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Portsmouth Gay Sauna & Spa

Currently, we only cover gay saunas and hotels in Portsmouth.

Tropics Day Spa
Tropics Day Spa

2 Market Way, Portsmouth | map | distance

website | facebook
+44 2392 296 100 |

weekday: 11:00 - 22:00

weekend: 11:00 - 22:00

Tropics Day Spa

audience rating: 3.1 stars from 35 votes - click to vote

4 Star Winner
3 Star Winner

The men-only Tropics Day Spa offers a range of facilities including a hot tub, steam room, tanning machine and lounge. Professional massage services are offered, and customers can use the gym that is next to the spa.

Located at the north end of the pedestrianised Commercial Road, on the Marketway roundabout (that marks the entrance to Portsmouth city centre). There are parking spaces at the rear of the building (off Frederick Street).

features: steam room, massage, sauna, jacuzzi / hot pool, gym | Updated: 29-05-2018

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