it. If you are below average and want to get lucky, just try to come NOT during the weekend. I love this place so much because of the guys are hot.“

  85. D David

    “Poor service and rude management - avoid!

    I can't believe what Richard said in the last review.......suspect he is cheating travelgayasia with fake review....“

  86. R Richard
    Best sauna on the planet

    “This has got to be the best sauna in the world. I'm a westerner so not sure why this place has been getting bad reviews. I am grateful for a strict door policy which allows you to have total peace of mind when you roam around. You will find like for like - fit handsome young.“

  87. h han
    DONT GO THERE !!!!!!

    “25 June 2014. I am an Asian from overseas. They rejected me and said “You need an invitation to get in by SMS”. When I asked "How to get the invitation?", they just made a lot of excuses.
    There are many other saunas in HK. A good sauna should have good customer service at the front desk. Not recommended for anyone. No need to rate any star.“

  88. L L
    Turned away for not being Asian

    “Seems like they discriminate against non Asians. I was turned away with the "private party" excuse. They told me not today and not tomorrow. Do not recommend it.“

  89. H Hello
    Interest & nice relax place

    “Sweet, nice and relaxing place. Kind staff. I enjoyed a lot.“

  90. F Fit
    bad manner and the best crowed

    “Rude manner of the owner or front desk, but the fact is the sauna still has the best crowed in HK. I have to say, I used to see few white or black guys there, don't know why it claims it's for Asian only, Well I hate the front desk, but I won't go to any other sauna in Hong Kong because all we want from sauna is the guys!! right?“

  91. T Timmy
    Disgusting !!!

    “Plain disgusting behavior by the front desk. Definitely should no longer be in this business as a sauna. Brought my guest there and was rudely turned away. The Asian-only rule, I can bring myself to accept, but why the rudeness?“

  92. G Garrett
    No racist

    “I first went there in a Thursday afternoon. Not so many guys in there, and not everyone is in good shape. But I saw two white and one black guys. So it's not the so called Asian-only sauna. And I was not be treated with the door-policy. When I was ringing the bell, the door opened shortly. BTW the place is kinda hard to find, the door is not on the Shanghai Road at all.“

  93. C Cool
    Door Policy is No Guarantee

    “Do not think that just because they have a door policy, the customers inside are better looking or are in better shape. They are just as average as those of other saunas.“

  94. C Cliff

    “I wanted to go there with a Chinese friend who had been a few times before. We didn't have to ring the doorbell downstairs as someone was just leaving so went directly up to the front desk. The extremely rude front desk guy shouted to my Chinese friend in Cantonese (which I understand quite well, having lived here for 10 years) how he dares to bring in that "Gweilo". My friend told him that he had been before and wanted today to have fun with his foreign friend. The front desk guy told him that he remembers him from earlier visits and he can get in but the foreigner had to leave. When my friend asked for the reason, the unfriendly guy told him: "Ok, if you insist of fxxxxxxxg with a foreigner then best you go to another place but not here, and told him not to come back ever again". My friend was extremely upset about this behavior. When he told the front desk guy that this is racist and he will inform the media about it, he just received an answer: "Yes, so what. We don't like westerners here. It's for Asian only and it's our place, so get out!". Its horrible to see such a racist place still exists in Hong Kong. I advise everyone to avoid this horrible sauna.“

  95. A Andy
    not disappointed nor over excited.

    “I went to this place a few times and was not disappointed nor over excited. The customers are just as average as other saunas. To those people who have been rejected or turned away, you have not missed much.
    The guy at the reception desk is rude anyhow. I prefer to give my business to the more friendly places where they have younger guys, average looking guys and good looking guys, nice gym body guys.“

  96. D D
    Less diversity but good looking guys

    “I wasn't aware that they still have the door policy until I saw an Asian bear got turned down at the door because "he needs an invitation to get in". But to be fair, even if he was let in, I guess few people in the sauna would be interested in him because of his body type. That's just how cruel the gay world is.

    Despite the door policy, the sauna does have some of the most good looking guys you can find in Asia. Unlike other saunas in Hong Kong where most customers are average middle-aged men, the crowd in Hutong is much younger (20-35) and more gym fit. It is more like a crowd that you can expect at a hot gay club in Hong Kong except everyone in the "club" is half-naked. There are very few westerners and they don't seem to get a lot of attentions.

    So the conclusion is, if you are Asian, you are young and you think you look average or above, definitely go there because you will find many other young good looking guys just like you or even better. If you fail any of the criteria, you would either be turned down at the door or get in but be disappointed in the end.“

  97. N Nash
    Turned away

    “I agree the guy at the reception desk is very rude, and does not give a good reason why, non Asians need to be turned away. When I was there other, not so good looking guys got in, so I believe they are just plain racist.

    They should state that they don't accept other races on their website. So people will not book accommodation near this sauna. Just because the sauna is clean and modern, does not give them the right to treat people like dirt. Don't bother going here.“

  98. I Iwan

    “I am Asian. I also have been rejected with a reason "for members only".“

  99. K Keith
    Bad bad bad

    “I think they only select the people they want to let in. I was rejected because they are "members only" - even with an SMS invitation, they rejected me. They should open the sauna to the public and not just for a container a certain race or age.“

  100. R Randy

    “First of all they need a more educated man at the front desk who has a better answer for why they don't like foreigners. "We're having a private party for special members only", does not work, especially for us who have lived in Hong Kong for many years. "Stay away foreigners" on the website would be nicer instead of saying the crowd is mixed.
    Queer Chinese and queerer Chinese does not make mixed crowd. Good luck boys, I will let all of my foreign friends know to stay away. Escalator Sauna is the best in town with a friendly owner at the door.“

  101. C Carl

    “I was rejected at the door with the comment: "We are having a private party by invitation only". Perhaps Caucasians aren't very welcome here. Their loss, of course, as I went to ABC Sauna instead.“

  102. C Chen

    “I've been there 3 times since opening and have seen white guys a couple of times, including last night (Monday), so I don't think they have a racist policy but rather, maybe they control entrance by look, body etc. All hungry warriors there, and it's very brutal. Average guys have no hope getting attention of the hot beautiful hunks, and they would simply push you away. But overall guys were OK to Very Good. Have seen more muscled guys at Taipei's Aniki.“

  103. k koos

    “Warning to all Europeans: They do have an Asians only policy. Tried to get in on 2 April and was told by invitation only!!!“

  104. B Ben

    “Big, nice, modern and clean with many cute guys.“

  105. B Billy

    “Sadly seems they have an 'Asians only' policy on weekends and rather hostile to westerners with a 'invite only' policy... :(“

  106. B Beyan

    “Nice and big sauna.“

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