Gay Norwich Bars, Clubs and Hotels

Gay Norwich Bars, Clubs and Hotels

Norwich is the unofficial capital of East Anglia. It’s a cathedral city with a modest but friendly gay scene.

There are plenty of hotels in Norwich to choose from, some of which are close to Norwich International Airport.

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The Castle is the main gay bar in Norwich. It’s comprised of two venues: the pub and also the U-NITE Bar located in a converted barn. U-NITE Bar is usually open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There’s often an evening with entertainment on the last Saturday of the month at U-NITE.

The pub opens daily at 2 pm. You can order food from 5 pm, play pool, video jukebox and the games machine.

It has been a gay venue since 1996, and it’s the largest gay bar in East Anglia.


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Updated: 20-May-2019

1 Spitalfields, Norwich

Weekday: Mon-Wed: 14:00 - 00:00 Thurs-Fri: 14:00 - 02:00
Weekend: Sat: 14:00 - 02:00 Sun: 14:00 - 00:00

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Lollards Pit is a gay-owned and managed pub in Norwich. It attracts a mixed crowd. The pub itself is steeped in history. It was built in the 17th-century on Lollards Pit, a place of execution for heretics.

These days, with the Wars of Religion long behind us, you’re more likely to find people playing bingo over a pint.


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Updated: 20-May-2019

69-71 Riverside Rd, Norwich

Weekday: Monday: 12pm–2am Tuesday: 4-11pm Wednesday: 12–11pm Thursday: 12–11pm Friday: 12pm–12am
Weekend: Saturday: 12pm–1am Sunday: 12–11pm

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Norwich Gay Bars

Check out our selection of the best gay bars in Norwich. There is a modest gay scene in Norwich centred around The Castle and Loft NR1.

Norwich Dance Clubs

Looking for a gay night out in Norwich? There’s one major gay club in the city called Loft NR1. It’s the late night venue to head to after The Castle.

Loft NR1 is the only gay club in Norwich. It’s been going for over thirty years. Upstairs you’ll find the dancefloor, a bar and places to mingle. If you’d like a break from all the relentless dancing you can head to the Loft lounge downstairs.

The club is open till the early hours – last entry is at 3 am. It’s only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

If you’re looking to make the most of your gay night out in Norwich, you can get a wristband at The Castle Pub, and then head to Loft NR1 with a discount. This only applies on Saturday.


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Updated: 28-Oct-2020

78-80 Rose Ln, Norwich

Weekday: Thursday: 22:00–05.30
Weekend: Friday: 22:00-05:30 Saturday: 22:00-06:30

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