A Gay Guide to Frankfurt

A Gay Guide to Frankfurt

LGBTQ+ guide to Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city in Germany. It's a financial powerhouse and it has a decent gay scene.

When we think of German cities, our immediate response is always Berlin or Munich. But what about Frankfurt? It isn’t somewhere that many think of, other than the city is well-known for being a financial and business powerhouse for Germany. But it is so much more than that.  If you have a thing for sky-scrapers, inner-city forests, and historical Gothic architecture all in one city you will have a gorgeous time here.

Frankfurt is in the southwestern part of the country and lies along the river Main (pronounced Mein). Although it is the fifth-largest city in Germany, it is surprisingly easy to walk around, but if you’d rather jump on the trams, they are also cheap, fast, and regular. And last but not least our favorite fun fact this city has to offer is that it is the home of the German ‘hotdog’, most commonly known as Frankfurters, derived from the city name itself, and a must-try for any newcomer! 

Gay bars and clubs in Frankfurt


Over the past 100 years, the stark political and cultural change in Germany’s view on LGBTQ+ rights has been astronomical, with the country now being one of the top friendliest places in the world for LGBTQ+ travelers. And where there are friendly welcoming places for LGBTQ+ people, comes some awesome nightlife! Frankfurt is a jackpot for the sheer number of bars and nightclubs available for the community to enjoy. In the heart of the city center, you will find the gay district, known as The Bermuda Triangle, for the many clusters of LGBTQ+ people that flock here. 

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If you’re looking for more of a WLW (women loving women) space, across the water from the Bermuda Triangle you can find the home of Frankfurt’s only lesbian bar, La Gata. Since 1971, this gem has welcomed and been a homely space to many solo female and femme presenting travelers and couples through the decades, with a mix of high-energy club events and relaxing get-togethers. 

A solid favorite amongst every rainbow color and gender identity under the sun, is one of the gayest bars in the district, Zum Schwejk. Understandably, this bar is regularly packed but maintains a down to earth friendly atmosphere for their party goers! The interior is full of life with a quirky design that is bound to make you smile. Be sure to hit this bar on Wednesdays between 8-10pm for some cheeky half price drinks to get hella happy with. 

Although there are no designated gay clubs in Frankfurt, many clubs host multiple event nights for the LGBT+ crowd, no matter what gay generation you were born in. Some club nights to mention is Frankfurt’s most popular lesbian party, Xtremeties; located in various venues for over 20 years, queer women and their allies come to this event to dance the night away to a mix of music from lesbian & bisexual DJs. If you’re looking for a club night that has been entertaining gays for many years, look no further than Club78 at The Velvet Club. It has run for over 24 years and has gained a very supportive following in that time. To catch this night, it is best to be in Frankfurt for those special times of the year, like New Year and Pride. 

Gay hotels in Frankfurt

Jumeirah Frankfurt

With Frankfurt being a city within one of the friendliest countries for LGBTQ+ travelers in the world, hotels are naturally very welcoming and accommodating to our community. Based on your budget and your style, Frankfurt’s hotels offer a mixture of modern, unique, and historic stays with exceptional service and amenities within them. 

And what better way to start than a stay at a chateau-like hotel within walking distance of the gay district that boasts glamour; introducing the Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy. Named after John F Kennedy’s visit in 1963, this five-star hotel has 127 rooms; all of which have been designed with a nature-infused color palette in mind to soothe your soul, ranging from seagrass to moss. Rooms start at the deluxe level and end boldly with the JFK presidential suite that includes a grand piano. The allure in this hotel is striking and features a luxurious garden courtyard to enjoy handcrafted cocktails in the center of the hotel, with a state-of-the-art spa and pool to match. 

If you’re the minimalist type with a slightly tighter budget, and happy to take the metro for a short time to the gay scene, The Pure is a lovely humble home from home. With its crisp and cool interior, this boutique hotel is surrounded by bright white walls & modern rooms. A welcome drink gifted by the staff will greet you on arrival to give off a heart-filled atmosphere. The hotel includes a 24hr steam room and sauna room but offers a 20% discount to the Meridian Spa if you fancy, located on the nearby Skyline Plaza. It has stunning views of the sky-scrapers and the city below and is a must-see. The rooms at The Pure are simplistic yet charming, with some featuring a balcony to enjoy a spot of breakfast and chatter. 

If you’re wanting to be just a stone’s throw away from all the action, then this hotel may be the one for you. Gleaming alongside the sky-scrapers stands the Jumeirah Frankfurt Hotel. With its metropolitan style and a view to remember, Jumeirah Hotel is a prime location for those who want to walk directly into the bustle. The stylish and elegant rooms & suites make for a sophisticated stay with the opportunity to casually fine dine in an open show kitchen.  And just to make things more unique, if you’re a fan of honey we are sure you will be so pleased to know the hotel has its very own rooftop apiary – arguably the freshest hotel honey you will ever taste!

Gay Saunas and Cruise Bars in Frankfurt


Unsurprisingly there are a bunch of Gay Saunas & Cruise bars available for every gay and bisexual man to enjoy socializing and play without a fuss. Before you hit these venues, it is worth checking out the adult shops on offer if you’re more into the cruise & fetish scene. 

One club where you can water two plants with one hose is Jerome, Frankfurt am Main. This small but popular gay cruising cinema attracts a more mature crowd and includes a bar, open cabins for play, and an onsite adult toy store. Perfect for those last-minute purchases or if you fancy trying something new. Films are shown on video screens to arouse the senses, which surely will lead to intimate events into the night. 

If one floor isn’t enough for you, will 4 do? Nicknamed the Sauna Factory, Saunawerk is Frankfurt’s premium 4-story gay sauna, with everything a gay and bisexual man can possibly desire. Facilities include a swimming pool with a waterfall, a whirlpool, aroma steam bath, a hammam complete with a starry sky, a traditional Finnish sauna with automatic infusions, and even a tepidarium, similar to a Roman bathhouse. The indoor and outdoor areas are illuminated for easy walkthroughs to and from different parts of the sauna. Darker rooms offer erotic cinema screenings and cabin spaces so there is plenty of choice in how you want to play. And if this isn’t enough, the Sauna is also host to promotions and parties such as bear night, nudist, club after-parties, and more. Saunawerk is open nonstop all across the weekends, with Foam party Friday nights being a signature event! A must-visit for sauna party lovers.

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