Things To Do in Milan

Things To Do in Milan

Milan is the home of high fashion

Milan is the home of Italy’s great fashion houses. It tends to attract as many business travelers as tourists. Milan is seen are more of an economic hub than a must-see tourist destination. It is however a city of great charm, not to mention style.

The best things to do in Milan range from visiting Renaissance artworks to exploring the buzzing nightlife. Milan has one of the best gay scenes in Italy. Some would say Milan has the very best gay scene. There are more gay bars in Milan than Rome. Milan is well worth adding to your itinerary if you’re exploring Northern Italy.



The Duomo is certainly the most famous landmark in Milan. Construction began in around 1386. It’s considered to be one of the great Gothic cathedrals. By the Renaissance era, Leonardo da Vinci helped to design the tiburium. The construction process carried on well into the 19th-century. Some of the world’s greatest artists and architects have set their minds to the construction of the Duomo. Restoration works are ongoing. A tour of the Duomo is one of the best things to do in Milan. It took over 600 years to complete this glorious cathedral.

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When you think of Milan you think of fashion. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a very grand shopping mall. It looks more like an opera house when you walk in. Here you’ll find Prada, Versace and Louis Vitton. Many of Milan’s greatest boutiques can be found here.

Head to The Fashion Quadrilateral (quadrilatero della moda). This is where you’ll find the great shopping streets of Milan. Prada, Gucci, Moschino, Versace and Bulgari have stores here. If you have deep pockets you could do some serious shopping. If not, you can but dream. Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga and the two major shopping streets of Milan. No trip to this city is complete without a fashion tour. You will find more affordable shops in Milan. Then again, Italian fashion is a byword for luxury.


Explore Milan’s gay scene

Milan is a great place to party. Most of Milan’s gay bars can be found near Porta Venezia metro station, particularly on Via Lecco street. More gay venues can be found on Via Sammartini. Club Plastic is a famous Milan gay club – it’s been part of the city’s nigthtlife scene since the 80s. LeccoMilano is one of the most popular gay bars in Milan. It opens from 6pm so it’s a good place to start your night out. You’ll see a lot of beautiful, fashion-conscious people in the bars and clubs of Milan!

Navigli District

Navigli District

You don’t need to go to Venice to see canals in Italy. Milan’s Navigli district has plenty. It’s 20-minutes on the metro from central Milan to Navigli. Here you’ll find a slower, more Italian pace of life. There are cafes, bars and restaurants along the canals. Navigli is something of a hipster’s paradise. Naturally, Milanese hipsters are far more well groomed than the average hipster. That’s another thing to consider when planning your Milan trip: your wardrobe. Bring at least one decent outfit. People scrub up very well in this city. Especially the trendy youths in Navigli. Ripa di Porta Ticinese is probably the liveliest street in this part of Milan.


The Last Supper

Only 20 people can view the last supper at any given time. It cannot truly be admired with excessive crowds. You’ll need to book a ticket in advance to get a slot. You’ll be whisked in and then out again after about 20-minutes. It’s so worth it though and it shouldn’t cost more than 10 euros. You can find out more about booking tickets here.

The Last Supper is probably the most famous painting on earth, along with the Mona Lisa. It’s a truly mesmerizing atwork. The mysterious V between Jesus and Ms Magdalene has inspired countless theories and conspiracies, not least the Davinci Code.

Lake Como

Take a trip from Milan to Lake Como

It takes just under an hour to travel from Milan to Lake Como. There are many direct trains running throughout the day. Lake Como has an air of faded gentility. It’s where the European elite vacationed in the summer months. It can be busy and touristy but it’s well worth a visit. You can go on some beautiful walks down Lake Como. There are many famous villas you can explore.

You can plan a trip to both Milan and Lake Como, splitting your time between the two. There are many charming towns and villages dotted along Lake Como. Varenna and Bellagio are the most-visited towns. The city of Como itself is also worth a visit. It’s worth spending a few days around Lake Como. Combining it with Milan makes for a great itinerary.

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