Gay Singapore

Gay Singapore

Explore Singapore with our guide to the best gay bars, clubs, saunas, spas, fabulous hotels and more. 想知道新加坡最棒的同志酒吧,舞厅,桑拿以及顶级的旅馆在哪吗?那就快来游览我们的旅游指南吧。

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About Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign island city-state - that's basically a country! It's known for being one of the richest places on earth. Singapore's "business-friendly" atmosphere and light regulations make it a big draw for the rich and the would-be rich. Strict laws forbid littering. Singapore is very clean and it's known to be a safe country. It's especially popular as a vacation spot for wealthy Chinese travelers. Check the rules and make sure you aren't smoking in a no-smoking area. Singapore is immaculate for a reason: they don't tolerate any messy behaviour. It's something of a haven for shopping and the street food is cheap and very good.

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