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Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED

Artemidos 7, Larnaca, Cyprus,

Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED
Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED
Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED
Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED
Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED
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CLOSED – pending legal proceedings (January 2020)

The only gay sauna in Cyprus, offering 4-dimensional fun. Facilities include lockers, bar, café, sauna, steam room, private cabins, gym, private shower facilities, massage services, free WiFi.

Check Vinci’s website for details about current offers and special events. Located in Larnaca, a port city on Cyprus’ southern coast. Closed on Tuesdays.

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

venue Sauna | features bar, music, steam room, cafe, massage, sauna, free wifi, relaxing cabins, dark room, shop, gym | customers: gay

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  1. Hey

    “Hey. will your sauna work on March 1, 2020?“

    Andrei on 23-Nov-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. Horrible. Information is wrong

    “They don’t have jacuzzi and steam room is out of bussiness. I went on saturday afternoon and there was few people. They only have dry sauna (very nice). Being fare, the only good thing is the dry sauna and the cruising area, that is big and nice. Also, they have many rules (exemple: you can not use swimming underwear). It not worth a visit“

    Michael on 16-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • your first visit?

      “Michael :-) If you have complexes to tie a towel around your naked body, just as everyone else does, then I would not recommend you to go to a nude beach in your swimming trunks. That's just how it is in a gaysauna. It is not a mixed swimming pool, but a gay sauna. Heterosexual curious people should not go to a gay sauna.

      You gave us 5 stars for cleanliness. Thanks! That's why we do not want to do the jacuzzi or the steam. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety are very important to us. By the way, showering works better if you do not wear clothes.

      But nice to have you openly writing about your first experiences, even if they were not pleasing to you.“

      Werner on 21-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. The one thing worse than service is customer service..

    “Since it opened, it has been regularly increasing its entrance fees. In a matter of 2 years, it rose from 10 and 15€ to 19€ (including free bar) since the beginning of August 2019. This price would be justified in a sauna that provides the services it's supposed to offer.

    In Vinci, however, there is no steam room, and there is no jacuzzi (2 jacuzzi tubs that don't work). There’s no hot pool, or any pool. There's only a sauna room. So you're basically paying 19€ for the sauna, the bar and the dark rooms. The "gym" they promote is 2 modest machines. There are no ‘private’ showers; all the showers are public and have no doors.

    Moreover, against all EU regulations of providing free water in wellness centers as such, they ‘sell’ bottles of water, whereas they could at least provide a water dispenser and plastic cups! In one month the price of the small bottle of water rose from 50 cents to 1€!

    The cherry on top was this: upon commenting on the water price and the necessity to have free water available, the reply was, and I quote, “If you don’t like it don’t come!”

    Of course when you only have one sauna in the whole island, you can expect some monopolistic behaviors as such, quality going low and prices going high. But rude responses to customers are not accepted - especially when the owners are complaining day and night to everyone that Cypriots don’t visit their sauna and don’t like to pay..
    no surprise there..“

    Marios on 22-Aug-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Thank s a lot for your honesty

      “How can it be, you have to pay 1 Euro for a water, if there is open bar for 19 Euro? Ah ok... you take the cheap entrance for 10 Euro, without free drinks... right?
      Thanks for your special rating. Seems to be completely different than the previous reviews. Well, then it is not your place to be comfortable. Too bad but I accept your decision.

      Do you know that 10 Euro is 30% cheaper than the 15 Euro? And that 19 euros with all the drinks, even cheaper than 15 euros and then you can even drink Prosecco and not just water. That was a wish of many guests, and we have followed along this way. Maybe you want to hear another answer. Monopoly. That should not be really. Cyprus had several places on the island. But then there are a few expensive conditions in this country, such as the purity of whirlpools or steams. Do not be angry. But the decision had to be. Better, than constantly impure bathing pools.

      It's not nice when the water police comes and makes water samples after you've just polluted the water. Would have to close the entire sauna. Then you better close these mudflaps than the whole sauna. We are after all a gay sauna and not a gay bathhouse. Correctly recognized... Should we be closed, then the island is completely heterosexual.

      And for cleanliness you have rated us after all with 3 stars. Thank you, that you at least understood this point...“

      Vinci on 04-Sep-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Nice people

    “Nice hospitality and massage“

    Nicolas on 30-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. Awesome Spot!

    “Went there on a Friday around 4-5ish, the crowd started to become bigger around 7... The place is big, it’s got a jacuzzi, a sauna, a lot of cabins... the maze was really big and well set up... The owner was so much fun, helped me out to get in the bus to Nicosia. My advise to you all: try to stay in Larnaca, don’t go there for the day specially if you’re not renting a car, because commuting could be complicated.“

    Manuel on 14-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. Great atmosphere

    “What a beautiful and impeccably-clean place! The ground floor is all about relaxation and socializing on the sofas, by the bar, or playing a game of pool. Downstairs it's a dark maze with a video room and private cubicles for playing. Upstairs there's a fabulous dry sauna and another video lounge. The owners are lovely, smiley and very welcoming. Other visitors were all friendly and eager to play. I visited multiple times during my vacation and enjoyed myself every time.“

    Zafrir on 06-Jun-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. visited in february/ march

    “Da Vinci sauna is a special place, a relaxing, spacious bar, generously designed and very clean. The darkroom underground is exciting for its lively atmosphere. Last but not least, the owners are very friendly and helpful.“

    peter on 10-Apr-2019 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Visited September 2018

    “Had a few visits. Very friendly, some good-looking men, especially on a Saturday evening. Great staff very clean premises. A hidden gem in Larnaca.“

    Anthony on 03-Oct-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. Visitor

    “Vinci Sauna is a good place, with facilities to enjoy a full day. Staff very nice. Next visit, I will go again. Too bad, there's only one sauna on the whole island.“

    Danger on 03-Oct-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. finally a gay island on the island

    “I visit Cyprus every year. Now Cyprus has a new attraction. A beautiful gay sauna. I am well aware that the island is full of attractive men, but few can identify with the word gay and then a gay sauna.

    Many gay marry now because it simply demands the tradition on the island. Some "steal" a little time to fulfil their sexual devotion. The new sauna is a Mediterranean-style sauna. Very clean and well maintained. Admission is reasonable and you can move freely as a gay here. Would be nice if not only mostly foreigners from all over the world but also the locals would stay there more. But the tradition.

    I am pleased that there is now a sauna and I can only recommend to any gay island visitors to treat themselves to a visit to the sauna, even if it is not full at all times, there were always nice colleagues present and we had a lot of fun. Party lovers have to go dancing on the island with heteros. For Cyprus a great gay start in the history of the island.“

    Jason on 25-Aug-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. a must-see and unique place in Cyprus

    “I'm visiting from Germany. Not only is this a stunning venue but I had the hottest experience here. Plenty of opportunity for fun and private rooms and areas to explore. Mixed selection of guys, the locals seem to be a little shy but nice. Love the architecture inside, it dates back to Leonardo da Vinci. I liked the hot tub. The staff was super friendly and helpful, as it was only my second time at a sauna. There is a smoking-area in the basement and the bar offers a fine and cheap selection of hot and cold drinks. In Cyprus a unique place and a definite must-see in Larnaca.“

    Jonas on 21-Jul-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. Wonderful.....

    “On Vacation. I am a bit overweight and and at 62 yrs I did not expect to find anyone interested. I was wrong. Several people interacted with me and it was all very relaxed. I met a young guy and we visited the amazing dark room. Later we enjoyed an hour or so in a private area. There were lube and condoms... Great time. Will visit again at Christmas“

    Martin on 10-Jul-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Perfect Place for locals and for tourists

    “It's a very excellent sauna. I had lots of fun times. The bar has delicious drinks. A big sauna for many guys and a proper jacuzzi. I'd like to come again. If possible weekly. The staff are friendly and correct.“

    Demetris on 09-Jun-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. Must see sauna

    “I give this sauna 5 stars. I visited the only sauna on the Island in March and since it is the only sauna in the area, I also bought the 3-day ticket offered.

    I then had an entrance fee of 10 euros. The sauna is worth the money. Actually a must for every sauna lover.

    There is a large selection of really cheap drinks. The staff is friendly and helpful.

    But the centerpiece is the darkroom. And as the owner of the sauna told me, the sauna is expandable as needed. The capacity in the future seems assured.

    I will definitely visit this sauna on my next trip.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention. There are many handsome men on the island, but few who visit the public. It was therefore not full on all three days, yet well attended. But it was ok for me, because I had a lot of time to use the free internet and relaxed I could plan my island tour for the next day.“

    Lars on 11-Apr-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. Clean and Friendly

    “Spent a few hours at the sauna and had fund twice with two nice hunky guys who gave me what I came for. Will be back. lol“

    Michael on 02-Apr-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  16. It is okay

    “We have been there during last October. We think that in general is a nice sauna but is missing two serious things that would have made it a great sauna: 1) A bigger and cleaner jacuzzi and 2) Some cabins for the guys who want to have some private fun without the need to be exposed to other people's eyes.“

    Mark on 14-Feb-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • Only those who know their mistakes can improve.

      “Thank you Mark for a constructive criticism. Yes. These were our initial problems we had. You have described everything very well. Unfortunately you write late. Cabins now require special structural safety and regulatory requirements since a fire in a gay sauna in Berlin. We've solved that in the meantime and now offer plenty of space for private fun. A lot has happened since your visit in October.

      We have eliminated the problem with the constantly polluted hot tub. During the construction of the sauna, we decided, not to build only one large whirlpool for 6 people, but better 2 jacuzzi for 4 people each, so for 8 people. But we have rebuilt this constantly polluted hot tub in another place. It would not have been feasible with one bigger. It was a kind of luck.

      it s pity, you didn't come again, to view and try the private rooms for your fun with other guys.“

      Vinci Gaysauna on 23-Feb-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  17. Worth a visit

    “I visited here for a few hours late one afternoon and had an enjoyable time. The venue is clean and whilst the layout is somewhat unusual, it has all the facilities you need / expect of a sauna. There wasn't a huge number of guys there, but it was early and the place has only been operating for a few months, so I think numbers will grow. Could do with some more cabins. Hosts / owners were very friendly. Good value. I recommend people visit here.“

    David on 31-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  18. Christmas-Feeling

    “We visited this place at the weekend. The guys offered us a weekend ticket for a less of 20 Euro. We could leave and enjoy again, whenever we wanted. So it was possible to jump to other gay places in town and come back. The Sauna seems to be very new, is proper and have a wonderful big Sauna. The Christmas-decoration is beautiful. Everybody should visit this place, cause it's the only one place on the island, where gays can be gays.“

    Vladimir S. on 17-Dec-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  19. It's okay

    “Been here mid October on a Saturday night, surprised to only find a hand full of guys, probably around 15.

    The sauna has 4 floors,a very small labyrinth that was disappointing, the bar/cafe area, 1st floor has the wet sauna, showers and a filthy Jacuzzi(seemed slimy, I wonder why).

    The 4th floor has the dry sauna which is really nice, the 'gym' which is basically a treadmill and a 3-in-1 power machine that's not meant to give you a proper workout. There's also the 'private room' which has a big screen that plays porn, and a big bed (3 stairs covered with cushions). It's not really private cause you can't close it, it's more like a public-hidden spot for fun if you don't mind others staring.

    The staff was nice and caring, too bad very few guys visit this place, I got bored quickly. Hopefully the locals will come out to play, I've seen enough hotties on the street.“

    Matt on 11-Nov-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  20. Vinci Sauna Larnaca

    “Vinci is a great place to meet friends, have a drink and see lots of hot guys.
    Love the dark room and the vast space, there’s always a quiet spot to get down to it.

    Well done on bringing this great venue to Larnaca.“

    P on 28-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  21. Great sauna use it or lose it..

    “We went there in late October - cheaper entry between 4&6pm. Its a beautifully designed and clean sauna. We had some fun with a couple of guys. Not many visitors yet but it's new and locals are scared to be seen here. Gets busier weekends and you can come and go all night after paying once.

    Use it or lose it and Cyprus could do with the money from us gay tourists. Plenty of Cypriot men play. They just need to man up and come out! Not just pop in to buy their poppers. Very good poppers at that. Easy to find, great owners, great facilities... get down there.“

    mick on 27-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  22. Diesel

    “The best place to meet friends, nice staff and lovely clean.“

    Diesel on 25-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  23. Pearl of Cyprus!

    “Wow, this is a really a nice place to be for gays and open minded man in Cyprus.

    Very clean, very modern, great area to relax, have good drinks and have fun - if you like. I would like to come back soon!“

    Sebastian on 24-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  24. Love this sauna

    “Love this sauna, so new and clean, discrete location and friendly staff and visitors.
    I really enjoyed my time in the dark room ;)“

    Pedro on 22-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  25. Perfect place in whole Cyprus for Gays

    “The best place in Larnaca and whole this Island ( Cyprus) for gays and helping gay culture especially for Cypriot who are not really open to gay stuffs. I think Cypriot should come more and help and improve their culture and family to be be open and think openly. Welcome guys and enjoy it“

    Morrie on 12-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  26. Vinci Sauna Larnaca

    “This new Sauna conveniently and discretely located is a jewel, it’s beautiful theme based is stunningly attractive and clean.

    The owners Werner and Josef make the place feel like somewhere friends meet, I have been 5 times and had a lot of fun and made some really nice friends.

    Can’t wait for my next visit.“

    Porl on 11-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  27. Where are the kabins?

    “Beautiful new sauna but no kabin, seriously disappointed at our visit to Vinci last nite, kabins would make it better. My friends and i will not go back there.“

    Phil on 30-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

    • dear Phil

      “I m sorry, you didn t find the relaxing rooms. I know, 3 darkrooms and 4 floors make cruising difficult without signs. We solve this problem and light the new signs to all facilities.“

      vinci on 10-Oct-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  28. Friendly and very clean

    “Great owners and very clean, only a month old and still being extended on the lower floor, still there are 3 floors of architectural wonder and some hot locals and tourists. A must place to visit and relax.“

    P on 11-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  29. Brand new and unique

    “Veru good sauna with huge potential. Gay tourists will find this place as a very sleazy yet very clean, cozy and appealing sauna.“

    John on 10-Sep-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

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Rating: 3.8/5. From 92 votes.
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Vinci Sauna – currently CLOSED