Phuket’s Off-The-Beaten-Track Beaches

Phuket’s Off-The-Beaten-Track Beaches

Phuket is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches along its west coast.

Patong is the most well-known beach and even has its own gay section.  Equally famous are Surin, Kamala, Karon and Kata beaches.

But it really is worth exploring some of the smaller, lesser-known beaches and stunning viewpoints.  So, hire a taxi for a day or rent a car and explore more of the western coastline of Phuket.


Laem Sing Beach

Laem Sing is a beautiful cove located between Surin and Kamala beaches. This 150-metre stretch of sand is nestled within a hidden bay fringed with palm trees and lush green surroundings.

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Heading south from Surin Beach (towards Patong) the road goes uphill.  Keep looking to your right and you will find a viewpoint where you can stop and take a panoramic photo of Laem Sing beach and the Andaman Sea.

Continue a further 500 metres south until you see motorbikes and cars parked along the street.  Park, and walk down the steps to Laem Sing Beach.  The beach can get a bit crowded on a sunny day.



Tri Trang Beach

Located south of Patong is the quieter Tri Trang Beach, the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Patong.

This long, pine-tree-lined beach is less touristy and has some welcomed shade in the afternoon as the beach actual faces north.

To reach Tri Trang from Patong, drive south on Ratuthit Songroipi Road (the one-way road through Patong that goes past the Paradise Complex) to the end, turn right and then turn left when you reach the beach.  Drive across the bridge at the end of Patong Beach and continue along the road for a couple of miles until you find Tri Trang Resort sign to your right.

Tri Trang Beach Phuket 2015


Yanui Beach

This small sandy beach is almost at the bottom tip of Phuket.  It’s a lovely beach to visit on the way to the famous Laem Promthep sunset spot.  The soft white sand, rock formations and a picture perfect island just offshore mean the views are quite breathtaking.

Don’t forgot to make a quick stop at the Windmill viewpoint, just north of Yanui Beach – see below for details.



Recommended Viewpoints


Karon Viewpoint

Driving south from Kata Beach towards Naiharn Beach, you will pass this viewpoint at the top of the hill on the right side of the road.

The viewpoint is well-organised with plenty of parking.  The view over the west coast of Phuket taking in Karon, Kata and Kata Noi is gorgeous and well worth taking a photo for your Facebook posting.  The turquoise water in the afternoon sun is really beautiful.

Kata Beach View Point Phuket Nov 2015

Windmill Viewpoint

The Windmill Viewpoint is located towards the southern tip of Phuket, between Yanui and Naiharn beaches.  Along the road between these beaches, you will see a huge white wind turbine.  Take a right there.  This amazing panoramic viewpoint overlooks Yanui Beach on the left and Naiharn Beach on the right.

Windmill View Point Phuket Nov 2015

Laem Promthep

This rocky headland extends out into the sea at the most far southwest point on the island.  Tourists and locals come here to enjoy the scenic sea views and the amazing sunset.

There is plenty of parking and a large area on top of the hill with a shrine and a lighthouse.  Handicraft shops and a range of stalls sell sarongs, snacks and refreshments.

Cape Promthep at Sunset taken Nov 2015

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