Bonita Spa - CLOSED

Bonita Spa - CLOSED

Bonita Spa - CLOSED

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Jalan Petitenget 2000X, Bali, Indonesia, 80361

Bonita Spa - CLOSED
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Bonita Spa offers Swedish and Traditional Balinese massages for men. Their popular Dos Hombres treatment involves two male therapists applying intensive relaxation technique to relieve you from stress and body aches.

Located at the rear of the Waroeng Bonita restaurant on Petitenget Road, close to Petitenget Beach. Advance reservations recommended, especially during peak seasons.
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Amazing foot massage

I visited Bonita last night, purely by accident as I didn't realise I was so close, in fact I was having a meal in the restaurant of the same name right next door (great food as good prices there too btw) I just opted for a one hour foot massage and , as a massage therapist myself, I have to say it's one of the best I've had in a long while. The therapist (Ricky) had very intuitive touch and a great pace, in fact I'm sure he over ran the time but I was so relaxed I didn't notice. What made it better was the cost (85,000IDR for 60 min) I hate that so called 'gay spas' think they can charge over the odds just for that reason. I prefer going to male/gay places to feel more comfortable but I'm there for the massage and want a therapist that knows what he's doing and focuses on that rather than rushing a treatment and forcing more for a big tip. If you like the same, and prefer a top quality massage above anything else, then visit Bonita. I'm planning on going back today for a full body treatment!


Gone downhill… FAST!

I wrote a review on Aug. 22 and went back in early January. Aniki has deteriorated badly in those few months. Not only has the entrance changed, but so much needs fixing. All three hot pools/jacuzzis were empty and out of order. Most of the showers don't work and the ones that don't have hot water. Until everything is fixed, Aniki needs to bring their entrance fees down. Speaking of money grabs, skip the Cool Party on the first Saturday of every month. Is there supposed to be a live DJ? The music is no better than getting streaming dance music off of Pandora. And who goes to Aniki for the "light show"? Aniki seriously needs to dump this theme night for something more sexual. 800TWD is too much for crappy music and lights.


What's gay about Bonita Spa?

Went to Bonita Spa today. Not sure what makes it a gay spa. I'm not looking for any "extras," but I would think that any place that is on a list of gay spas wouldn't mind giving a guy a massage in the buff--or at least in a sarong. The hospital-quality "panties" I had to wear were ridiculous. The massage was perfectly fine, although I thought the soothing music was a little loud and the lights were a bit bright. The common area with the koi pond is pretty but the shower room is absolutely disgusting. There was a much more attractive shower in the room where I got my massage, but apparently it wasn't working. I guess you get what you pay for because Bonita Spa was very inexpensive. All in all, I'd say this experience was ok, but certainly not at the top of my list of Bali spa experiences--and not gay in any way.

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