Gay Amsterdam Services

Gay Amsterdam Services

Our roundup of other gay-owned businesses, service providers and LGBT organisations in Amsterdam.

Homomonument (since 1987) is the first monument in the world to commemorate gays & lesbians who were killed by the Nazis because of their homosexuality.

The permanent memorial comprises 3 large pink triangles made with granite, set into the ground to form a larger triangle, located on the bank of the Keizersgracht canal, near the historic Westerkerk church and Anne Frank House.

Gay & lesbian information and souvenirs are available at the Pink Point kiosk (10:30am- 6pm).

Updated: 25-May-2022

Westermarkt, Amsterdam

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Gay-friendly kayak tours in Amsterdam. Offering a unique and alternative way to experience the city’s beauty and culture. Their guided tours will allow you to explore the many facets of the Amsterdam canals with a highly personal approach. Glide past monumental buildings, see the quaint houseboats and get to know Amsterdam in a way few people will.

nearest station : Elandsgracht

Updated: 25-May-2022

Leidsekade 4, Amsterdam

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Started in 2011, JoopeA is an online Persian media specialising in the field of sexual awareness. The group comprises of a number of LGBT bloggers, practitioners of Maha magazine, queer and Human Rights activists and professional programmers – all as a volunteers.

The group host gay events each year. In 2017, the JoopeA organised Queer of Persia, the first-ever Iran Boat at the Amsterdam Pride parade.

Updated: 25-May-2022

various venues, Amsterdam

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