Things To Do in Prague

Things To Do in Prague

Fairytale castles and boozy nights out

Prague is one of the most enigmatic cities in Europe. It offers an enticing combination of high culture and hedonism. Drinks are cheap in Prague and you can find very good hotel deals. It’s a great place for an affordable city break.

The club scene is quite notorious. You’ll find a lively gay scene in Prague. It has something of a reputation as a stag and hen party mecca. Following the 2021 lockdown, Prague is seeking to reposition itself as more of a cultural destination. Prague is packed with cultural attractions and stunning architecture, but the cheap hotels and booze are something of a magnet for party people. That may be about to change.

Prague is a fairly small city and it’s easy to navigate. During winter Prague gets very cold, so pack the right clothes. If you’re in Prague when it snows, it really is like being in a fairytale city.

Prague Castle

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Prague Castle

This fairytale castle presides over the city. It’s the most historically significant Czech monument. It was founded sometime around 880. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s considered to be the largest castle complex on earth. Different architectural styles are clearly visible, particularly the gothic influence.

There’s plenty to see at Prague Castle. You can visit the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane. The quaint houses along Golden Lane have a lot of history. Franz Kafka lived in one, as did the famous fortune teller, Madame de Thebes.

Old Town

Old Town

Old Town is, unsurprisingly, the oldest part of Prague. Explore the ancient cobblestone lanes and get lost – it’s like a maze. The Old Town Square is the heart of the city. Here you’ll find The Astronomical Clock, one of Prague’s greatest tourist attractions. It’s the world’s oldest working clock and it’s been chiming on time since 1410. You’ll find the clock in the Old Town Hall. You can head to the top for a panoramic view of Prague.

The Rococo Kinsky Palace is unmissable. The pink and white facade is a sight to behold. For a bit of Art Nouveau, head to Hotel Paris. It’s one of the most striking buildings in Prague.

You’ll also find the Medieval Charles Bridge in Old Town. It has linked Old Town and Mala Strana since the 15th-century. An ideal spot for an Instagram moment.

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter

Prague has historically had a large Jewish population. The Jewish Ghetto, Josefov, is a well worth a visit. Jews have lived in Prague for over a millennium. There have been many horrifying moments for Prague’s Jews, including Medieval pogroms and the Nazi era. Josefov wasn’t flattened during WW2. It’s rumoured that Hitler wanted to build a museum in this district to chronicle the history of a race he had exterminated. Fortunately he lost the war.

Take a trip to the Old-New Synagogue – that’s its actual name! It’s the oldest active synagogue in Europe. Golem is said to be buried in the synagogue. The most aesthetically pleasing synagogue in Prague is the Spanish Synagogue.

You’ll find many colourful buildings in the Jewish Ghetto. It’s one of the most popular districts in the city. The Jewish population may have dwindled, but the Jewish influence over Prague has been very significant.

Discover Prague’s gay scene

Prague is a party city. It boasts some excellent bars and clubs. The drink is cheap so be careful – those beers slip down very easily. Most of Prague’s gay bars are located in Vinohrady, right by the Old Town.

Piano Bar is one of the longest-running gay bars in Prague. There are drag performances most nights.

Cafe Bar Flirt is a small gay bar and cafe in Prague’s Old Town. An ideal place to stop for a coffee in the afternoon. It gets quite boozy in the evening and there’s a dance floor downstairs.

Club TerMAX is the main gay club in Prague. It’s where you’re likely to end up on a gay night out in Prague. ClubTERMUX is its sister venue.

Le Clan isn’t really a gay club but it attracts a mixed crowd. It’s the after-hours club you go to when everywhere else is closed. This joint is very much for the seasoned party animal.

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Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague. It was built in 1402, so rather a lot of people have walked over it! Seeing the bridge twinkling at night is quite spectacular. You’ll see some striking statues on the bridge. It has a gothic fairytale vibe. Rumour has it that the builder put raw eggs into the mortar when they built it. This was supposed to make it more sturdy. Then again, it’s unlikely that Medieval builders would have been inclined to waste good eggs. But we all like a good legend.

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