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Lisbon • Gay Beaches

The port city of Lisbon is close to a number of great beaches. Gay men who want to top up on their all-over tan head for Beach 19.

Costa da Caparica

Municipality of Almada, Sétubal, Lisbon | map

Costa da Caparica

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Popular beach area near the city of Lisbon (a 15-minute drive). If you want a bit of sun and fun on a laid-back scale, then the beach at Costa da Caparica is for you.

Less nudity and more party atmosphere is the order of the day here. But as you go further south, the area becomes trendier and less crowded.

Arrive in the afternoon, drink cocktails at sunset then head into the village for late-night fun.

features: bar, cafe, beach | Updated: 06-Jul-2018

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Beach 19

Beach 19

municipality of Almada, Sétubal district, Lisbon | map

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Beach 19 or Praia de Bela Vista is Portugal’s most popular gay nude beach and one of Europe’s largest.

Located at the south end of Costa da Caparica, the area is frequented by sunbathers who leave little to the imagination. No one bats an eyelid no matter what you do or don’t do, and there’s plenty of space if you want a spot of sand to yourself.

Nearby venues offer drinks, food and free WiFi. Much gay cruising takes place in the late afternoon, mainly in the dunes and the forest area. After sunset, the beach becomes rather empty and unsafe.

features: bar, cafe, free wi-fi, beach | Updated: 06-Jul-2018

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Beach 19
Beach 19

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