Gay Sofia · Services

Gay Sofia · Services

Our roundup of other gay-focused businesses, service providers and LGBT organisations in Sofia.

Established in 2010, LGBT Deystvie is a support group for the young lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender people in Bulgaria.

Based in Sofia, the nonprofit organisation aims to provide helpful resources, job opportunities, activities to strengthen the local LGBT community, and fight against homophobia and illiteracy.

Updated: 14-Mar-2022

Hristo Belchev 3, Sofia

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CheckPoint Sofia (Health Without Borders) is a nonprofit organisation in Bulgaria.

The medical centre offers counselling, testing, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and HIV/AIDS. The friendly environment allows for working with youth and people at risk.

Open Monday through Thursday.

nearest station : Serdika

Updated: 14-Mar-2022

Tsar Samuil 111, Sofia

Weekday: Mon,Wed 08:30 - 13:00; Tue,Thu 13:00 - 17:00

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LGBTI Center “Rainbow Hub” in Sofia is a non-profit charity organisation which provides various free of charge services, groups and advice to LGBTI people. It also provides a safe space for activities and workshops for trans people, people with HIV, and male and trans sex workers.

nearest station : Metro: Vasil Levski Stadium Station

Updated: 29-Oct-2021

Lyuben Karavelov Str. 24, Sofia

Weekday: various times
Weekend: various times

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