Aquarius Sauna

Aquarius Sauna

24-hour male sauna & gym.

Aquarius Sauna

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Sadri Alisik Sokak 29/1, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

Male Turkish bath, featuring a dry sauna, 10-man jacuzzi, gym with basic equipment, heated pool, massage service, private cabins with beds, shower room.

There's a café bar serving coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks and snacks. Open 24 hours and centrally located - just off Istiklal Avenue in Taksim, on an alley opposite Aga Mosque.

Weekday: 24 hours

Weekend: 24 hours

Jacuzzi / Hot Pool
Relaxing Cabins
Swimming pool
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Dario BCN


Stop the hating

I don't know why people hate on this place. Its actually really fun. The boys are super cute and have a tool they know how to use. If you are after a good time with hot boys without the hassle of searching Grindr... this is the place. Most of the boys offer massages but they also are respectful when you decline. Its fun, the boys are fun.
Don Daniel


Un lugar muy deprorable

The sauna is dirty and not at all pleasant, full of cheap boys who want at all costs to offer you a massage with extra. It is a place which I would never recommend to anyone. I left there almost running and disgusted.




All the guys speak little English - don’t even know what it means to ‘be active’ they claim to be professional but will go vary far to avoid you ! Leads to lots of disappointments and stupid situations.


All gay harman in Turkey are terrible terrible terrible!!!

I’ve visited this sauna years ago, the owner or manager were rude, the money boy always hassle you, the massage man tried to rip off you as much as he can, if you don’t want to take the massaging ,they will insult you. not only this one sauna, Ankara and Izmir saunas are the same thing!


Absolut schlecht, dass hinter letzte

The sauna was apparently never renovated after the opening. It really is not recommended, spend your money for something meaningful.


Appealing Place friendly staff - no time limit to stay

Well, in Turkey I was in three Hamams. One in Alanya (not gay), good scrubbing and good massage; very small place. - And another one in Istanbul Cihangir - terrible!! - And the prices of Firuzaga are outrageous high--- Ok, concerning to my choices... the Aquarius was the best place. They have a dry sauna, showers, a nice cold swimming pool, a little jacuzzi, a gym room (!) and a lounge area to sit... and of course some massage rooms. Well the scrubbing and the massage was ok; unfortunately I pinched rib, because the marble, on which I lied, was too hard. Yes, the entrance is 60 TL... but then you are free to book a massage or more or not. Well, some men (staff) want to sell you massages and more... but you do not have to. Better you asked for the prices, before you get a cold shower because of unexpected amount. I liked, that you can stay as long as you like - no time limit! [in Alanyahamam and in Firuzaga ther is a short time limit !!] Surley in Turkey the hamams and saunas are not the same as in Europe. That is good to know ok, but for me not so important. I was there on 20-07-2019, Saturday afternoon.


No, no, no!

Terrible sauna. No hamam one dry room. For several visitors, about 15 local gay. Entry ticket 60 lire! Dirty. Sense to visit no.


massage boy more than the customer

Well, Istanbul here i am... finally, have seen another side of Istanbul city. Really full with money and massage boys. Anyway, same goes this sauna. They do have all the facility has stated above. I went on weekdays. Undeniable fewer people. You will be given room, clean and very nice sauna. Except the massage boys will keep arresting you non stop. Well, if you have high will power to avoid them and keep continue cruising then you can. In fact, I did enjoy the massage but in my good negotiation skills able to get a cheaper rate. Anyway, can't blame them when half in Grindr full with them. Anyway, all the best for those visiting Istanbul. I enjoyed the beautiful city as ordinary visitor but did not enjoy as a gay perspective.


Bad experience

I paid like 40 just for the entrance to go on Sunday night around 11 pm. I was “assigned” a guy, he was short and cute, so I couldn’t decide. He gave me a bad massage, and said he would charge 430 for everything (massage plus sensual massage). At the end he wanted to overcharge me. Terrible.



I went yesterday at about 11:00 for massage, only. Entrance 50 tl + massage (only) 100 tl + they offer scrub for 100 tl. During the massage he constantly push to sensual massage (+400 tl) but I don't want. He do it all well, but at the end, he didn't expect it to work so much because I spouse the sensual massage was easier for him. After I jump out because all guys inside was too pushy and place smells of mould.


Worst sauna forever

Bad experience.


Yes, it's what they say

This is not a sauna but it's a great place for rent boys! If you like dark and hairy and don't mind paying, go here! Yes, it's not fancy, but I always find the guys friendly. But yes, I know that they're all after money. But they have fun, too! For me, it's heaven.


Los mas sexys chicos de estambul

Estuve la semana pasada, me agradó mucho el sitio, es grande, tiene sauna, turco, jacuzzi y piscina, sala de descanso donde te puedes relajar y tomar un té, los masajistas son muy atentos y encantadores chicos, a mi me recibieron bien y me atendieron muy bien, tuve oportunidad de ir 3 veces, y fué lo mejor de mi visita a Estambul


Courteous Staff

I just went there to have a look, reception guy offered me to a free tour, it seemed clean and very hot guys, younger guys too, were around , may be they are escorts , yet they were super cute. Few bears around too, all seemed good, though i just left after the free tour, if you want to get in and see what happens you are welcome ...


Total NO. Don't go.

This is an escorts house, not a sauna. Unless you're willing to pay, don't go there. No cruising at all. Total rip off. Dirty and unhygienic.


Unhygienic, rude staff

I went here yesterday. The staff were very unpleasant. One in particular made me feel unwelcome. Manager claimed for a while that he didn't have change from the cash I provided. I sat down in the foyer and lit a cigarette to make a point that I wasn't leaving without it, and suddenly the exact change appears within 5 seconds. What a miracle.



good story LOL


Very bad experience

I went here Friday last week. Th entrance was 40 TL they have dry sauna and very small jacuzzi. This is not a traditional turkish hammam. The place is very dirty they give me a dirty towel and still wet its like somebody used it already and they hang it to dry. They have handsome masseurs. First they ask me 100 TL for the massage. During the massage they offered me extra service, i ask how much they didnt answer me. After that he ask me to pay 600 TL. WTF! I said i will not pay. Then i told him to call the manager. I spoke to the front desk and he said he is concerned only for the entrance fee. I said i dont have that amount but the masseur insisted to come with me in the nearest ATM. I told him i will call first my police Turkish friend. Then the front desk guy told me to give him 100 TL and told me to go away. This is a total ripped off.


Massage in Istanbul

I went there to get a massage. The massage was the worst I have ever had and the place is very dirty.


Aquarius Sauna

They are not welcoming if you are not paying them for massage. The staff are hassling you every five minutes for massage.They discourage customers to the sauna talking or visiting with each other. I am surprised the police has not closed this place. It is dirty with no air circulation. It truly feels like an intimidating place. I do not recommend this place for those who want a relaxed environment with local men.


Not even a Gay Friendly Sauna

This place is not a gay sauna, not even gay friendly. Inside you'll find a few other customers and about 10 'masseurs'. These masseurs will hassle you every few min asking if you want a 'massage'. If you happen to talk with other customers, these masseurs will warn you in an insulting manner. Why? Because they don't want any intimacy happening outside of them. The Most homophobic sauna I've ever seen. If you are a gay guy, you'll feel more comfortable & welcome in any ordinary str8 sauna than this dirty place.



if you like paid fun and massage, go here. Otherwise this is not typical gay sauna.


Good experience

The environment relatively old, health conditions are just so-so, count me in when I went to only three guests, about twenty masseurs. If you like big tools, they will make you very satisfied, most of them are top, so if you like massage and happy ending, right to come here.


Pushy service

Be aware, poorly clean facilities, service no good.



Too dirty, no professional message people.

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