Gay Group Trip: Egypt And The Valley Of The Kings

Gay Group Trip:

Egypt And The Valley Of The Kings

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About this Trip

On this gay group trip, you'll see the highlights of ancient Egypt, such as the Valley Of The Kings, Luxor and enjoy a luxury cruise down the Nile. The pyramids of Egypt were the largest buildings on earth until Lincoln Cathedral was built in 1311AD. We are closer in time to the days of Cleopatra than she was to the pharaohs who built them.

Departure Dates

14th October 2023 Friday

24th October 2023 Monday

2nd March 2024 Friday

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Gay Group Trip: Egypt And The Valley Of The Kings

Group Trip Breakdown

Days 1, 2 And 3 - Cairo
Our begins at the Pyramids of Giza. You'll be transferred from the airport to our accommodation overlooking the pyramids.

We'll meet at 4pm on day 1 and get to k0w each other.

You'll meet your guide and trip leader for a debrief on the coming adventures. We'll go for a tour of the pyramids on day 2, see the Sphinx and explore an ancient tomb. We'll also head to the Egyptian Museum - one of the world's finest museums.

You can choose from a few activities on the third day:

  • A trip to Memphis (0t the Elvis place!)

  • A traditional souk

  • The pyramids of Djoser

  • Chill and drink in the sun

Day 4: Alexandria
The famous Alexandria Library boasts over 8 million books, making it one of the world's greatest storehouses of k0wledge. Alexandria is a port city with a long history covering much of Egyptian and Hellenic history. We'll spend a day touring the city.
Day 5: Aswan
Aswan is a city on the banks of the Nile. We'll take a boat trip to the Temple of Isis, home to some of the finest carvings in Egypt. We'll also visit a Nubian village.
Days 6, 7 And 8: Nile Cruise
Sailing down the Nile is a great way to discover Egypt. You'll be doing so in style. Lounge on the deck or at the bar and see daily life on the Nile drifting by.

Our activities include:

  • Riding a traditional felucca boat and exploration of the sand dunes on the eastern side of the Nile.

  • A trip to the ancient Kom Ombo Temple from 181 BC. A charming ruin on the edge of the river that casts light on Egypt's Greco-Roman era.

  • A trip to the best-preserved temple in Egypt dating back to 237-57BC. The only way to get to Edfu temple is by horse-drawn carriage.

The Nile cruise includes the highlight excursion of the trip: the Valley of the Kings and Luxor. Here you'll see underground tombs and hieroglyphics. We'll also see the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the vast statues of the Colossi of Mem0n.
Days 9 And 10: Luxor/Cairo
Karnak temple complex that was built roughly 4000 years ago. It took around 2000 years to complete. This will be our final stop on our LGBT tour of Egypt. It's just a short flight back to Cairo where you can unwind with a drink. You'll be transferred to the airport for your return flight on day 10.
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Further Information

You’ll be sailing in style on the Lord of the Glens, a splendid Scottish cruise ship. It’s an elegant seafaring yacht that can sail through the Caledonian Canal but also sail the Atlantic. This will be an all LGBT trip of no more than 54 guests. Expect a Scottish breakfast every morning and nightly entertainment.

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