Naples Gay Bars

Naples Gay Bars

Up for a drink in Naples? Check out 'Ghetto Crime' gay bar before heading out to the dance clubs or other late-night venues.

The Museum Bar & Shop is a gay-friendly bar located in the busy Piazza Bellini, which sits in central Naples.

The bar is unique in character as it features statues, books, phallic mementos as well as live music to enjoy. They serve delicious traditional vegetarian dishes and cocktails at reasonable prices and host a range of DJs as well.

The location of the bar is perfect as it is close to other nightlife in the area and is busy with people from all parts of the world.


live music, djs, art, literature, central location, food

Updated: 08-Feb-2022

Largo Corpo di Napoli 3, Naples

Weekday: 09:30am - 11pm
Weekend: 09:30am - 11pm

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Bar Fiorillo is a gay-friendly bar located in the central Piazza Bellini.

The bar itself isn’t officially a gay bar, however the local gay guys claimed it as their own. You won’t find rainbow flags here, however you will get a glimpse into the local gay experience.

You have the option to sit outside, have a drink or meal whilst taking in the scenery. Because of this bar’s location, much of the nightlife is all around, making it perfect for getting to know the area well.


drinks, snacks, tv, music, outdoor seating

Updated: 12-Jul-2021

Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 89, Naples

Weekday: 06:00am - 02:30am
Weekend: 06:00am - 03:30am

Although not a gar bar, Volver Cafè hosts some LGBT+ events. You’ll find it right by Piazza Bellini, Naples’ main nightlife hub.



Updated: 08-Feb-2022

55/59, Via Vincenzo Bellini, 80135 Napoli NA, Naples

Weekday: 6pm-2am
Weekend: 6pm-3am

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