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Travel Gay Europe • Recent User Reviews

A nice experience, although a small place.

Antony on Heaven Sauna, Warsaw, Poland on 2018-07-17

“Was there on a Saturday night. The sauna is clean and pleasant. Mixed group of people. Only thing is it is very small place and it can get very crowded even with a few people, while you keep bumping onto the same people ...” read more


andrew on Basement Complex, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2018-07-17

“Went here end of June this year on a Saturday night. There was a strange crowd in, not nice, full of horrible queens who seem to reject those better looking than themselves - so I thought to myself, two can play at that ...” read more


MED on BLANCO, Milan, Italy on 2018-07-16

“If you want to be very poorly received this is the place and if you want to pay for badly prepared cocktails and have you have no taste, then it is the place to be. Not at all warm or friendly. I asked to see the manager...” read more

SBN rules the club cruise scene

James on SBN & NBN @ FiRE, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-16

“Don't know what the last reviewer was on, but I went to both places in one day. Went to Joxx first and saw about 15 guys aged 40-60. Then went to SBN and saw loooaaaaddss of fit guys from 18 up. Far more welcoming atmosp...” read more

Best place for a quick fuck

John on BULL, Berlin, Germany on 2018-07-16

“The nice thing about this place is that everyone coming here knows exactely what he is looking for: action. Ok, it's not the cleanest place. Gets quite busy late pm (after work, mostly older men) and between 23hrs and 2-...” read more


Bill on Saunawerk, Frankfurt, Germany on 2018-07-16

“Lovely place full of lovely men.” read more

Nice bar

Bill on Zum Schwejk, Frankfurt, Germany on 2018-07-16

“Lovely guys go to this place. I've been twice and each time I have been very happily satisfied in the toilet cubicles. I can recommend it x” read more

Mijotons = soda

Fafa on BLANCO, Milan, Italy on 2018-07-15

“At 9 euros it's expensive soda. The server is not at all friendly.” read more

Shocking what other venues will stoop to

James on SBN & NBN @ FiRE, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-15

“Read the last review about SBN which is so far from what the place is actually like, that it’s as pathetic as it is laughable. SBN is without doubt one of the hottest, sleaziest events you could wish for. The r...” read more

Read your review and went to jocks

Lee on SBN & NBN @ FiRE, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-15

“This guy is talking through his bum; he must be the owner of The club. No one in the cold damp whole he calls jocks, what a joke. Went to SBN and 100s of guys great show I told the guy on the door I’d been to jocks and...” read more

Dirty dump

Gary on KAOS Bar, Blackpool, United Kingdom on 2018-07-15

“The owners have no respect at all for there customers or the premises..” read more


Spaniard on F56, Vienna, Austria on 2018-07-14

“Visited on Saturday. It was not busy but found what I was looking for. Nice areas to play, plenty sling, dark room and nice staff.” read more

Had high hopes

Spaniard on LMC Vienna – HARD ON, Vienna, Austria on 2018-07-14

“Went on Friday. It was OK. Had fun but it is a club where most of the guys know each other, so quite hard to meet someone. Staff really nice.” read more

Awful dirty sauna

Bhavin on Alexander Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2018-07-13

“Visited Alexander Sauna on Saturday afternoon, only 3 guys inside, other guys money guys. Staff very rude and I was overcharged for entry. The sauna is large but very dirty and smelly. Steam room not working. No action, ...” read more

Gay community space

Catalin on Delirio Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania on 2018-07-13

“Apart from being a club, Delirio Sibiu is also a meeting and discussion space, the only place where the lgbt community in the area can meet. Thanks to Delirio for supporting us in organising film evenings and constructiv...” read more

About Delirio

Calin on Club Delirio, Cluj-Napoca, Romania on 2018-07-13

“Delirio is such an amazing place, people are always nice to you, the boss always shows respect to his customers and you can make new friends in no time. It’s always a pleasure to go there and the music is always entert...” read more

West Side Club

NYC Gay Saunas Will Disappoint You

Mike on West Side Club, New York , USA on 2018-07-13

“To all out-of-town visitors: you WILL be disappointed by the gay saunas in NYC if you choose to go - unfortunately NYC is not a gay sauna or "cruise club" town (its a "Grindr town"). All the sex clubs closed in the 80s/9...” read more

Steamworks Seattle

Probably the Best Sauna in the USA

Mike on Steamworks, Chicago, USA on 2018-07-13

“While the USA doesn't have many great saunas, this one stands out. Not only does it get more people than most gay saunas (its right in the "gayborhood" of Chicago) but its huge and well-maintained. On the ground floor yo...” read more

Club Orlando Sauna Orlando Florida

Cleanest Sauna Ever

Mike on Club Orlando, Orlando, USA on 2018-07-13

“Was pleasantly surprised with Club Orlando - beautiful facilities. Its got a huge outdoor pool and pool deck as well as a jacuzzi outdoors, and indoors there's a steam room and a dry sauna. The gym is big and has newer e...” read more

Condivido a pieno

Pinco on Florence Baths, Florence, Italy on 2018-07-12

“Nothing to say about this review which is the real and adhering to the truth of a decadent sauna. It corresponds overall. Perhaps he has just forgotten the rudeness is arrogance and lack of politeness and kindness of som...” read more

Big rucksack

Graham on Lads Locker Room, Bristol, United Kingdom on 2018-07-12

“Regarding the above, I was going to visit this sauna tomorrow but don't think I will bother to go now as my rucksack is rather large.” read more

Great sauna

Henry on Magnum Sauna, Budapest, Hungary on 2018-07-11

“I have been to this sauna on many different days of the week. The best times obviously are the weekends however it gets really crowded and sometimes is difficult to find a room for you and your partner. I live in the USA...” read more

Gay sauna in Luton

Dirty Unpleasant Staff Overpriced

J on The Greenhouse – Luton, Luton, United Kingdom on 2018-07-11

“You get 1 condom and lube when you arrive and have to buy more. Absolute trash venue. Flithy with horrible staff. Very empty and a few over 80 year old men. Waste of time.” read more

If you like beary guys, this is the sauna for you....

Mike on Chariots – Vauxhall, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-10

“.....fortunately, I love beary guys! I think that this is now the last Chariot sauna in London, since Shoreditch and Waterloo got bought out, and Limehouse is now Sailors. It’s still a pretty decent sauna at the rig...” read more

Not overly impressed

Mike on Pleasuredrome, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-10

“I’ve been to a fair few saunas in the UK, and do reckon I’ve got a point of comparison. I’ve been to the Pleasuredome twice, and while with any sauna/cruise bar/venue, the people make the experience more than anyth...” read more

Can be hit and miss

Mike on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-10

“I’ve been to Sweatbox a few times now, and as it goes, it’s not the worst sauna in the UK...but I do think the hype that comes with it is unjustified. I am aware that a few British gay porn producers made movies t...” read more

Brutally honest review

Mike on Vault 139, London, United Kingdom on 2018-07-10

“First time visit yesterday with my partner and a friend. STRIPPED night, 9/7/18. Had heard of the place before and been tempted but not expecting wall-to-wall gorgeous guys or high quality. £9 to get in. No queue. Do...” read more


Martin on Vinci Sauna, Cyprus, on 2018-07-10

“On Vacation. I am a bit overweight and and at 62 yrs I did not expect to find anyone interested. I was wrong. Several people interacted with me and it was all very relaxed. I met a young guy and we visited the amazing d...” read more

US man

Mark on Metrò Club Milano, Milan, Italy on 2018-07-10

“The same membership rule thing exists here in the US too. These venues act as private members clubs.” read more

Very good facility

Dylan on Alexander Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2018-07-10

“Spent some time here on Sunday evening. Very friendly staff, it was my first time here so they gave me a full tour of the facility. It was clean. A good number of guys were around. I will be back on my next trip to Athen...” read more