Chariots – Vauxhall (CLOSED)
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Chariots – Vauxhall (CLOSED)

Rail Arches, 63-64 Albert Embankment, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5AW  map 

Popular gay sauna in the heart of Vauxhall gay village. Chariots is busy every night, especially at the weekends after the nearby bars and dance clubs close.

Facilities include 500 lockers, two 20-man steam rooms, two 30-man saunas, two dark rooms, and a maze with 50 private cabins. There’s an internet café with TV lounge.

Open until late on weekdays and nonstop on the weekends. Don’t be surprised if you have to queue from 4am on a Sunday morning when there is a big party in the Vauxhall area.

nearest station : Vauxhall


cafe, internet access, steam room, sauna, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room

Updated: 25-May-2022

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  1. A Asia
    Asian destroyed in Vauxhall

    “I went there several times during my stay in London. The experience was great!!! Place was okay but more than anything the action was great (main reason why we are there). Guys are really hot. Got my self for a treat. In a visit, minimum 20 guys I had fun with. Better than pleasuredome.“

  2. P Paul
    Moody staff at entrance but all good in the back!!

    “The staff can be quite unwelcoming but once in the back I met a group of lovely young men who showed me a great time and I have regularly met with them at other sauna's where the staff are more polite and gentle!!“

  3. S Southend
    Happy Customer

    “I visited it on busy Sunday afternoon and it was great. Had lots of fun in steam room, catacombs and in dark room. Worth every penny. Also I had a personal treatment from one stuff member! Happily recommend to everyone!“

  4. A Anon
    Worst place I’ve ever been to

    “This is literally THE WORST establishment I have ever been to! You couldn’t pay me to go back! It’s expensive for what you get! The venue is so run down and old fashioned. It wasn’t clean, the facilities were sub standard, It was empty, the videos were poor! There wasn’t a single good looking person there and no action whatsoever. I honesty would never go back here. For 2 stops on the tube, Pleasuredrome in Oxford Circus is so much better. At least they’ve tried to make it a nice environment. 0/5“

  5. M Martin
    Like the place

    “The searching on Saturday is a nuisance, but the guy was polite and as business like as most trained security in London. The need for it is pretty obvious though. They also use their judgement and don't search during the midweek, when I most often visit.

    Am a long way from Adonis (think other end of the country) but usually have fun. Facilities are decent, though the saunas are glaringly lit now, and that sign about no activity in the Jacuzzi: they mean it.

    Better value mid-week“

  6. M Mario
    Will never come again

    “So I went there on Sunday morning at London pride weekend. The staff at the entrance searched me and my backpack like I was at some prison search facility. Then said they'd take away my water and poppers because they were not sealed. Of course they weren't! I drank water and used poppers the night before. they suggested I'd buy poppers somewhere else and come with a sealed bottle. I've never in my life seen a gay place which doesn't allow to take in a bottle of poppers! I took my water, my poppers and went to another sauna nearby. Which by the way had a great staff, no attitude visitors and I had a great time there. Will never come back.“

    • M Miguel

      “Hi Mario!
      Could you tell us the name of the other sauna you went to? That might help others who feel in the same way than you about Chariots (over price sauna by the way!).“

  7. D Disappointed
    Security on a weekend are not nice people - Beware!

    “To give a bit of back story, over the years I have been a regular of most of the Chariots branches, so know most of the managers who have worked in various branches by face.

    This is the first time ever that I have ever been rudely and inappropriately refused entry to any of the Chariots branches and your last remaining branch.

    For now – you’ve lost a once loyal customer.

    Good luck with everything, you will need it.“

  8. R R
    fun always

    “I do visit this sauna regularly , I always have fun here. This is much bigger in size, lots of cabins, shower facilities and steam rooms and dry sauna. I see all types and nationalities visit here, which is great. I am sure you won't disappoint visiting here. In London this is the best“

  9. j james

    “Many of the staff at this venue are from countries with a hostile regime.Unfortunately several have maintained an element of this .When customers pay £20 entry they are entitled to certain level of respect and courtesy .Many guys are somewhat irresponsible regarding safety here please be vigilant.“

  10. P Peter J (56yr old)
    Don’t do it!

    “The most unfriendly front counter staff.

    Security search on entry.

    No poppers sold onsite.

    A lot of punters walking around and around and not too much fun.

    Dark room was busy.

    We would never return.“

  11. m michael
    clean and hot

    “At the weekend on a Sunday afternoon the sauna attracts a sophisticated gentlemen crowd. Expect to be pampered in brand new sauna and jacuzzi where you can relax and melt all your weekly cares away. I go there every week and I come away feeling like I have been in a luxury health spa in the country.“

  12. K Kostas
    Rude security staff

    “Never again in this sauna. The security staff and the policy of this sauna is terrible. After 1,5 year used I believe that this sauna is terrible. At the begin it was perfect but the last 6 month the staff and the security policy its terrible. Never again.“

  13. E Esra

    “Even though a few people in the facility, it did not seem clean. rust on ceiling, not the best experience despite small crowd“

  14. P Peter
    London guy.

    “I have been using the Vauxhall Chariots on and off for the last five years. It has always been the best London sauna in my opinion. The atmosphere is friendly and not as dark as many other saunas. Recently on two visits, I was approached by the new manager who was very rude and accusing in his manner. I ended up leaving shortly afterwards on both occasions.

    I understand that the sauna staff have a job to do but this kind of attitude should never be employed by front line staff as it is so off-putting. I have seen the same manager following other sauna users in an intimidating way. I will not be returning if this particular staff member is in attendance. I would have thought that any establishment that is dependant on customer numbers to survive would be more careful with the type of persons they employ.“

  15. L Lars
    Not the same it used to be

    “Manager with bad attitude on Wed / Sun. Goes around with his torch, but nothing is being cleaned. It was much better 1 yr ago.“

  16. T Tim
    Throw your money into the road

    “The clientele is falling away quickly and with good reason. The place is filthy when staff do their best, it’s all undone by lazy management. There poor work attitude and ignorance towards we who pay towards there wages. The management and owners should be ashamed of the business and its condition. There are so many better places than this place.“

  17. C Chris
    A mixed bag

    “I have been four times recently and every time I came away happy to return. There are many cabins and one dark room where I went and was soon joined by others. That led to discovering a partner and from there we went to a cabin to enjoy ourselves. I took condoms and lube.“

  18. r rass
    Follow the house rules

    “When entering people house you are bonded with their house rules. Thus, many comments saying the staff is rude or to much issues is all because when we not following the rules. Indeed, I'm very happy checking being done before entering the venue because at the end it's for our own security. Especially when its close to clubs area. Add on, especially on weekends opening 24 hours. My second visit here after reading all these comments I generally can conclude such for upcoming visitors. At the end, the right comments help many other visitors come along. Here you go:

    1. Security - yes they will check before enter, if you not guilty then why have to worry?
    2. Staff rude- who said? What you give that's what you get. I have a very good time there especially the staff who at the bar very friendly (sorry i can't remember his name). So be nice to people they will nice back to you.
    3. Value for money? Yes not to say it is expensive especially on weekends but I think its worth for visitor like me to come once a while.
    4. Cleanliness - I don't say its very clean but this is the area I think they can improve further (unless the owner do read this).

    Overall, worth visiting.“

  19. M Max
    Terrible security service and ignorant staff

    “Staff is not capable to deal with incidents, allow other conflicting gay visitors to take your private photos and refuse to intervene to delete them, no privacy and security support at all, they simply don't care, anyone can come and take your photos inside. Dry sauna is not very dry and sometimes broken and not working very well. Floor is dirty and cabins are not cleaned frequently.“

  20. T Tony

    “Yes 500 lockers at changing room, but lately a lot of these 500 lockers have pretty much remained unoccupied for way too long, in other words even at weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) not as busy as Chariots Vauxhall used to be in the good old days when one would be hoping to still be able to get a locker by the time one arrives. It has continued to be a surprise that most of the customers that patronised the other closed four branches particularly customers from Shoreditch, and Streatham have not switched to coming to Chariots Vauxhall as the only one branch left. It is very disheartening. A further surprise is that one would expect at this period SWEATBOX is undergoing renovations that Chariots Vauxhall will once again become busy at least during the weekends. It is quite a pity, and it leaves one to wonder why,

    *is it because people would have to redress in order to go outside on the street for a cigarette?

    *Is it that the spot lights @ the jacuzzi are way too bright? because very bright almost blinding lights is not as soothing/calming/relaxing etc as one would expect in a gay cruising spa, as obtainable in other saunas including NZ sauna Amsterdam, etc!

    *is it that there is no singular shower-with-hose to facilitate douche? This brings to mind SUNCITY sauna Paris where there is even a particular designated area with the douching facility.

    *is it the pricy £20 entry fee?
    -because Pleasuredrome sauna Waterloo is £18 in fact £13 with QX advert, and equally £13 for under 25's with proof of age and they are open 24/7.
    -SWEATBOX sauna Soho just outside Oxford Street station is £17 entry for 24hr pass(means customers can go out and come back within the 24hr with no added fee), £19 for 48hr pass(customers can go out and come back within this 48hr with no added fee), £10 for under 25's plus their Mondays and Thursdays speciality for students and under 25's, and they are open 24/7
    -And The Locker Room sauna Kennington entire WEEKEND PASS is £20 as they are open 24 hours Friday - Sunday (closes midnight Sunday) and customers can go out and come back anytime they like throughout the weekend without an additional fee.

    *is it the internet? regards to Grindr and many other apps and websites. Similar to what online shopping is now doing to our high street stores as one has seen many close down!

    It is sad that so many saunas are closing, "Thermos Sauna Amsterdam ", etc. I do hope that as part of our gay lifestyle, we should help to preserve saunas throughout Europe, as they are a safe meeting area. And the operators to also help by coming up with ideas to entice customers!
    Nobody is happy to be in a sauna that is not busy.“

  21. A Alex
    Large and fun

    “I went to Chariots for the first time on Monday afternoon. I was expecting few people and probably no fun at all. However, there was a good number of guys, all ages and shapes. I’m 52 and I keep thinking that it’s all in your attitude. I played with 4 different guys younger and older than me. I’ll go again for sure.“

  22. S Steven
    Very pleasant

    “After reading varying reviews I was concerned about how this place would turn out to be. I had read that you are searched and liquids confiscated. This did not happen to me or my friend. We arrived at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon and left at 6 pm. I expect any searching may be done later when people are more likely to be entering the place with alcohol disguised as water or may be trying to smuggle in drugs after leaving the bars and clubs in the area, so therefore I can understand such measures..for your own safety.

    People can and do die in saunas when mixing drugs and/or alcohol with hot steamy saunas. Facilities were very clean and drinks (water and cans) at £1 each were very reasonable. Do remember to take a £1 coin with you to slot into a get this back from the locker when you are ready to leave. £20 entry make seem steep for some, but London tends to be expensive everywhere (a capital city so not unexpected).

    Showers were lovely. Sauna box large. Porn cinema room pleasant. Lots of very clean spacious cabins to play in. The lounge area was large with comfortable leather settees to sit on.
    The staff were friendly and efficient. The place seems to be in very good condition.“

  23. S Shawn
    Picky Area

    “Area seems pretty cool, and I liked all the areas but no action. I did see some attractive dudes go here, so if you’re very fit and attractive you’ll have better luck. Not that expensive and maybe I just went on a down night. I would try it again but heard it’s busy around 3am on the weekends and I went earlier than that. Staff was nicer than the reviews said. It I see what they were talking about. They kind of make you feel weird for being there, security was nice and felt safe because of it.“

  24. C Chris
    Awful place

    “Dirty smelly badly look after place. The staff doesn’t clean the place so the toilets cabins and the whole place is extreltmy dirty and smelly. I can’t belive I have paid £20 for entry to this awful place. Don’t go there.“

  25. M Mark
    Worth a visit

    “Reading through the reviews gives a mixed picture. One person said that it is a waste of time if you are over 45. As a person nearly 60, I have to say that this is quite untrue. I rarely leave unsatisfied.

    Secondly, there are negative comments about the staff, but personally, I have never encountered outright rudeness. Some may be more friendly than others, but they are just doing a job; besides, who goes to a sauna to fraternise with the staff? The venue itself is probably the best laid out, and best-equipped sauna in London. Certainly, the 2 steam rooms and 2 saunas are sizeable but poorly used. There are rarely many people in these rooms. The number of private rooms in his venue is considerable, and they are spacious, certainly better than other Central London saunas. So the price of £20 probably only reflects the fact that the provision of facilities is better than most.“

  26. J Jake
    Aimless wondering

    “Went to this sauna on Saturday night (10pm-2am). Paid £18 to get in as a student, which wasn't exactly a huge discount considering it's a pricey £20 as standard. Also, don't forget to bring £1 for lockers.

    It was fairly busy with around 40 guys there, but there wasn't much in terms of things going on. The two saunas and two steam-rooms were always completely empty, and everyone was just wondering around the maze in circles trying to find someone, but without many people going for any of it. The smell of poppers was nauseating, and none of the beds were clean.

    The jacuzzi was full of people chatting which was nice. And there were lots of action in the dark room - although this was one of the few places where anything seemed to happen. I thought the mirror rooms were pretty good, but again no one really used them. The lack of available lube and condoms in the areas wasn't great, as most of the time you had to walk all the way back to the lockers.

    I'm not sure if the crowd is picky, or shy, or it's just the setup is wrong, but it didn't seem like a buzzing place to be. Also, I totally agree with all the negative comments about the staff, as the doormen and security were just bizarre and completely unwelcoming. It's like they were laughing at the fact you were there.

    Positives: Darkroom, mirror rooms, fairly busy
    Negatives: Staff, cleanliness, too much wandering, bad smells, expensive

    Overall: Try it if you must, but I wouldn't recommend it, and won't be giving it a second chance.“

  27. T Tom
    Couldn’t care less attitudes.

    “This business is barely clinging on. Staff levels now cut down to a minimum. Cleaning is spasmodic at best, mattress smell due to lack of cleaning staff, lack of proper cleaning agents that do the job well. Brocken / ineffective hand sanitiser still in place. Some reception staff should be in different employment, not the front of house. Towels old, grey stained on occasions. What temperature are they washed at I wonder? The water temperature of the showers has now improved, thanks.“

  28. M Mike
    If you like beary guys, this is the sauna for you....

    “.....fortunately, I love beary guys!

    I think that this is now the last Chariot sauna in London, since Shoreditch and Waterloo got bought out, and Limehouse is now Sailors. It’s still a pretty decent sauna at the right times, but can be a massive disappointment at other times.

    Like all other saunas/cruise bars/venues, the clientele make the event. If it’s not busy or you don’t fancy the people there at the time even if it is busy, your judgement of the place will likely be a bit skewed based on whether you had a good time or not, but I am doing this review based mainly on the place itself. - I’ve been there on nights where I’ve had a lot of fun, and I’ve been there on nights where not a lot has happened. It would be unfair if I reviewed the place on a disappointing visit, especially as I’ve had some of the raunchiest experiences here.

    A big plus about this place over any other London sauna I’ve been to is the fact that it is (mostly) wheelchair friendly. It’s also one of the largest saunas in London, and it’s all on one floor.

    Staff are usually friendly, and yes, there is a security guy checking people, but what’s the problem if you’ve got nothing to hide? This is London. A lot of nightclubs and pubs do this, and if you’ve got a problem with personal space being invaded by strangers, why are you going into a gay sauna?

    You get two towels (proper towels, not thin cloth) and a decent size locker. There is a large lounge area, and a refreshment bar that is usually well-manned. Fairly decent prices considering the captive market!

    Showers are Ok-ish. There are a fair few of them, but water can be a bit Dribbly.

    2 dry sauna rooms, one hotter than the other. Both are bearable heat-wise, and the y’re quite large. Also 2 steam rooms. No difference in heat as far as I could tell, but still good to have...they just don’t seem to get used much.

    Nice big jacuzzi, well-lit and roomy. Water at a good temperature, but can be a bit chlorinated sometimes, and it can become a focal point for sexual activity, so if you are wanting just to use the jacuzzi for a soak, and it is busy, be mindful you may encounter the odd wandering hand or 3.

    The main play area is large, not too dingy, and enough light to actually see other guys. 2 porn cinema areas, although these seem to double as sleeping areas for overnight stayers. Lots of cubicles, and some are mirror room areas. There is also a large dark room area but there doesn’t seem to be an area for group gatherings

    Lounge area is the best in a London there are seats used as beds by overnight stayers, but it is very non-attitude.

    Only is the most expensive sauna in London. It’s not as central as somesaunas, but it is in the heart of Vauxhall, so within reach of a lot of other bars and clubs.

    Oh, and imho, the guys that I’ve seen here seem to fit better into my personal preferences. Mostly older guys (30+), and on a Friday/Saturday night post-RVT, the clientele are beefy, beary, manly and bearded. If you prefer younger guys/twinks etc, the student night at Sweatbox May be more your thing.“

  29. N Neil
    No action - rude staff

    “Visited Chariots Vauxhall Saturday night. The guy in reception was very rude. There were about 15 guys in the sauna but no chance of action. Most guys walking round and round and searching Grindr on their 'phone. The facilities are old and dirty.“

  30. B Bill
    Not a nice place

    “Rude Staff.
    Read the reviews before and thinking just cannot be.“

    • C Chopper
      Stay safe

      “Good security, big security guy he’s funny but stern trying to stop drugs & trouble but our community it’s hard work“

  31. G George
    Staff/Doormen need to be respectful

    “I think saunas in London and particularly this one have forgotten that they are running a business and need to attract in clientele. The treatment of the doormen/security guys is pretty disgusting and not acceptable by any means.

    I totally understand they're on a mission and trying their best not to let people walk in with drugs but you gotta find another way of controlling it. You don't just start confiscating people's belongings, even your cigarettes they will not let you bring in. Watch other Saunas in Europe how they conduct business, look at Saunas in Germany for example...“

  32. K Kev
    No chance of action

    “I went there on a Saturday evening in December from 20:00 – 22:00 and the place was empty. Staff are indifferent, it’s relatively clean, only one cinema worked and only one glory hole in the whole place. And if you’re over 45 forget it - you have absolutely no chance of having action there – even if you’re a complete hunk and hung like a horse, no chance.

    It was my second and last visit, if you want decent action within a few minutes of getting your kit off try the saunas in Brighton and Hove they're so much better.“

    • L Lee

      “It’s busy on Fri & Sat nights after midnight you went to early lovely big security guy on the days & the staff at nights especially the receptionist from up north.“

  33. R Ryan
    Appalling entry

    “This place needs a new security system. Frisked by a bouncer which I've never come across upon entering a sauna. Poppers and tobacco taken off us and was told I would have to buy unopened poppers inside. The entry staff were rude and didn't seem to want to answer our questions based on this we decided to ask to turn around and try, another which is a shame.“

  34. G Gilles
    Très moyen (un de plus...)

    “Je pensais que Londres serait une ville chaude et dynamique... Erreur... Deuxième étape dans mon tour des saunas londoniens et guère meilleure que le Pleasuredrome. Très peu d'endroits pour les gens comme moi qui cherchent des plans hard et directs. Ce sauna est certes fréquenté et l'accueil est sympa mais pas beaucoup d'action... Des équipements pas très grands, des gens qui tournent à se regarder sans plus, pas de darkroom, un sol glissant. Un seul endroit pour les capotes et le gel : à l'entrée. Comme il n'y a pas beaucoup d'action dans les cabines, ce n'est d'ailleurs pas un problème...“

  35. M Matt
    I met my boy Sav

    “I walked into the Sauna as I usually do, put my soft towel into the locker and slowly peeled off my leather trousers. Only then out the corner of my eye did I spot a tall dark and handsome Greek Male leering at me wantingly. I could feel the sexual tension between us building and we finally started to talk. He told me he had fresh garms and his crep game was on point. I love a man who has nice clothes. He also said he has a walk in wardrobe and 8 Barbour Jackets at his Penthouse above Dixies chicken. He said he was an avid Millwall fan and regularly went on days out with his boys Stretch and Spanish Joe. When he stared me in the eyes and said those magical words "Make Dat Ting Hard Fam" I melted and we found a cubicle. Almost 18 months later and after several successful dates to gay bars ane stone roses we are now looking to get married. Sav still like his social life but one day hopefully we can adopt a child and start a proper family together.“

  36. J John
    Subman asks.

    “Iv'e been about 5 times and enjoy myself each visit. However, I now want to get a little more adventurous. Is taking pics on our phones allowed? And also i'd like to display myself in one of the smaller rooms by means of showing a small sign stating something like"sub requires Master for discipline". I just wondered how this kind of behaviour would be viewed upon in there. I wont deny it, I am a very kinky sub and would love to meet a potential Master thid way. Thank you“

  37. R Rashid
    Nice place

    “I came there. There is nice place for gays. I like it.“

  38. F Felipe
    they should set a standard of clientele

    “Great facilities, great new jacuzzi, cleanliness is perfect. However too many old unattractive men. I remember going before and finding sexier (younger) guys. They need to set a higher standard for the clientele in terms of personal appearance.“

  39. e elliott
    Security problems

    “I do not like been checked by the security men every time I come here once and once only it is very off putting plus the security man is not doing his job properly. He still lets druggies through and I find the security man very rude from that every thing is fine. Plus too exspensive £19 is too much it needs to be £10 entery plus it needs a proper food menu.“

  40. N Niels
    Unfriendly, poppers not allowed

    “I tried to visit this sauna on Saturday evening. The cashier was unfriendly and said I would have to wait for inspection. I had no luggage. After a while a man apeared and stated to touch me everywhere, like a policeman.
    I was a visitor from Switzerland and of course had no drugs, only a bottle of aroma/poppers. I was told that even this is forbidden. So I decided to not spend my money here and went to the locker room instead, where I had a good time.“

  41. S Sam

    “Yeah I've stop going there. This sauna is not as good as the Amsterdam, Paris, or Brussels . It is now over price compered to the other European sauna, shame as it was a fun sauna“

  42. B Bruno
    Searched on way in

    “I went there on Sunday afternoon with my bf, basically to relax after a wild weekend. First we tried Shoreditch, as we knew it would be closing soon, we rand (no answer, checked their website, no info, so ventured there and CLOSED, ok we headed to Vauxhall, we were body searched, the contents of my bag scrutinized and my Cigarretes SEIZED! Even a water bottle I brought from home, they made me throw it away, when I asked the Gorilla at the entry why, he said, “we don’t know what is inside I said, “simply water, smell it” had to go to street and throw it away. I didn’t want to engage in another discussion regarding my cigarettes, so I let it be.

    We paid our £19 each, the place was simply disgusting, I’ve been to Saunas in South America and they are 100 times better. Filthy, NONE of the showers worked properly, we didn’t dare to enter the Turkish bath and we stayed in the sauna and the Jacuzzy ( I just prayed they put enough Chlorine) After a while we wanted to have some intimacy in one of the cabins, none of them with a working lock, not to mention the state of the mattresses, so we decided to leave our intimacy moment for back home.

    In summary, filthy place, rude staff, broken facilities. Pity that this is mentioned in some gay guides as “The best Sauna in London” this can only be paid, no person with a minimum level of hygiene could make such a statement.“

    • T Travel Gay Europe

      “It is worth noting that Management at some gay saunas in London have had to take steps to deal with the problem of a few customers trying to smuggle in drugs, particularly at the weekends after "after-hours" clubs have closed.

      Taking any type of drug in a sauna is incredibly dangerous, but GHB is probably one of the most dangerous. This clear liquid can be concealed in water bottles. GHB can really knock you out, cause unconsciousness, coma and death. Its linked to sexual assault, where someone has their drink spiked.

      We are not suggesting in anyway that you would be involved in such activity, but highlighting the reasons for the search and refusal to allow you to bring in water etc.“

      • A Alec
        Yes but. . .

        “I take Travel Gay Europe's point about drugs, but security at the door of many London gay saunas ARE often arbitrary and rude, so that just getting in is a bit of a role of the dice (I speak as someone who does no drugs - including poppers). And London gay saunas ARE ridiculously poor value for the (high) prices they charge. No sauna in London holds a candle to the saunas of France, Holland, Switzerland or those in any German or Spanish city. Aside from the generally shoddy quality of the facilities (showers that often don't work at all, none with the ability to change the water temperature for heaven's sake! - where would you find that at any sauna on the Continent?) English sex clubs and saunas are also poorly lacking in imagination when it comes to designing their facilities to encourage an erotic atmosphere. Calling some well-lit hallways with cabin doors a 'maze' is a rather poor joke'. But really London's gay saunas are just a reflection of part of a wider problem in English culture, where the business ethos is trying to stiff (no pun intended) customers for the highest possible price for the smallest possible return they can get away with. It's just so stupid, puritanical and short sighted. Penny wise, pound foolish anyone? I've lived in the UK for 23 years, so I can assure you the common references to 'rip off Britain' have a firm basis in the truth. What you see is what you get, and what you get is very little.“

        • M Micheal
          London gay saunas-Poor value for money

          “I agree that all London saunas give you poor value for money. Go to any European sauna in any city and your welcome is friendly, facilities are spotless, alcohol served is reasonably priced, some have smoking facilities.

          I’m a Londoner and have been going to saunas for over 22 years, saunas used to be sociable welcoming spaces to meet friends, it’s not all about sex in grimy cabins. Now it seems sauna owners are just interested in making money with the least investment.

          My advice to any foreign visitor, save your money for saunas in Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, France and avoid London saunas. I’ve stopped going and travel outside of London for decent saunas and a friendly attitude from staff“

    • b bob
      grow up

      “Bouncers are there for a reason to keep people safe, go to any bar or sauna and your water will be taken off you.

      Did you bother to report to a manager that the cabins needed cleaning?“

      • P Pedro

        “Just the rude response to your valid critique is enough to make me not go here. Not only over/priced (yeah, like everything here) but with a nasty attitude to boot.“

  43. t tim
    please tell me your christmas/new year opening hours

    “Decent staff, good opening hours at weekend, plenty of good talent on Saturday night/sun morning. Personally I think this obsession with cleanliness is a real passion killer and would like to know the medical evidence of it.“

  44. J Jeff
    Not worth the money

    “Used to be a fun place to meet locals and have hot fun. I went on Sunday afternoon. After an invasive search at the door, I hit the locker room which was the same as I remember. The facility was dirty and smelled bad. It was not crowded which surprised me because Sunday afternoon has always been busy. Mostly men from Brazil and other countries. Few locals. Rather disappointing.“

  45. S Sam
    Empty and expensive

    “It is very expensive and it is empty. It is also unhygienic place. I didn't like it and I don't recommend guys.“

  46. S Sam
    Horrible place

    “I got itchy skin after going there, unhygienic cabins and rude staff. It is very expensive as well, it is 19 pounds for entry, you can spend that money for better things in London, like going for gay pubs in Soho! If you respect yourself, don't go there!“

  47. T Troy
    Best as it was before

    “This place has been improved a lot since I ever been coming for last 5 years. The spa staff has sternly given a lift up. The place is much cleaner then before. The facilities are working as they were 5 years ago. The guys visiting were all good looking. What more can I say then I was happy and enjoyed my visit.“

  48. J Jacket Off

    “Definately best as an afterhours sauna for those who go clubbing on Saturday night. Really easy to get to from Barcode, Fire Beyond etc. Not cheap, but plenty of good looking guys but many are completely wasted from the clubbing. Did pick up a couple of times, but it took nearly 20 mins to find a free room. “

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Rating: 3.2/5. From 170 votes.
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