Exploring Venice

The Rialto Bridge is a great starting point for your exploration of Venice with its fabulous view of the Grand Canal.

Spectacular in its own right, one of the best places to get photos of the bridge is from a gondola.

St Mark’s Square – one of the world’s most impressive public spaces.

St Mark’s Basilica houses the supposed remains of the Mark The Evangelist.

St Mark’s Basilica is covered with enormous gold mosaics. The best way to see these is to take a guided evening tour when the lights are switched on.

Next to St Mark’s is the Doge’s Palace, which functioned as the administrative centre of the original Venetian Republic.

The Peggy Guggenheim Museum houses fascinating 20th century European and American art. This piece caught our attention. Not sure why.

The Guggenheim Museum also has a fabulous terrace overlooking the Grand Canal.

Just a bit further down from the Museum is Plaza De Le Salute.

Venice has an endless number of fashion shops, art galleries and artisans boutique selling stunning Venetian masks like this.

The city is also famous for locally manufactured Murano glass.

There are plenty of other impressive buildings and museum, but ultimately exploring Venice is all about its beautiful canals.

One of the most unique and beautiful city in the world.

It was great to see someone flying the rainbow flag in Venice, too!


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