Buenos Aires Gay Bars

Buenos Aires Gay Bars

Check out our selection of the best gay bars in Buenos Aires. This city boasts some of the world's finest eye candy.

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue's own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority's guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

This gay video bar is located in the gay-popular Palermo Soho district of Buenos Aires.

Expect good music, fun videos and sexy dancers. Peuteo is known as a “hetro friendly” gay bar.

Most of the younger crowd here uses this venue as a starter bar before a big night out.


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Updated: 18-Dec-2020

Gurruchaga 1867, Buenos Aires

weekday: 19:00 - 03:00
weekend: 19:00 - 03:00

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This popular gay bar in the gay Palermo district of Buenos Aires offers a wide range of drinks at reasonable prices. Friday nights are when this bar gets really packed thanks to an ‘all you can drink’ deal, often with a mixed crowd of gay guys.

Another great night at Sitges is Sundays, when they host an incredible weekly drag night, one of the best in the city.

A night at Sitges bar usually features in a gay Buenos Aires itinerary.


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Updated: 18-Dec-2020

Av. Córdoba, Buenos Aires

weekday: 00:00 - 06:00 closed Tues and Wed
weekend: 00:00 - 06:00

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Coronavirus Update: Closed until further notice

Located in the Retiro district of Buenos Aires. It opens earlier than other gay bars in the city. Flux is a basement bar – you’ll find it a block away from Avenida Santa Fe.

Flux is a good place to find a porteño (an inhabitant of Buenos Aires) to help you navigate the city’s sprawling gay scene. It’s friendly, cosmopolitan and more tourist-friendly than some other bars. Flux also puts on some great shows featuring local LGBT musicians.

nearest station : San Martin


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Updated: 18-Dec-2020

Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 980, Buenos Aires

weekday: 20:00 - 03:00
weekend: 20:00 - 03:00

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In the south-eastern district of San Telmo sits the Pride Café.

In the daytime this unassuming café serves cheap and cheerful Argentinian food and drink in the Buenos Aires sun.

By night, the café transforms into a lively gay cocktail bar, perfect for starting a night out before heading to Km Zero or Glam.


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Updated: 18-Dec-2020

Balcarce 869, Buenos Aires

weekday: 08:00 - 20:00
weekend: 08:00 - 20:00

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