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Club Papuga Krakow gay nightclub


Rob on Club Papuga, Krakow, Poland on 2020-02-24

“I do not recommend, stuffy, tight, unpleasant and rude service. The worst place I have ever been to...Avoid it!!!!” read more


Ss on Magic Touch by The Tree, Bangkok, Thailand on 2020-02-24

“I was there two times first I didn’t ask name of masseur But second with K or King(??maybe forgot) he recommended me many things and his skill was perfect. I will come back to massage again.” read more

I would like some information

Peter on SBN & NBN @ UNION, London, United Kingdom on 2020-02-23

“It will be my first time and I don't know what to do. Is this a naked club? Everybody is naked? Can we have fun in there? I'm 40 yo but in good shape and I like youngers tops. Can I have any lucky? The only place I know ...” read more

Tercer Milenio Evolution Quito

Un asco

Raúl on Tercer Milenio Evolution, Quito, Ecuador on 2020-02-23

“Pésima sonido, mal ecualizado. Mal trago, mal ambiente, todo mal! $9 para entrar a una discoteca vieja sin nada bueno que ofrecer.” read more


Simon on BASE Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom on 2020-02-23

“Every time I go it’s always closed meant to be open 24 hours from Saturday and it is not true. This is my 4 weekend that I have been and it was closed there was even people even standing outside waiting to get in and w...” read more

Aun is a good massage shop!

J on Men’s Massage Aun, Tokyo, Japan on 2020-02-23

“I use this shop Aun every time I visit Tokyo. Here are many good masseurs. Moreover, Aun always has a masseur come to my hotel within not more than one hour! I recommend Aun.” read more

The Eagle gay cruise club Newcastle Upon Tyne

Good times

Tom on EAGLE Newcastle, Newcastle, United Kingdom on 2020-02-23

“Had a few good meets in the Eagle, some really nice guys, one or two odd ones but we'll worth a visit. Tends to liven up about 7.30! Down stairs is a nice cruising area lots of friendly fun to be had.” read more


Men on Muscle Land, Seoul, South Korea on 2020-02-23

“How much it will cost? For the massage and all?” read more

Never changed a Business model when Business starts doing Great

Golin on Sempurna Avenue, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2020-02-23

“As they say "Never Changed a business model or ways doing business when the business starts doing Great" !...but sadly, This is What Sempurna Avenue just Changed! As a 5x times customer who came more than 3 yrs and alwa...” read more


Steve on Vault 139, London, United Kingdom on 2020-02-23

“I visited Vault 139 on a Monday naked night. It was as I expected lots of naked guys looking for fun. I loved it. However, I do worry about the attitude to unprotected fun. I know they are probably on prep but what abou...” read more

Sweatbox Sauna

Good Experience

Steve on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2020-02-23

“I went to Sweatbox during the naked Saturday afternoon and spent about two hours. You are given a modesty cloth about the size of a facecloth should you need it. It was relatively busy with about 20 guys there. I enjoyed...” read more

Nice massage

bryan on The Halia Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2020-02-23

“I took the package call honey retreat with cute masseur if I not forgotten his name is jam he was polite dude keeps smiling but his strength not so strong, his massage just nice for me. For someone who like strong pressu...” read more


John on Gay Sauna Glamour, Vilnius, Lithuania on 2020-02-23

“It is never much people there. for instance this Saturday it was only 6 people all over. But usually it is about 10-15. But very rarely hot good looking guys. Usually fat old dads.” read more


Pepe on Sauna Casanova, Barcelona, Spain on 2020-02-23

“I just visited after 6 years of not being there. I can tell you the whole place is derelict and unsanitary. The cabins and cruise areas are ok, but they have not kept up the steam rooms. They smell really bad and are ver...” read more

To expensive

Sihwan on Pump Up Bar, Osaka, Japan on 2020-02-23

“가격이 너무 비싸요~ 둘이서 생맥주2잔하고 녹차소주2잔 마셨는데 5,000엔 나왔네요~” read more

My 1st Experience @ OOPS! Kuala Lumpur

Fun_Is on OOPS! Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2020-02-23

“Date: 21 February 2020 Time: 4.00PM - 5.00PM It's TGIF and felt like want to treat myself. OOPS! Kuala Lumpur was the closest to where I was. Went there and came to the registration counter and paid the fee of RM35. The...” read more

Not erotic; Good for regular massage only

James on Shuang Spa, Singapore, on 2020-02-23

“Paid $92 for a 60 min massage. As this is ostensibly a gay massage, was expecting that to include some titillation and end with a bang so to speak. As it turned out, the massage was a very competent but very wholesome ma...” read more

Give it a visit.

Craig on Club R 18+, Gold Coast, Australia on 2020-02-23

“I visited from Sydney in February 2020 and I had a great time! Have been coming here on and off over the years, and I always return. Good selection of guys and the man on the front desk is a nice guy. The pricing is rea...” read more


Patrick on Ciemnia Club, Kraków, Poland on 2020-02-22

“New Ciemnia is a much higher level. I recommend to those who want to dance, drink or, fun.” read more

Sauna spa - 69 Lima

Magic habnds

Cuerpo on Sauna 69, Lima, Peru on 2020-02-22

“It is a nice spot, you'll have fun. I went twice this month and I'm very satisfied with what this place is for. Recommended ;)” read more

Not worth it

Al on Sauna Center, Madrid, Spain on 2020-02-22

“Went on a Friday night around 10, it was pretty dead. Found a really hot guy and fooled around with him. The culture at this sauna is to fool around in the cabins. We had a great time and decided to not finish so we coul...” read more

Feeling and answering for you

heison on B&J Men’s Club, Hong Kong, China on 2020-02-22

“This friend, you wrote it wrong. It is not 300 Hong Kong dollars for a 300-minute massage experience, but an 80-minute massage experience. I went up and patronized once yesterday. The massage service was really good. The...” read more

I recommend Felipe from Holiday Houseboys as an amazing tour guide

Marsel on Holiday Houseboys, on 2020-02-22

“I recommend Felipe as an amazing tour guide, we spent together 8 hours and I really enjoyed experiencing the city with a local. Felipe is also very flexible with the program so together we agreed to few changes, he was a...” read more

Amazing time in hacienda

akis on Villa Hacienda, Katerini, Greece on 2020-02-22

“villa hacienda is an amazing place to have fun and enjoy luxury experience and privace , in greece...very close to gay nude beach korinos and to the most wonderfull clubs ,bars,resto...the pri...” read more

Great place if you're into sportsgear

Ian on Club Shoot, London, UK on 2020-02-22

“The nice thing about this club is that the people that go are really into the kit, and make a big effort. Most of the people that come will wear a proper full football or rugby kit. You always get a few other guys in thi...” read more

Great service

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-02-22

“Thank you E for your review and audience voting. Hope you enjoy your stay in SG and do drop by when you are back to SG again. Take care Adrickong” read more

Great massage

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-02-22

“Thank you B Your review and audience voting is much appreciated. Wishing you all the best Adrickong” read more

Waxing , grooming

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-02-22

“Thank you Alex for supporting our previous spa "The Hidden Place" at Tras street till today my home based spa at Tampines. You had came a long way and I appreciate your presence. Thank you so much Wishes you smo...” read more


Giulia on Kremlin, Belfast, United Kingdom on 2020-02-22

“I love the music there and I was going there because I liked It until a bouncer grabbed me by the arm and kicked me out! First man in my Life that put his hands on me and when I try to explain myself he laughs in front o...” read more

A relaxing place; for a relaxing massage

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-02-21

“Thank you Tim , apologized for a late reply. Good spa ambience with essential facilities will give clients a comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate. Thank you Tim Warmers regards Adrickong” read more

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