Sitges Gay Beaches

Sitges’ coastline has been a magnet for gay sun-worshippers for decades, and it is hardly surprising, as the town has nine beautiful beaches.

view of the promenade immediately behind Sitges gay beach area

The gay crowd tend to hang out around these 3 beaches in Sitges.

Platja de la Bassa Rodona – Sitges main gay beach

Playa de la Bassa Rodona, Sitges | map | distance

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In reality, you will find gay sunbathers on every beach along Sitges’ promenade. However, Bassa Rodona (part of Platja de la Ribera, just past the breakwater) is the most gay-popular beach.


Peak season is from beginning of July to end of September, although you will also find plenty of guys during June and early October.

It’s very easy to find, because it is usually full of buff-looking men. From the town, walk along the promenade to the third beach zone, just in front of the (rather good) Hotel Calipolis. In peak season, the area is packed, so if you want a sun bed, it’s best to arrive around lunch time.

The beach has nice beer & cocktail bar that serves drinks all day long and music from around 4pm.

Immediately behind the beach is the Picnic cafe & restaurant. Picnic is open all day long serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have free toilets on the roadside next to the bar.

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Platja de l’Home Mort – gay nudist beach

Platja de l’Home Mort – gay nudist beach

Platja de l'Home Mort, Sitges | map | distance

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Despite being a good 45-minute walk from town, this nudist beach is surprisingly a popular choice. This may be partly due to the wooded area behind the beach (on the other side of the railway line) that can be as busy as the beach itself!

To get to Platja de l’Home Mort, walk (or take a taxi) to Club Atlantida. Continue along the coastal path past the straight nudist beach, after which you will come to the gay nudist beach.

Be very aware that some sections of the path run very close to the railway line and you proceed at your own risk! This beach is mostly pebbles, so taking an inflatable airbed is recommended.

A limited number of sun loungers and shades are available for hire, and there is a small bar serving (relatively expensive) drinks – so it’s a good idea to pack what you think you will need for the day.

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Gay Sitges Hotel

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Playa de las Balmins – mixed nudist beach
Playa de las Balmins – mixed nudist beach

Playa de las Balmins, Sitges | map | distance

Playa de las Balmins – mixed nudist beach

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If you want to sunbathe nude but without the hassle of walking to and back from the exclusively gay Playa del Muerto, then Playa de las Balmins is for you.

This mixed beach is about a 15-minute walk from the town centre. From Sitges seafront, turn left and continue along the coastal path, past the Church and cemetery.

The first two coves are the most popular with the gay crowd. If you want one, take your own umbrella.

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Sitges Promenade

The excellent beautiful, tree-lined promenade runs the length of Sitges seafront. Just across the road, you will find an excellent choice of restaurants and cafés.



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