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Copenhagen Gay Saunas

As far as we know, Amigo Sauna is the only gay sauna in Copenhagen.

Amigo Sauna
Amigo Sauna
Amigo Sauna
Amigo Sauna
Amigo Sauna
Amigo Sauna

Studiestræde 31A, Copenhagen

weekday: 12:00 - 07:00

weekend: 22:00 - 08:00 / 07:00

Amigo Sauna

audience rating: 2.9 stars from 84 votes - click to vote

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3 Star Winner

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Copenhagen’s only gay sauna (Body Bio has sauna facilities, it’s more of a cruise club).

Amigo Sauna provides a playground for gay Danes and visitors for over 25 years. Spread out on 3 floors, facilities include a dry sauna, steam room, dark room, maze, cabins, video room and shop.

Amigo gets busiest on Friday and Saturday evening. Located close to all the gay bars in the city centre.

features: shop, internet access, steam room, sauna, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room, cruise / fetish (铺子, 互联网, 蒸汽房, 桑拿, 迷宫, 放松舱, 暗室) | Updated: 03-Jul-2019

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Copenhagen Gay Saunas

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