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Germany • Gay Sauna & Cruise Club Index

Explore our comprehensive guide to the best of Germany's extensive gay sauna and cruise club scene.

  • Most German gay saunas and cruise clubs do not require membership, however you are likely to be asked for ID showing your age.
  • Condoms and lube are usually available at saunas, but this is not always the case - so it is best to bring your own supplies.
  • Some gay saunas in Germany will charge an additional fee for use of a private room.

Recent Reviews

Just a reply not a review

“A black cross is not a nazi symbol black crosses area still used today on german military ..”

Andrew on New Action
Berlin, Germany

Strange experience

“I visited this place tonight. It Is good for having fun but a guy tried to steal my ..”

Mat on BULL
Berlin, Germany

Offensive straight men

“Yes Dragon is a nice tidy and well-functioning sauna. However, gays really should avoid ..”

Karsten on Dragon Sauna
Hamburg, Germany

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