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Brighton Gay Beach

Brighton’s beachfront has been transformed over the past decade and is now one of the coolest parts of the city.

The Victorian seafront arches, once derelict empty spaces, have become trendy bars, cafés, restaurants and clubs. Paving and new lighting has made the beachfront more attractive and safer both during the day and night.

Seafront sculptures have been installed from local artists with titles such as Afloat (also known by locally as the ‘green donut’), Passacaglia (a giant iron wave that rises up from the beach) and Kiss Wall on the prom.

Many of the smaller arches are now artists’ studios, and at the Fishing Quarter, with the free Fishing Museum, fishermen sell their freshly caught fish. The Ellipse is a natural arena and a focus for outdoor events including Samba competitions, street theatre and music showcases.

The beach itself is mostly shingle with a flat sandy foreshore only visible at low tide. Some form of beach mat and beach shoes are advisable. The sea water is clean and has been awarded a European Blue Flag for quality. 

With such a large gay population, you are going to find gay sunbathers all along the beach front, but the official nudist section is generally the most popular.

Official Nudist Beach

Official Nudist Beach

near Brighton Marina, Brighton | map | distance

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Yes. Brighton has an official nudist beach. In fact, it is one of the most accessible and popular nudist beaches the UK – particularly with the gay community.

Be aware that the beach is of shingle and pebbles, so take flip-flops to wear to the water’s edge.

During the summer months, it is possible to take the Volks Electric Railway from Brighton Pier to Black Rock station, from which it is just a 5-minute walk (back towards Brighton) to the nudist beach.

features: beach | Updated: 12-04-2018

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