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Gay Moscow

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Gay Moscow • Hotels

Great-value hotels in Moscow. Reviews, discounts, book online.

Moscow Gay Bars

A comprehensive guide to gay bars in Moscow.

Moscow Gay Dance Clubs

Fancy a night out in Moscow? Here's what you need to know.

Moscow Gay Saunas

All you need to know about Moscow's gay sauna scene.

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 | VODA Spa & Sauna

 | XL Spa

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Recent Reviews

It’s the best gay sauna in Moscow “The most modern, clean and the biggest gay sauna in Moscow, I would definitely come back soon!”Kirill on XL Spa

Great time! “I am a 38yo Aussie travelling for World Cup and this place is great. Unlike the other Sauna in MOW…”Caine on Podval Sauna

Disgusting place “My best friend likes it so much and usually spends there a lot of time. But I do not recommend…”Stas on Nashe Spa

Recommended “The best and biggest sauna in Moscow these days. Emerged two years ago. Try this one or VODA.”Stas on XL Spa

Tomas “You just didn’t discover this city properly. I had great time in Moscow. You should have communicated with locals. I…”Tomas on Paradise Spa

Featured Venues

Voda Sauna Bar area

VODA Spa & Sauna

The most popular gay sauna in Moscow.

BoyZ Club

The biggest gay nightclub in Moscow.