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Chiang Mai Gay Dance Clubs

Wanna dance with somebody? Whilst the nightclubs in Chiang Mai are mixed, there are a few venues with DJ’s and live shows that target the gay crowd.

See Man Pub
See Man Pub

Canal Road (near Huay Kaew Rd intersection), Chiang Mai

'+66 83 315 8857
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weekday 23:00 - 03:00 weekend 23:00 - 03:00

See Man Pub

audience rating 3.4 stars from 33 votes - click to vote

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Long-running gay nightclub in Chiang Mai. See Man Pub features live music, shows and Coyote dancers. Thai crowd, but foreigners are welcome.

Located opposite Khum Phucome Hotel. Open from 9pm, though rather quiet on weekdays.

features bar, music, dancing (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐) | Updated: 17-Oct-2019

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Sound Up (Mandalay Bar)
Sound Up (Mandalay Bar)

5/3 Moon Muang Rd Lane 2, Chiang Mai

'+66 93 162 2771
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Sound Up (Mandalay Bar)

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“Mandalay Bar” was a Chiang Mai gay institution. The long-running disco club were closed for a few years and has now re-opened (in 2017) under a new name “Sound Up”.

Sound Up remains the largest party venue in town. The crowd is mixed, but many LGBT. Located within the Old Town Square. Car parking spots available.

features bar, music, dancing, live music (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐, 现场音乐) | Updated: 16-Aug-2019

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city centre / Old Town
hotels within the historic square moat that surrounds the Old City

Night Bazaar
tourist-popular area, with many shops, restaurant and a few gay bars

Nimmanhaemin Road
lively area, close to nightlife, gay spas and House of Male sauna

Ping River / riverside
hotels along the bankside or close to the Ping River

Warm Up Café
Warm Up Café

40 Nimmarnhaemin Rd, Chiang Mai

'+66 53 400 677
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weekday 18:00 - 02:00 weekend 18:00 - 02:00

Warm Up Café

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Also known as “Tawan Dang”, Warm Up Café is a long-running café bar, nightclub and favourite meeting spot for the young LGBT/mixed crowd and college students.

Located in the Nimmanhaemin area, Warm Up features upbeat music, outdoor area and laid-back vibe.

features bar, music, dancing (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐) | Updated: 21-Oct-2019

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Chiang Mai Gay Dance Clubs