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Seattle Gay Cruise Clubs

Looking to play harder? Check out our list of gay cruise and fetish clubs in the city of Seattle.

C.C. Attle’s
C.C. Attle’s

1701 E Olive Way, Seattle | map

website | facebook
+1 206 726 0565 |

weekday: 15:00-02:00

weekend: 14:00-02:00

C.C. Attle’s is a popular gay cruise club in Seattle, situated in the heart of the city’s vibrant gay scene at Capitol Hill.

This laid-back bar is open late, making it the perfect cruising destination at all hours.

Known for its friendly staff, delicious cocktails, and outdoor patio, C.C. Attle’s is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Take advantage of the bar’s tasty pub food, open mic nights, and hot clientele.

features: bar, music, live music, restaurant | Updated: 12-Jun-2018

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Seattle Gay Cruise Clubs