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Tel Aviv Gay Beach

A trip to Tel Aviv would not be complete without spending some time on the beach. Head for the gay section in front of the Hilton hotel.

Hilton Beach
Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv | map

Hilton Beach

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Israel’s unofficial ‘gay beach’ and one of the cruisiest spots in Tel Aviv. The main gay area is north of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel, right off Independence Park, opposite the eagle statue on the top of the cliff.

Hilton Beach is a great place to meet the locals and learn about the gay scene of Israel. Lively and fun atmosphere, so prepare to cruise and be cruised.

The beach gets very crowded, especially at weekends. During Pride week, it can be standing room only.

features: cafe, restaurant, beach | Updated: 20-Oct-2018

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Ga’ash Beach – Nudist Beach
Ga’ash Beach – Nudist Beach

Yakum, Tel Aviv | map

Ga’ash Beach – Nudist Beach

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Ga’ash Beach is located about a 35-minute drive to the north of Tel Aviv. This seemingly endless sandy beach is clothing-optional and has a reputation as being a gay beach (although many clothed and straight people also go there).

The beach is almost always packed with guys out for a tan, but there is enough space for everyone.

How to get there:
Take a taxi to Yakum. Ask the driver to stop at the Yakum intersection, near Pundak Asa Yakum. Cross the pedestrian bridge towards the beach. Walk through the field all the way, then turn left. Go up the hill; turn right and continue until you reach the beach.

features: beach | Updated: 20-Oct-2018

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