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Gay sauna in Northwich


Karl on Northwich Sauna, Northwich, United Kingdom on 2018-05-23

“I went here 4 weeks ago and returned 2 weeks after. First of all, I was so nervous it was unreal. I thought it was easy to find couldn't go wrong tbh. On entering there are men in towel going about there business.. and ...” read more

A magical experience.

Michel on ZEN Garden, Warsaw, Poland on 2018-05-23

“I wish my body can talk to tell you about the magical massage I experienced from the most dedicated masseur, Tomasz. I don’t really know what I should put first: his kindness, his professionalism or his care. I think i...” read more

Terrible Staff/Service!

Ken on Del Sol Cafe, Athens, Greece on 2018-05-23

“Possibly the worse place I have visited so far in Athens - rude staff who are not attentive and are more interested in talking to their friends than actually serving the customers. Terrible! Ενδεχομένως τ...” read more

Not a sauna in my mind

George on Parrots Sauna, Sitges, Spain on 2018-05-23

“Nice jacuzzi and steam room, but not much action. No one there, 2 cabins and once u walk in a blinding light turns on that u cannot control... the same thing with the dark room...bright light as u walk in....why bother? ...” read more


David on The Vineyard Cafe & Bar, Blackpool, United Kingdom on 2018-05-22

“Had an amazing experience here! Freshly made food at good prices, clean and chic!” read more

Eyal does a great massage

Joe on Professional Deep Tissue Massage, Tel Aviv, Israel on 2018-05-22

“He knew how to address the aches and pains I explained to him and he has a good intuitive touch. There is a healing quality to his technique - it's clear that he has a gift for this work.” read more

Mr. Allan Kardec

Allan on Sauna Camoes, Porto, Portugal on 2018-05-21

“In this new address the facilities were even better. Congratulations.” read more

Very old clients

M on Sauna Principe, Madrid, Spain on 2018-05-21

“I am 43 and it was the great surprise not to meet there people even in their 50's. All clients were 60+. Of course we all will be old, but this place is definitely not for all guys. But it was clean with a nice guy a...” read more


Adam on Mexxx Gay Bar, Salzburg, Austria on 2018-05-18

“Nice bar)))” read more

Great Music

Freddy on Mexxx Gay Bar, Salzburg, Austria on 2018-05-18

“Easy to find...right on the main street. Great selection of music... Don't hesitate and request your fav tracks. No snacks...but they'll whip up your cocktail just fine. Went on weekdays... Understandably it wasn't packe...” read more

Fantastic place!

Ken on Garage Bar, Athens, Greece on 2018-05-18

“Firstly, I had a bad experience getting to Athens but once I got to Garage Bar, Bruno and his team changed that! A fantastic bar with great music and a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I went there at 9pm and left at 3am! Wow...” read more


Juan Antonio on Sauna Stonewall, Tenerife, Spain on 2018-05-17

“Excellent staff, very nice atmosphere, I recommend it. ” read more

Very nice place

Dean on Sauna Stonewall, Tenerife, Spain on 2018-05-16

“In Tenerife on vacation. Very clean sauna, good service and nice Spanish guys. I will be back.” read more

Fantástica sauna

Rubén on Sauna Stonewall, Tenerife, Spain on 2018-05-16

“It is a fantastic sauna, very clean and cosy. The massages are fantastic, there are people of all ages and of all tastes - you have a great time.” read more

Вам понравится!

Viktor on Magnum Sauna, Budapest, Hungary on 2018-05-16

“Very lively, a lot of space, a lot of people. I liked the flexible system of payment - you can take a subscription for three visits at a discount, pay for a visit afterwards, issued with a condom. Dark/naked parties are ...” read more

Хорошая сауна но только на выходные

Viktor on Sauna Babylonia, Prague, Czech Republic on 2018-05-16

“We were there on the 1st of May, sort of like a holiday but there were very few people. The sauna itself is very decent, the local people say that there are a lot of people on Friday-Saturday. ” read more

Маленькая но чистая сауна

Viktor on Heaven Sauna, Warsaw, Poland on 2018-05-16

“In Warsaw, in contrast to Budapest the public is very actively on the Internet, i.e. Do not expect from the sauna the same thing that you are used to in Madrid or Paris. I was there during the May holidays and the choice...” read more

I like it

Massimiliano on Sauna Stonewall, Tenerife, Spain on 2018-05-15

“Very clean, handsome employee - very good massage, funny customers. I'll be back.” read more

Awesome place

Ed on Club Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2018-05-15

“I was there a few times and it was great! A special underwear and naked party! Ps: staff is very friendly and pretty.” read more

Marsvillosa sauna stonewall

Guillermo on Sauna Stonewall, Tenerife, Spain on 2018-05-14

“Modern and hygienic facilities. A very complete sauna. An excellent deal; good price. I have nothing negative to say. In addition, there are always many people with whom to "interact". I recommend it 100%. ” read more


Stephan on Gran Canaria Gay Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2018-05-13

“I became aware of Greg on my last visit in April and because he speaks very good German which was not so compared to my first experience with Tantra. I am a man who can not give up control and can not relax and let go. W...” read more


Jame on XL Spa, Moscow, Russia on 2018-05-13

“This sauna is good. I like show inside. Not too much expensive. Bathroom and swimming pool are good. But I don’t like the dark room because it’s too small, uncomfortable and a little bit dirty. Sometime water drop fr...” read more

Long life to the Locker Room!

David on The Locker Room, London, United Kingdom on 2018-05-12

“LR is the best Sauna in London! The service is fantastic!!” read more

Massage Service

Albert on Just Men Center, Sliema, Malta on 2018-05-12

“Amazing service of massage from Santos. Thanks, all clean and a very nice guy.” read more


Peter on ZOO Mens Bar, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2018-05-12

“The entrance is too expensive for the most boring Saturday night of my holiday. Don't go there!” read more


Michael on Club U Rudolfa, Prague, Czech Republic on 2018-05-11

“Unfriendly service. Atmosphere of a homeless hostel. ” read more

Torremolinos Gay Pride 2018

Unashamedly biased

Chris on Torremolinos Pride 2018, on 2018-05-11

“What sets Torremolinos Pride apart is the tremendous support from the Mayor and the Council and public services. Even the firemen get to soak those on the Parade which is comprised of all the local Gay bars on their indi...” read more

Not recommend place

Miguel on GLAM Club, Warsaw, Poland on 2018-05-11

“Some weeks ago I went there with my friend to discover the place. When we arrived the staff was rude, there was a big queue for the cloakroom and toilets. In the bar the same, more queues and not friendly people, especia...” read more

Great palace for fun

J.M. on Shower & Bar, Madrid, Spain on 2018-05-10

“Got there early on a Saturday night around 11.30 pm and the guys started to get there one after another. Lots of areas to play, in some back rooms everybody is in an uninhibited. Dark rooms, glory holes, showers, bar, yo...” read more

Very handsome masseur

Alexander on VIP Massage, Sofia, Bulgaria on 2018-05-09

“If you are gay and if you are travelling to Sofia, Slav and his magic massages should be your mandatory stop!” read more