The sights and sounds of Salzburg

The sights and sounds of Salzburg

Salzburg is one of Europe’s least known but most gorgeous gay destinations.

Halfway between Munich and Vienna, nearby beautiful mountains and lakes attract gay men for hiking, sailing or skiing. And Salzburgs artistic past, from Mozart onwards, has ensured the community has a liberal attitude towards sexual diversity.

Indeed, in the 19th century, when the Emperor Franz Joseph became sick of the scandals of his transvestite younger brother Archduke Ludwig Viktor, he exiled him from Vienna to Salzburg. “Luzi Wuzi”, as he was known to his gay friends, lived quite happily in the city ever after.

Today the students of the famous Musical Academy contribute to the youthful feel of Salzburg and to a discreet and friendly gay nightlife. Small is beautiful in Salzburg, where people will never let you drink alone in bars. You’ll be sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with them anyway.

The six-week classical music festival in the summer attracts many opera queens, because it’s more affordable and scenic than similar ones around Europe.

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The Sound Of Music

But it’s The Sound Of Music that has ensured the constant stream of gay men to the city in recent years. The tour buses driving you to the film locations around Salzburg twice a day, every day, are a magnet to gay men who can be seen singing “Do-Re-Mi” in the original locations of the Mirabelle Gardens or “16 going on 17” by the “love gazebo” at Schloss Hellbrunn.

The Mirabell Gardens, featured heavily in the film, also have one the most romantic cruising areas in Europe. Have a walk around the rose hill (Rosenhügel) at the entrance in the evening and you’ll be surprised with what is lurking in the bushes.

Stay on the North Bank

The gay scene is in Salzburg New Town, so stick to a hotel in the north bank of the river if you want to go to the various gay bars on foot.

This area is also good for nightlife in general which is concentrated in and around the Linzergasse, on the north side of the main bridge.


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