DJ Station

DJ Station

Bangkok's most popular gay dance club - busy every night of the week!

DJ Station

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Silom Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500

A Bangkok gay institution that is popular with both locals and foreigners. DJ Station gets busy every night and packed solid on weekends.

DJ has 3 levels with a bar on each floor, outdoor terrace and smoking area on the 1st floor. Drag show starts at midnight, then the club heats up quickly. Shirts come flying off.. You get the idea.

Admission includes 2 drinks. 20+ only (valid photo ID required). Tank tops and shorts are ok; flip-flops are not allowed.

Mon:20:00 - 03:00

Tue:20:00 - 03:00

Wed:20:00 - 03:00

Thu:20:00 - 03:00

Fri:20:00 - 03:00

Sat:20:00 - 03:00

Sun:20:00 - 03:00

Cabaret Show
Go-Go Show
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The New DJ has driven people away. A bad bad place.

OK someone needs to give the owners a wake up call. They have taken a great venue and upgraded it and made it the most stupid place to go. They have moved the dj to the middle of the dance floor, so reducing dance space by 20% Then they have built a series of steps to difference levels on the dance floor. So you dance with a beer and have to watch people falling down the stairs. The stage means the show is aimed at no one. It is very sad to see a once fun place now be a liability. When someone falls and breaks their leg or back, I hope their insurance is big enough... Not the place it used to ben


Worth to visit

Been to Fake club and DJ Station. I'd say DJ station is a must-go for couple/solo traveler. 4 different rooms with different kinds of vibe. Entrance for the weekend is 400 baht including 2 drinks, very worth it. Closed at 2am. The crowd during the weekend is a bit too much. Haha.


Top music

The music is great and staff friendly. Drinks are little expensive and the show is average, seen better dancers. There are several bars and you can choose the theme you want. The crowd is young and it does get crowded round midnight.



Went on Friday 02.03 the place was full, no chance to walk easily, people breathing on your neck, music was terrible. [ reviewer raised health and safety concerns ]


Best gay club!

An amazingly fun gay club. Monday through Thursday entrance is 150 baht, including 1 drink. Friday through Sunday it's 300 baht, including 2 drinks. Every night there's a show from 11-11:30pm, which is the best time to come to the club, although the show itself is nothing special. The place is fun and crowded every single night of the week, even on Monday. On Friday and Saturday the place is actually overcrowded: you’ll need to push and shove if you want to get anywhere. That being said, at least on the weekends Fake Club is probably much more crowded than DJ Station. The DJs and music are great, they keep the energy going all night. The waiters and bar staff are friendly, but the guys at the door aren’t. The staff strictly card everyone (20+). There is a convenient free bag check at the entrance. The dance floors are smoke free but the central alleyway is full of people smoking. The crowd is great every day. Even though this place is popular with foreigners, most of the guys here are still young local Thais, usually with their friends. This is a much better scene than the bars on Soi 4 where 95% of the people are foreigners. Many of the foreigners that come are also Asian. Almost all the local guys are friendly and polite. If you’re cute, expect some Thais to try to to introduce their friends to you! There’s lots of dancing, but on the edges of the dance floor there’s also plenty of guys looking around and cruising. Almost every night when one of the dance floors plays kpop music you can see young Thais dancing to the choreography. When the club closes, lots of guys hang around outside, cruising.



Over the yrs i have always gone to DJ .. I have never been disappointed in this place it continues to shine .. Especially on the second floor ...The shows are good value also ..


Good music, great vibe

Went to DJ in June this year. I'm not a clubber, but this place brings it out in you. The music is great, and you simply want to dance all night long. Great energy, great vibe.


Crowded, Cruisy and International

Been there on 2 Apr 15. Crowded and cruisy as usual. Drinks are affordable and if you wanna satisfy your international palette, this is the place to go. Many international clubbers and this makes you feel you are not clubbing in BKK.


crowded and cruisy

Hadn't been to DJ Station in a few years. Went there last Friday. The place was as crowded as ever. Drinks were on the strong side (which I liked). There were friendly people and some snooty guys - find the right spot to hang out..


Great gay disco, but fire-safety is a problem!!

I like going to DJ-Station and especially enjoy the drag-shows which take place twice a night. But given the complete lack of fire-safety in such a crowded place I usually leave when the place gets too packed. I suggest that next time you go, take a closer look at the so-called "fire exits" which are all bolted and pad-locked, making it impossible to push them open in case of an emergency! The fire-exit next to the stage has also been blocked by a huge pile of old rubber-flooring for years now - why don't they just dispose of this rubbish? What's best, some of the doors even bear a sign "push open in emergency" although the pad-lock is just next to it! What a funny joke, indeed, playing with peoples' lives! Please enjoy yourself, but please stay safe and close to the main exit on the ground-floor especially when it gets crowded around midnight!


A must-visit club

DJ Station remains as the club to visit by foreigners to Bangkok even after so many years. The entrance fees are cheap and it is indeed an international gay enclave. Enjoyed the nightly drag queens performances.


Not as good

A few drag queens who were in the show were not there anymore. Such a shame as they were the better ones.


first timer almost gets scammed by waiter

Been reading a lot about scams in Thailand, and read something similar happened to someone else at GOD. Only just entered DJ Station and paid 300 baht for two beers (a bit pricey) with a 1000 baht bill. The bartender only gave me 200 baht back. When I reclaimed, he acted as if he couldn't hear and he was very nonchalant about it. Even if mistaken, please watch your belongings or your night might end early.


DJ Station

Dj Station is the best discotheque in the world. Very cheap entrance fee - 150 baht including for one drink on a normal day and 300 for two drinks for friday and Saturday night or a special day. Inside there aremany cute guys from around the world, plus many speacial drinks. Everyday at 23.30 there is a special carbaret shows. Amazing and beautiful shows. After that the DJ spins a very special mix of popular songs. You can request your favorite song from the DJ. Very happy and fun Open everyday. If you want to dance with someone DJ Station is waiting for you.


DJ Station

The best gay club that I have ever gone to. Atmosphere is fabulous, music is awesome, people are nice. Can't wait to go again!


DJ Station

Nice place to go out on the weekend, especially Saturday night. The drag show is altogether a different experience. Good music with 3-level discotheque. The club stays open until late which is good.


DJ Station

It is not so cheap any more. Entrance is 300 Baht and the drinks cost 150 Baht, but almost no alcohol! That is still OK, but the music is still the same as 3 years ago and less beautiful people. I think they go to another disco to try something else.

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