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Scarborough Gay Bars

Check out our selection of the best gay bars in Scarborough. There’s a small scene centred around one gay bar.


L’amour Cabaret Bar

51c Westborough, Scarborough | map

+44 1723 447560
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weekday: Weds, Thurs, Fri: 22:00 - 03:00

weekend: Sat: 21:00-03:00 Sun: 22:00-02:00

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L’amour Cabaret Bar is the premier gay bar in Scarborough. The drinks are cheap so it’s unlikely you’ll remain sober here for long. You can buy two pints for a fiver!

There are regular drag shows and performances by tribute acts such as the Spicey Girls and The Abba Days.

It’s open till late so you can dance the night away should you so desire.

features: bar, music, drag, karaoke (酒吧, 音乐, 卡拉OK) | Updated: 28-Feb-2019

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Scarborough Gay Bars

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