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Kanghyeon i luv u

ken on WILD, Seoul, South Korea on 2020-01-27

“Kanghyeon Kind and handsome. It was like a lover. See you again.” read more

OG night

Davif on Chakran Sauna, Bangkok, Thailand on 2020-01-27

“What happens? What does Og stand for? Thank you” read more

District35 sauna LJ

Alen on District35, Ljubljana, Slovenia on 2020-01-27

“Čestitke, super čisto in prijetno.” read more

Nothing special

Wolfram on Common Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand on 2020-01-27

“I’ve been to common massage twice and I must say both times were a little disappointing. The venue itself is clean but the interior very simple and not really comfortable. The boss behind the counter is a money grabbin...” read more

Honest, friendly and good quality!

Obrecht on BEOCUTE Gay Phuket Travel & Transport, Phuket, Thailand on 2020-01-27

“Here one can find several info about lot of tours. Good quality, and.... he comes to your place or pub to explain everything if you want! Don’t look further...” read more

Best Place party and chill!

Carlo on Sauna Beach, Madrid, Spain on 2020-01-27

“The best place to go party and chill at the sauna at same time!” read more

Best massage ever

Tedy on Shamballa Massage, Tokyo, Japan on 2020-01-27

“He was genuinely friendly and very professional throughout the entire massage. It's quite obvious that he is passionate about his work and I felt an immense reduction in pain after my session. Thank you again.” read more

Nice leo

King on Captain Taiwan Spa, Taipei, Taiwan on 2020-01-27

“The best masseur I have ever had :) Leo is very professional and skilled in massage, and he is friendly and nice.” read more

Handsome and very kind person

Kenn on TANK, Seoul, South Korea on 2020-01-27

“K is very kind and handsome person. When I see him first I'm a little bit shy, because he is so very kind and handsome. Thank you so much K, You feel me like you, my boyfriend, in shortime. Thank you for your massage tha...” read more

Great Bar

Thomas on Bing Bing HK, Hong Kong, China on 2020-01-26

“Visited here a couple of times in October 2018, cute staff and customers and cheap drinks. A crazy view over the city and racecourse. We only went on weeknights and there was always a steady flow of customers. My boyfrie...” read more

Is it safe?

Aarran on Soda Sauna, Hong Kong, China on 2020-01-26

“Visiting HK next week and wonder if anyone is visiting saunas at the moment with the viral outbreak? Am staying closeby.” read more


Durfte nicht rein

Martin on Pleasuredrome, London, United Kingdom on 2020-01-26

“Ich wurde durchsucht wie ein Schwerverbrecher. Dann als alles in Ordnung war und ich bezahlen wolle liess er mich nicht rein. Ich hätte zuviel getrunken. Er war so arrogant. Ich war Stammgast in der Sauna wenn ich in Lo...” read more


Nguyen on Cool Spa, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 2020-01-26

“Very good. I will come back again - all guys cute.” read more


HUGO on Sauna Saint Jean, Bordeaux, France on 2020-01-26

“Possédant un sauna en Bourgogne, j'aime beaucoup lorsque je visite une autre région, échanger avec des "collègues" et pourquoi pas recueillir des bonnes idées Eh bien là c'est raté!!!!! J'avais eu une expérience ...” read more

Aussie bear

Nick on Shelter Bar, Lisbon, Portugal on 2020-01-26

“Re-negative comments about Madonna, having heard her LIVE on radio in Sydney, she was completely out of tune. I know, I'm a musician. I dare say her adoring fans are mostly tone-deaf or couldn't give a fuck. 'Jam' sounds...” read more

Try It If You Are in SF

World on Blow Buddies, San Francisco, USA on 2020-01-26

“I live in San Francisco and go there from time to time. Some night you get a lot of guys that want to blow you and some night you get some, but you won't leave there empty-handed. You will end up giving your load away be...” read more


sam on Club Bath Philippines, Manila, Philippines on 2020-01-26

“Yes they have jacuzzi and sauna and steam bath.” read more

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-01-26

“Thank you Mr Sim for writing this review. My usual practice for massage is to start of with a pressure point application on those affected areas as stated by client, then a mixture of base oil and essential oil is applie...” read more

Adrick on RMBS Place, Singapore, on 2020-01-26

“Thank you Jeff for your review. Appreciate your sharing about my treatment. Hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore and do come back to visit us again. Bye for now. Adrick” read more

Excellent service and very quick response

Hiro on Poppers Thailand, on 2020-01-26

“This is the second time I purchased on their website. And they always deliver the items very quick and provide many free gifts. Good job seller!!” read more

Bar Cru

Robbie on BAR CRU, Lisbon, Portugal on 2020-01-25

“Love it and the staff.” read more


Erik on Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 2020-01-25

“I kept my expectations low after reading the reviews, but I guess I am lucky. I just selected a random guy, and turns out he is number 7 after seeing his number after the massage. He delivered. LOL. The place is clean, ...” read more


Stephane on 3 Some Spa, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 2020-01-25

“Had a shower first in a very clean place. Massage room is very clean as well. Massage was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Paid K250 and gave tips K300. Worth really. Go there and let the boys take care of you.” read more


David on Apple, Kyoto, Japan on 2020-01-25

“This is a bar with a fixed menu at a high price, even if you only want a simple bar.” read more

Good Place

Hit on Body Master, Singapore, on 2020-01-25

“Good place and always give a very good massage. Really highly recommended.” read more


kaell on Galaxy Sauna, Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 2020-01-25

“Sounds nice. I will come this Sunday night 1/26. Wish u be there.” read more

One of the best saunas in Switzerland

COMTESSE on Sunnyday, Basel, Switzerland on 2020-01-25

“Big sauna, very well equiped with nice staff and kind mixted customers. Everybody can find somebody to play. Very crowdy on Sunday afternoon. Only one negative remark : the entrance is very expensive like all the sauna...” read more

Best value

Brian on Lotus Massage Osaka, Osaka, Japan on 2020-01-25

“His service is very personalizing, I had best experience there. I like there have convenient way to make reservation, I use Line app to connect them and I can just complete my booking on it. I really wanna come back here...” read more

Oh Bar Albany New York USA Albany Gay Bar

Heaven Away From Home

jaron on Oh Bar, Albany, USA on 2020-01-25

“Clean, with comfortable beds nice and quite.” read more

Midtowne Spa Sauna Denver Colorado Gay Sauna in Denver

Pretty goo

Patrick on Midtowne Spa, Denver, USA on 2020-01-25

“Have always had a fun time here.” read more

Travel Gay • Recent User Reviews