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Gay Madrid · Services

Our roundup of other gay-focused businesses, service providers and LGBT organisations in Madrid.

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Annual gay celebration that takes place in the Chueca gay village in Madrid. This eventful LGBT Pride Week features outdoor concerts, stage performances, dance parties, exhibitions, film, culture, sports and more.

The highlight of Madrid Orgullo is the colourful parade that has attracted more than two million spectators in each year.

Madrid is home to several hundred gay/gay-friendly businesses (restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs, saunas, shops, gyms, hotels, etc). So, it’s no surprise that MADO is the largest event of its kind in Europe and one of the most important in the world.

Updated: 22-Apr-2022

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Gay-friendly, private medical clinic with English-speaking staff. Open House offers advice and STD/HIV blood tests.

Visit the website for operating hours.

nearest station : Atocha, Antón Martín

Updated: 22-Apr-2022

Calle Atocha 117, Madrid

Weekday: 10am - 8pm
Weekend: closed

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