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Club Garage

Club Garage

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Balbínova 224/3, Prague, Czech Republic

New gay cruise & fetish club (January 2018) for men only (18+) with drinks, cool atmosphere, clean and modern environment.

Located in the centre of Prague. Open Wednesday through Sunday.

Mon: Closed

Tue: Closed

Wed:21:00 - 17:00

Thu:21:00 - 17:00

Fri:21:00 - 19:00

Sat:21:00 - 19:00

Sun:19:00 - 15:00

Nearest station: Namesti Miru

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TOP Bartenders!

Both Bartenders are super handsome! Smiling all the time! Place is clean, modern and erotic. Drinks are for reasonable price. Guys in there are both young and mature. Thumbs up! If you are lucky you can meet me there too (30yo, vers)! Come and see for yourself! You will not regret it.


Terrible place

I was at this club on January 11. Faced with the disgusting behavior of the bartender. I had to take money out of my jacket. I asked for it. To which I was told that it costs money. I gave you 20 crowns. Then I was told that they were joking, but the money was not returned. I asked for a beer for 55 kronor. Gave 40 crowns. Said the bartender already got 20. He pretended it didn't happen. I didn't argue and gave him another 20. But they didn't give me change. I asked where the change was. To which I was answered very rudely and threw a change on the bar. I think this is disgusting behaviour. Thanks to such employees, the institution, Prague and the Czech Republic create a terrible image for LGBT tourists.


Modern ,clean, lacks character.

Should be called Tom's Bar as Tom of Finland posters are everywhere. Bar tender/owner quite attractive and will play when everyone else has left, which mid week is fairly often!


Such a waste

Came here on a Friday & Saturday after midnight and was impressed with the facilities but a dismal turnout of (any!) men. In fact the barman was by far and away the hottest thing here and on Saturday there were literally 4 guys (none worth pursuing) in the whole venue. Other reviews tell the story about the culture in Prague and if this was London this place would be heaving! So manage your expectations guys, and my recommendation is to go with a +1 but don’t expect anything like The Vault in London (which is a shame as this is a MUCH better venue)


Deserted place

The venue in itself is nice but the trouble is that there is no one.



Its new, and nice, but empty, only 5 bears at bar. Bartender spent more time comunicating with those bears, then servicing me an my friend... Obviusly he liked bears more then jocks...

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