Gay Mauritius

Gay Mauritius

Mauritius is an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles from the Coast of Madagascar. It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa and relatively welcoming for gay travelers.

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Mauritius is a beautiful island destination in the Indian Ocean. With abundant greenery and incredible beaches, the renowned mountainous terrain is the perfect backdrop the lagoons and reefs that surround the island.

There’s much more to do in Mauritius than some of the other Indian Ocean destinations like the Maldives or Seychelles. You can go swimming with dolphins or explore the rainforest. At the Black River Gorges National Park, you’ll be able to see incredible nature and wildlife including the flying fox.

If diving is of interest to you, Mauritius boasts some of the best coral reefs in the world.

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How Gay-Friendly Is Mauritius?

Sodomy is illegal in Mauritius. A recent attempt to overturn the law was unsuccessful. So you could, in theory, still be arrested for having gay sex in Mauritius. But this draconian law is rarely imposed.

In fact, Mauritius has signed up to a joint UN statement calling for an end to anti-LGBT+ discrimination. Mauritius even has laws in place to protect LGBT+ people from discrimination in the workplace. Hate speech is also outlawed.

Irrespective of these laws, the culture is broadly conservative. Gay people are often treated like second-class citizens in Mauritius. Social attitudes are starting to change, as increasingly liberal laws give gay people more rights. But there is still a long way to go before gay Mauritians will feel comfortable to live openly.

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