Bridgeport Gay Guide and Hotels

Bridgeport Gay Guide and Hotels

Bridgeport is a city in Connecticut by the sea. It has a small gay scene. It's the fifth biggest city in New England.

Your meatball marinara began its life in Bridgeport – this city was home to the first ever Subway. Today it’s celebrated for its parks. Bridgeport is known as the “Park City.”

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As a seafaring town, Bridgeport was once a haven for sailors and smugglers. Today it’s more shaped by the film industry and it has a decent nightlife scene.


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Trevi Lounge, just outside of Bridgeport, is the most welcoming gay bar around. With an atmosphere that feels like home.

This bar boasts pool tables, two patios, and a dancefloor!


bar, music, dancefloor, karaoke

548 Kings Highway, Cutoff Fairfield

weekday: Mon - Thu 7:00pm - 01:00am
weekend: Fri & Sat 7:00pm - 2:00am, Sun 7:00pm - 1:00am

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